What Do YOU Talk About When You’re On A Date?


Hey there! What’s up?

Getting the conversation going on a first date isn’t that difficult as you might imagine it to be. To be honest, if you got a girl’s number and asked her out, and she said “yes”… then give a big pat on your shoulder because you already know enough about her to keep the conversation going at least throughout the your first date.

Small talk helps. Talking about each other’s interests, hobbies, ambitions, comforts, joys, frustrations, and aspirations are the best ways to diffusing the awkward tension between the two of you and make date more fun and memorable. (By the way, if you’re interested, here are 35 good topics to talk about on a first date.)

You can also talk about your past dates, weather, and other odds and ends on your first date. Other good topics for conversations could be talking about each other’s favourite books, music, films, TV programs, and cultural things.

Remember: If you can keep her engaged by the time the main course arrives, then you’re doing really good.

Talking about these small talk topics listed above will give her some sense of who you are as a person (your identity/personality), and more importantly, help you both settle down and into the date.

And, if the situation demands, you must also be ready to move into “serious topics,” such as politics and religion.

What if you’re deeply interested in politics? What if you’re a hard-core religious? How do you handle your first date?

Given the current situation of the country, it is almost impossible to avoid talking about politics, especially if you’re passionate about the topic. But if you think that talking about politics has nothing to do with your dating life, you’ll be hugely mistaken.

If you truly care about the girl you’re on a date with, you must make it known, right from the beginning, what your politics are, and try to understand hers too. It’s NOT to say that “political opposites” can’t date each other; the important thing is that each person should make it known where they stand before things go any further. And it’s always a good idea to make it known now, rather than later and risk facing “drama” and “embarrassment” in the future.

The same thing goes for religion. If you’re a believer, then you should at least find some way to let her know about it. You don’t want to date a girl, end up falling in love with her, and later discover that she’s a non-believer.

Many people think that these “serious topics” can wait until later; that such “sensitive topics” should not even be brought up on the first date. Well, that’s only ‘true’ if you do not care much about the girls.

But what if you’re passionate about your religion/non-religion and politics?

If you truly care about the girl you’re on a date with, then you should at least try to make it known to her on the first date. Now, you do NOT have to browbeat the girl with propositions and arguments. Bringing up the topics in a natural and “mild way” will be enough.

Other topics such as hobbies, including adventure and outdoor sports, also make for good topics for conversation. These days, more and more people are taking rock climbing, skating, and canoeing as pastimes. Arts, crafts, wine tasting, and cooking also are great topics of conversations among young urban individuals. And, if you’re engaged in a particular hobby that is not well-known, do NOT hide it from talking about it with your date; it will most likely get her to talk about her own interests.

Here’s the bottom line: stay interesting and interested. That’s your number one goal on the first date.

Stay chill.


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