THESE 6 “Good Conversation Starters” Spikes Attraction, Almost Instantly!

good conversation starters

If you’re looking for good conversation starters for making small talk on the streets, cafes, bars, or anywhere else under the sun, then you’re going to love this article.

For the past 7+ years, I have been coaching guys on how to improve their conversation skills so that are able to interact with women in an attractive way, not boring and friendly way goes nowhere, and I realize that many students have one pressing question on the back of their head…

What are good conversation starters that’ll help me avoid awkward silences, running out of things to say syndrome, and help me turn a boring and friendly conversation into more exciting, playful, and fun?

I’m not surprised if you have the same question burning in the back of your mind.

If you have spent any amount of your precious time improving your love life, and dating women, chances are that at some point you’ve experienced the dreaded situation of running out of things to say, awkward silences, and constantly struggling to find good conversation topics that are not flat out overly friendly (aka boring), or getting in small talk.

I call this the “What Do I Say To Her” Syndrome.

And it crops from the fact that most guys don’t have a clue about interesting conversation topics that generate instant attraction in girls or women.

Now, of course, by now you probably know — and understand — that “interview type” conversation never leads to attraction.

… And I can imagine that you’re probably wrecking your head wondering “What the heck do I say to her to fill that dreaded awkward silences in between the interaction – and what conversation topics will actually make her feel attracted towards me?”

Here’s how…

THESE Good Conversation Starters Will Immediately “Spike” Her Attraction Towards YOU!

Now, before I actually reveal to you good conversation starters, I want to touch on the topic of WHY it is so crucial to come up with right conversation topics when interacting with women…

Earlier, I had mentioned to you the “interview type” conversation topics. Most guys end up doing “interview type” conversation — asking too many questions –with a girl because they don’t have a clue “what to say to her next…” so they end up asking boring questions such as the woman’s family, friends, or job.

“How many siblings do you have?”
“Where did you go to college?”
“What made you decide to become a graphic designer?”


These questions are all “generic,” and they won’t help you stand out from the hundreds of other guys who have probably already asked her the same questions… nor they generate any kind of emotions (feelings) of attraction.

And, because you don’t know exactly what topics make up for good conversation starters, the girl you’re on a date with will continue to lead the interaction to nowhere.

Having an arsenal of good conversation topics that you can ask at any time allows you to always remain in control of the interaction.

Remember this: If you don’t take charge of the conversation, the girl will- and you’ll immediately realize getting stuck talking about yoga and meditation for the rest of the night.

If you don’t have the right tools and tactics to keep a conversation flowing towards your GOALS, naturally… she’ll eventually steer the conversation towards something “boring” and “safe.” (and you’ll most likely find her giving a handjob to one of your mates an hour or later)

But “the reason why” you need to have a bag full of “sexy” conversation topics you can flip out at any given time is that it will give you a surge of “conversational confidence” that’ll help you power through a lot of women.

There are two BIG reasons that prevent most guys from approaching a woman they like:

a) fear of running out of things to say and…

b) fear of having awkward silences… But if you can come up with a steady flow of good conversation started, you’ll much more likely be “quick-witted” and eventually, this fear of approach will disappear… and you’ll find yourself naturally talking to a lot of women, whenever you want and wherever you are.

6 Traits Of Good Conversation Topics!

When you walk up over to a girl on the street, she doesn’t want to hear about your job resume. She doesn’t want to hear how long you’ve lived in your current city. And if she hears again “So you come here often?” she’ll probably go mad at you and leave.

What are the kind of conversation topics that a girl or a woman wants to talk about? And, most importantly, what conversation topics will lead your interaction to the desired outcome — attraction?

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These are key 6 traits contained in every best conversation starters:

The 1st trait of good conversation starters: “Builds trust and fosters connection.”

If you want to connect with a girl or a woman you’re on a date with, you must, first of all, try to find something common about each other. You must come up with a good conversation topic that’ll allow her to relate with you somehow. This will allow you to build trust with her so that she feels a connection with you.

