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3 (Secret) Words To Make ANY Women Aroused and Horny

make her aroused and horny with this simple tip
make her aroused and horny with this simple tip


Don’t know HOW to seduce a woman and take her back to your apartment? Don’t panic.

Today, I’m going to let you in a simple ‘secret’ for banging HOT women that very few dating/seduction “experts” talk about.

In fact, it is so simple that I can sum it up in just 3 words…

Here’s the secret: BE A MAN!

What do I mean when I say be a MAN?

Well, whenever we think of the phrase “being a MAN” we often conjure up an “image” of a guy who is tall, muscular, and tough. You know the guy who is very good at fixing things and acts brave in the face of danger.

You probably have heard somewhere, in order to become really good with women, you need to be the “leader of the pack” or display “alpha traits.”

I completely agree that all of these qualities will help you attract hordes of women to you, BUT if you forget this one simple thing then you’ll NEVER be seen as a “real man” in the eyes of a woman. (I’ll reveal that to you in just a few seconds)

Okay, first of all, let me tell you a story about a huge “Gorilla-like man” at my gym.

This guy could easily throw up 500lbs, without even breaking a sweat. His biceps were the size of Arnold and he could easily crush both of us with his bare hands.

BUT, Mr Muscles has a problem.

In fact, a BIG problem.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense, but even good looking guys with a “Hulk-like” body can end up in the dreaded “friend zone.”

I saw it as Mr “Muscles” stopped doing his bench press to chat with Michelle — a young blonde with an amazing body. Something weird happened. He no longer looked like an alpha male.

In fact, he looked like a complete frustrated chump.

This 100 lbs beauty got the best of him and he started to choke in fear.

I really wanted to laugh… but I also didn’t want to get killed.

This guy, I realized, made every mistake in the book:

  1. He avoided the eye contact with her.
  2. His body language was shameful
  3. He stood too far away from her
  4. And, his facial expression just screamed “I am way too happy to be here”

Yes, I could tell immediately that he could never get Michelle to bed.

Of course, he can protect her if someone misbehaves with her. He may even fix her car — or lift it up with his two hands.

BUT she’ll NEVER sleep with this guy. Not in a million years.

Despite his “good looks” and “big muscles,” Michelle doesn’t think of him as a REAL MAN.

Just because he makes one simple error…

And, that error can easily (and instantly) turn guys from THE ALPHA into THE FRIEND.

And, I know, by experience, that we’ve all made that blunder… and most of you guys (98%) will make it again tonight.

So WHAT error did Mr Muscles do?

He didn’t reveal his “sexual interest” in her.

Rather, he kept it hidden.

Now it didn’t surprise me because I used to be ‘that guy’ with the same problem. Being on the ‘wrong side’ I always felt that I had to overcompensate by being alpha or tough.

BUT, I really wanted to be a MAN.

So WHAT did I do to be more alpha and tough?

I acted “aloof,” I “hid” my emotions, and I started to become more “mysterious” and a “challenge” hoping women would find me irresistable.

This was also one of the reasons why I got into pickup community. And believe me when I say this, I tried everything in the books that dating/seduction “experts” claimed would work.

I knew only a little at that time, but the solution to dating A LOT of beautiful women was something much, much easier — and simpler. The best part was that it worked way faster.

You see whether you want to admit or not, we’re always trying to communicate SOMETHING when we talk to women.

And it’s not the words that we utter to women… it’s THE VIBE they really care about.

And my biggest problem was… instead of giving her the signal “I want to get you back into my bedroom”… my body language, eye contact, and facial expression were all communicating one thing…

“I just want you to like me” (oh, how cute)

Basically, I was terrified of revealing my “sexual interest” with the women I talked to.

I hit the gym, I had the latest clothes, I would make them laugh and giggle, and I knew every pickup theory inside and out…

but I hardly ever got laid

(Don’t worry I am making up for lost time now 😉

Now I admit, communicating your “sexual interest” can be mind-boggling as hell — especially if you don’t know HOW to do it properly.

You can’t just TELL every woman out there that you want to rip their clothes off and bang them. I mean you could tell her that… but you may wind up with a black eye (or worse).

Remember: You can create A LOT of “sexual tension” when you reveal interest to her with your VIBE than you can with your WORDS.

So, you now agree that you need to communicate your “sexual interest,” but often times you can’t just directly TELL HER.

So what IS “the secret” to attracting hordes of women to your bed and staying out of the “friend zone”?

Here’s the good news: I just wrote a brief report that explains to you exactly HOW to communicate your “sexual interest” WITHOUT coming across as a ‘creep.’

The great thing about this technique is that it’s 100% INVISIBLE to women, and they won’t even know WHAT you’re doing (they’ll only feel attracted to you, which is what really matters, by the way).


If you can “subtly” reveal your sexual interest to her

  1. It doesn’t matter if you’re short, average looking, or skinny…
  2. It doesn’t even matter if you’re still a virgin…

When you master the ‘proper’ way to EMBRACE and DISPLAY your sexuality, women will ALWAYS view you as a REAL MAN. In her eyes, you’ll automatically become tall, handsome, and muscular.

Being HER man is super easy if you learn THIS secret.

Now go and make it happen.


P.S. This is truly the missing ingredient for bringing HOT chicks back to your apartment. You can have everything – the looks, the personality, muscles, and game — but if you can’t communicate your sexuality, you’ll continue to go back to your apartment alone and jerk off to porn (really, learning this simple secret have really changed my life and now I want the same for you).

