Unlock Her Legs Instantly With THIS “Simple” Trick

unlock her legs instantly with this simple tip
unlock her legs instantly with this simple tip


Today, I’m going to let you in a very critical FACT:

When you interact with a woman in a ‘sexual way,’ you’re basically letting her know that it’s completely fine to show that sensual (erotic) side of her to you.

If she views you as the kind of guy who is COMFORTABLE with that ‘wild’ side of her, she’ll gladly, without any reservation, release it with you… fast.

BUT… if you try to be polite, act like a gentleman, and WAIT a long time before you even make a ‘move’ on her, then guess what happens?

She’s going to (unconciously) begin to feel like it’s NOT okay to express her ‘wild’ side of her immediately to you, and she’ll HIDE it from you… because she feels that’s what you expect of her.

Do you now get it? It’s that important!

So, if you’ve ALWAYS having a ‘normal’ (aka boring, friendly, and safe) conversations with women that don’t unleash her sexual side, she’s going to think that you expect her to hider (suppress) her sexuality.

And that’s exactly what she’ll do. OF COURSE, not with other guys, but she’ll do it with you, and she won’t even know why.

And that’s when she’ll drop the bomb on you by saying… “Let’s just be friends.

Here’s the truth you need to know (and, hopefully understand): A woman will rarely ever show her sexual side to a man early in the interaction. The man has to take the initiative (or risk) and  set the expectations early on in the interaction, and that’s what she uses as the reference point for how sexual she’ll allow herself to become.

So, if you want to become physical with her really quickly, then you’ll have to interact with her in a way that brings out her sexuality easily and effortlessly.

This is exactly what I teach you in my $7 Make ANY Woman Scream, Squirt, and Beg for Sex From You report.

If you’re like most ‘Nice Guys’ out there, you might already believe in the deadly myth that suggests you should talk to a woman for a long TIME and get to know her better before the escalation.


If you want to get laid really fast with a woman, then you MUST establish yourself as a guy that can make it happen very early on in the interaction.

Stay frosty,


P.S. If you want to learn how to let loose her ‘wild’ side in the fastest way possible, then here’s a kick-ass resource.


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