The #1 Secret To Displaying Your “Sexual Vibe” To A Girl … And Make Her Your Girlfriend (QUICK)!


Don’t know how to create a “sexual vibe” when talking to a girl? In this post, I’ll unleash you the secret of displaying your male sexuality with a girl, WITHIN MINUTES!

I used the capital letters for a reason.

Most guys falsely think that they should “first, I am going to convince her how nice I am, how interesting I am, and how funny I am…”

“… and ONLY after that, I’ll spark sexual tension.”

If you’re doing this, you’re doing it WRONG!


Well, here’s why: when a random girl you meet on the streets or anywhere else, she puts you immediately in any one of these four categories:

Category #1: “Creep”

She’s not interested in you. She wants nothing to do with you. She wants to run away from you, asap.

Category #2: “Potential friend”

She thinks you’re nice and friendly. She doesn’t mind talking with you.

Category #3: “Potential boyfriend”

She thinks you could be her boyfriend.

Category #4: “Potential Lover”

She gets horny when she thinks about you. She imagines having sex with you. She thinks, “I don’t know why I am having this weird desire for this guy so soon?”

And do you want to know WHY most guys, including you, mess up?

Here’s why: You try to establish yourself as a “boyfriend material.”

Makes sense, right?


You think by displaying her all your awesome qualities to her you can get her to think “oh he could be an awesome boyfriend.”

– Oh, we both like travelling. Cool.
– Oh, he loves music too.
– Oh, we have a similar sense of humour.
– Oh, he has a great job.

Nothing’s wrong doing that, right?


There’s a BIG flaw in that way of thinking.


Because none of that tactic makes her want to go back to your apartment for sex.

And, here’s a secret no other dating guru will tell you: a girl will ONLY make YOU her boyfriend… IF SHE WANTS TO SLEEP WITH YOU FIRST.

(I’m sorry to reveal that to you, but there’s no other way around that.)

And, remember: if she doesn’t want to sleep with you, then you’ll immediately get thrown in the dreaded “friend” category.

And for this SIMPLE REASON millions of guys continually get put in the dreaded “friendzone.”

Because they FOCUS ON the “boyfriend zone.”

But here’s the catch…

When a girl has dirty thoughts about you…

Or when she thinks secretly “It would be incredibly fun to sleep with this guy… even though I don’t view him as a potential boyfriend material…”

THAT guy often winds up dating her. Yeah, you heard that right. The same guy she was only thinking about sleeping with.

So here’s the key lesson you should grab from this post:

FIRST potential lover…

SECOND, potential boyfriend.

And guess what? There are certain proven techniques to “steer” normal and nice small talks with a girl into the more powerful “potential lover” zone…

… and the sooner you can do this, the BETTER.

What’s the best way to do this?

Luckily for you, here’s an amazing new guide that guides you through in just 3 simple steps.

But here’s the catch: these 3 simple steps MUST be followed (and let me repeat that for added emphasis)…

YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE 3 SIMPLE STEPS in the same exact order.

If you do it wrong, the girl you’re talking to will immediately place you in the dreaded “friendzone.”

But, on the other hand, you follow these 3 steps in the exact same order, you’ll effortlessly LEAD things towards hot and passionate sex.

==> Check out this 33-page manual guiding you through each step.

Stay chill!


P.S. Most guys often TRY FOR the potential boyfriend route, and hence, they do not close the deal soon enough, and even before they realize it, they’re already in the dreaded “friendzone.”

Instead, your number goal MUST be to TRY FOR the potential lover route right off the bat. And in this amazing guide, I’m going to show you exactly how to do this… step-by-step.

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Abishek, a "self-development/dating expert," LOVES helping men overcome their "shyness" and crush their "social/approach anxiety"... so that they can too be able to effortlessly meet, captivate, connect, and date MORE women than they've in the past... on the streets, cafes, malls, or anywhere else during the day (even if they're shy, short, ugly, boring, or completely newbie in the game)!


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