Why Do Women Like Bad Boys? (6 Insane Reasons WHY)

why do women like bad boys

Why do women like bad boys?

Bad boys are the type of guys a lot of women consider cocky, swaggering, macho, and jerks; the kind of guys who treat women like they can easily be replaced, while women wait in queue eager to get into his bed. Men of all races and background hate these guys, yet women obsess about them, day and night.

Go ask any girl sitting and sipping her drink on the street what she wants from a man, and she might tell you, in vivid detail, that she wants a “nice guy” who is tall, handsome, with a good sense of humour, and who’ll treat her like a lady.

But later in the evening, she’ll contradict herself by falling head over heels trying to “woo” a bad boy — short, ugly, poor, and with no sense of humor — who only uses and abuses her.

Now you must be wondering, It doesn’t make any sense. What’s happening here? Why do girls love bad boys?

Let’s look in close at some of the bad boy personality so that you can also learn how to become bad boy that attracts hordes of women for dates, sex, and adventures:

Your typical “bad boy” always puts himself first; he is cocky and arrogant. He doesn’t care about a woman’s needs, because he’s the sort of a guy who likes to do what he wants to do, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says of him. He acts like a loose cannon and spread his sexuality wherever he goes.

In no way, he’s a “nice guy” that most girls settle — marry — with, and he treats women badly — he, often, uses women for sex and leaves her for another.

Although these are all his negative characteristics, yet women go completely crazy about these “creeps.” Why? Well, now, of course, no woman likes to be so openly used and be abused, so there must be some other “secrets” that are working on his behalf.

To find the answer, we have to look at the positive personalities of a bad boy:

WHY Do Women Like Bad Boys?

A “bad boy” is extremely masculine, confident, and independent, by nature. To most women, all these key bad boy personalities — especially the third, confidence — are an aphrodisiac. The only problem here is his confidence sort of takes a form of a selfish arrogance.

But women respond to these bad boys types on a purely “emotional level.”

Just like men are turned ON by a woman’s feminine qualities, so do to women respond to men’s masculinity — and the bad boy personality seems to have it in buckets. So what’s really happening deep down here is that she’s having a gut reaction to his masculine energy and confidence, and is totally blind to everything else.

So if you can learn how to take the “negative traits” of a bad boy and flip them in a more positive direction to make them work for you, you can too learn how to be a bad boy, without actually being mean, selfish, arrogant, and abusive.

This way, you can still show your “gentleman side” — kind, enthusiastic, and warm — to her without being an abusive jerk.

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6 Reasons Why Do Girls Love Bad Boys (The Wolverine Powers Jerks Have Over Girls)

Here are a few changes you can do to immediately bring out that bad boy characters:

Reason #1. How to become bad boy: “Be Fearlessly Independent”

In other words, act as if you don’t need a woman, or her approval, to be happy. Act as if you can easily get any woman you desire, and she can easily be replaced, because you’re already living your life to the fullest — following your passions and dreams and interests.

You also never change WHO YOU ARE as a person just to please her, hoping she might feel for you on you and go back to your apartment.

Rather, get sucked in your interests — your hobbies, passions, and dreams — and make plenty of time for male stuffs — hitting the gym, joining a new and challenging sport, hanging out with other alphas, and starting your own business, among other things that empowers you and make you a happy person, without her in your life.

Over time, you’ll create a killer attitude, “This is what/who I am and if you like it, cool. If not, then please leave.”

Just do it. She’ll always respect you for it.

Reason #2. How to become bad boy: “Be Emotionless/Indifferent”

Be emotionless and do NOT show to her that you “care.” Have a “poker face” at all the time when you’re around her. Remain mysterious and not let her know what’s going on in your mind. Keep them guessing.

Also, talk very little about you. And, when you finally do, make sure you have a purpose behind what you have to say. Don’t volunteer information. You only give her when she asks.

Reason #3. How to become bad boy: “Don’t Take Any Bullshit”

Refuse to take any “bullshit” from anyone, including the ladies. If she tries to test you, don’t cave in — instead, tell her to GROW UP. Do not be afraid to say “no.” Stand your ground, and if needed, be willing to walk away.

Stop pedestalising her. You make relationship rules, not hers. If you don’t agree what she says or does, just be blatant about it — don’t be that “nice guy” (aka Mr Nice Guy) in hopes of getting into her pants. And if she says she doesn’t like it, simply let her go.

Reason #4. How to become bad boy: “Light YOUR Fire”

Bad boys embrace their sexuality, and they’re confident lovers. So don’t be afraid to let your natural masculine sexuality come out and shine.

Well, this, of course, doesn’t mean that you should go around checking out her boobies all day, but you should be totally comfortable and confident looking into her eyes and let her know that you’re sexually attracted towards her, not hiding it, without becoming a pawing asshole.

And when you finally step up the challenge, make sure you know what you’re doing in the bedroom.

Reason #5. How to become bad boy: “Make Yourself Rare (Irreplaceable)”

For women, men who are readily available are quite “boring.” Bad boys are fiercely independent — they aren’t hanging around a woman or a girl desperately, hoping to get attention from her.

Remember: Women always want what they can’t have, so be that guy — busy and scarce. By unpredictable. Be a mystery. Be a challenge — let her do all the legwork to get you. You are the “prize,” not her.

Reason #6. How to become bad boy: “Turn ON The Confidence Switch!”

Bad boys always know — or at least, assume — that every woman wants to be with them.

They do not have any “insecurities” when it comes to attracting women they desire. They think they’re “a great catch,” who needs to be “wooed” and “pleased,” instead of the other way round, like a lot of “nice guys” — “beta” males — do.

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2 Deadly “Nice Guy” Traits To Avoid, Starting From Today!

1. Don’t be “too nice” with girls.

Do not agree with women all the time. Do not entertain her, or serve her. Do not pay just to get her attention. Bad boys don’t even think about doing all these things. Doing these things will only make you look like someone who is “weak” and “wussy.”

2. Be decisive and don’t hesitate when talking.

Make a decision to approach her and talk to her. And once you’ve made that decision, do not second guess yourself. Voice your opinions on things that you believe in and do not worry about what other people think.

Yeah, all of the people in the world might call these bad boys “jerks,” while it might be somewhat true, but these guys can still teach the average guy about attracting women.

Simply by observing some of these bad boy characteristics in action, you can too learn how to be a bad boy without sacrificing your nice qualities

Even you might not look like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, you can still attract hordes of women and around your arms simply by oozing male sexuality, confidence, and independence.

Thanks for reading,

Abishek 🙂

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