It’s only after you have built trust with her, and she feels that connection with you, will she let her guard down and be more open to continuing the conversation with you, later.

The 2nd trait of good conversation starters: “Promotes an emotional state.”

Most guys talk about boring topics, and it seems that their everyday life is void of any real emotions. But we are emotional creatures, and hence, we crave emotions. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the entertainment business is a multi-billion dollar industry. All those TV serials and soap operas you watch with your parents in the living room are rich in emotions, and they satisfy our need for an emotional state.

So if you can come up with conversation starters that spark all these repressed or numbed “positive” emotions, the woman you’re interacting with will be just like a putty in your hands.

The 3rd trait of good conversation starters: “Makes you seem like a three-dimensional person.”

When you approach a girl on the streets, bar, or anywhere else, she has a difficult time differentiating you from all the other hungry horny guys who have approached her during the course of her life.

Your job is to make it easy for her by churning up interesting conversation topics that’ll immediately create “a unique identity” for you. Even better, add some contradictions to your identity (personality). You’ll come across as unpredictable, and she’ll start to imagine herself having fun and exciting adventures with you in different types of situations.

The 4th trait of good conversation starters: “Hooks her interest and keeps the conversation flowing.”

Your major responsibility as a conversationalist is to get her to open up to you, express her wants and desires, and become heavily invested in the interaction. (A lot of guys don’t do this; they go for the number immediately after 3 minutes into the interaction). Good conversation starters act as “bait” to hook her interest so that she becomes more emotionally involved in what you’re talking about.

The 5th trait of good conversation starters: “Displays your unique (attractive) qualities.”

There are specific character traits that girls or women are attracted to, universally, including social proof, fun, adventurous, passionate, worldly, leader of the pack, and pre-selected by other women. The more of these attractive characteristics the conversation starters allows you to display to her, the better.

The 6th trait of good conversation starters: “Leads to sexual encounters.”

If your goal is to get a one night stand or have a sexual relationship with a girl or a woman then you need to build sexual desire and tension. And some conversation topics help you promote these to you.

Good conversation topics are visceral, and it naturally leads the interaction towards touching and producing a current of male and female sexuality.

Types of Conversation Starters

Usually, there are about a dozen good conversation topics you can segue into an interaction to create powerful rapport, build a strong emotional connection, and display all your attractive qualities that women are hard-wired to respond to sexually.

Here are 12 different types of conversation starters:

  • Arts, music, and literature
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Early childhood memories
  • Both of your passions
  • Observation about her
  • People watching obersation
  • Future ambitions
  • Pop culture
  • Gossip
  • Life’s adversity, struggles, and tests you’ve overcome
  • Life’s lessons you’ve learned
  • Unusual experiences you’ve experienced

If you can manage to stick to any one of these conversation topics, it’ll help you build (or display) the 6 attractive characteristic traits that I listed above that a good conversation topic must always possess.

Thanks for reading


P.S. I recently published a book where I walk you through my favourite conversation starters — and give you the exact progression to introduce these conversation topics into your interactions with women on the streets or on dates so that you’ll get better results — get more phone numbers, dates, and eventually, take her back to your apartment).

This book will also unleash:

  • Interesting conversation topics that’ll get her open up to you — and begging – to keep the conversation flowing, as her desire and attraction for you keeps on building up, without her knowing.
  • The exact sequence to segue these conversation topics into your interaction for maximum effect.
  • One conversation starter is such a refreshing change of pace from her current reality that she’ll most likely be raving about you with all her friends for months to come.

I personally believe that after reading this book on effective communication skills, you’ll most likely agree on how significant choosing the right conversation topics can be.

Remember: If you get stuck in the “boring” or “safe” conversation topics on a date, she can quickly lose any attraction towards you and abruptly end the conversation and put you in the dreaded friendzone.



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