Here’s the link to THIS darn simple technique, which always WORKS!!!

#1 Trait Women Want In a Man

number 1 trait women want in a man
number 1 trait women want in a man


Today, I want to unravel to you one of the sexiest traits you can show to a girl…

And that’s your…


What is confidence?

It’s about being sure of yourself.

And that’s what a girl wants from you: a man who is sure of himself and his intentions.

That’s her best possible choice. That’s the best possible position for her to be. That going back to your place for a sizzling sex is the best possible outcome she can experience.


Simply because… she doesn’t have a clue.

Because she can’t make up her mind.

Simply because she doesn’t know how.

And, she doesn’t want to make the decision by herself.

All women suffer from the so-called “please will you make up my mind for me?” syndrome.

And it exists in EVERY stage of the relationship – right from the very first moment you walk up and talk to her, to the very first time she’ll striptease for you, and to the moment she’s whispering “I love you” in your ears.

You see, women want to be led by a guy. She wants to be told what to do. She wants to feel like she has no control over the outcome.

Why do they let a guy lead?

Because it absolves of the responsibility and blame. This way she can say later “It was your decision, not mine…” or “I didn’t know what was happening.”

And, the most important thing why she doesn’t want to take the leas is: Women DO NOT want to be wrong.

This explains why girls hate men who are needy. Because if you display to her that you’re not sure of yourself … or why she should like you… then she’ll start to second guess herself. It happens when you approach her. It happens when you ask her out on a date. It happens again when you’re trying to get laid with her.

So, here’s the moral of the story: NEVER put her in a place where she has to be the one to say “Yes” or “No” to move things to more intimate level.

Because girls don’t want to make that decision.

As a MAN, it’s your responsibility to make that happen.

This is particularly true when it comes to getting out of that “friend zone.”

I still remember my first crush with whom I went out for three years without getting physical. I started to become really attracted to her.

Then, one fine day, I decided to make my move on her. But I knew a lot of guys don’t: I must not display my feeling verbally because it would give her a chance to make up her mind, and that’s the last thing we guys want.

Instead, on a ski trip with a group of friends (her included) and after a night of partying and flirtations… I went for the kiss.

She let me kiss her but then quickly turned around her head. A few moments later I kissed her again.

That night we kissed a few more times.

The following morning she got up and told me she didn’t want things to take weird and what had happened that night was a mistake.

I met her later that night and kissed her again. She pushed me. I kissed her again. Again she pushed me.

(Interesting thing: Every time I kissed her, she kissed me back.)

The next morning when I woke up, and after having realised that I’ve shown her my cards, I said to myself I am not going to try anything again.

But the moment she saw me that morning, she started to kiss me. The end up sleeping together the rest of the weekend.

Then it finally hit me…

I had successfully made up her mind for her. She didn’t want to ruin our friendship and that’s why she hesitated, but eventually, when I took the lead, she followed.

So, you see, confidence is one of the key traits that all players have. (Here are other 7 key traits of a player.)

They act as if there’s no doubt why the girl would not be interested in them.

They don’t doubt the girl would not kiss them. There’s no doubt in their mind the girl could be their girlfriend.

And, now compare THAT type of attitude to the usual attitude of a typical ‘Nice Guy.’

The nerdy guy is not confident. He is not sure of himself. He constantly needs her approval that she likes him. That he’s not making mistakes.

And this neediness is what causes him to be needy in the first place. Because he’s not sure she likes him, that’s why he needs to send her text for her assurance. Or, he constantly wants to hang out with her just to be sure.

Girls can pick up this neediness from million miles away. And it’s highly unattractive. And guess what happens? It creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here’s the lesson: Do everything in your power to replace your insecurities with confidence.

Girls want a man who is sure of himself.

Girls want a leader. Someone who takes charge.

For example, instead of asking her if you can get her phone number, you simply tell her to give it to you. In fact, simply give her your phone and tell her to type it in. She’ll do it.

And, when you’re two together on a date, never say, “What do you like to do?” or “Where do you want to go?” Rather say, “I will pick you up at 9pm and we’re going for bowling. We’ll also grab a bite there.”

Be SURE of yourself.

REMOVE the insecurity and doubt from your mind completely. All those thoughts of “is the place I’ll take her a good place?” or “does she like me?” or “Should I kiss her now or later?”

REMOVE them and replace with CONFIDENCE.

Go out and make it happen


P.S. If you want to apply more killer mindsets of the naturals, you can check out a killer resource here.

5 (Easy) Verbal Foreplay Examples: Get Her Dripping With Anticipation

get her dripping with anticipation
get her dripping with anticipation


When it comes to banging a woman, most guys are like motorboats.

Here’s what I mean: Most guys get turned on and revved up in only a few seconds… and they slow down and get turned off in a matter of seconds, too… just like motorboats.

On the other hand, women are more like cruise ships. For them, it takes a little longer to get her started, but once you do…

… there’s NO stopping her.

And, the interesting thing is: You’re in for a ride of your life.

So, why’s that relevant to you?

If you want to get a girl really horny for you… no, not just that slightly turned on, but absurdly obsessed about having sex with you…

then you gotta start her early, and take your time.

And by “start her” I mean you gotta do it within a few seconds of meeting her.

It’s easy. You only have to say THESE words to unleash that wild side out of her.

And, within a few minutes, she’ll be dripping wet and you’ll be 100% certain that she wants to bang you… all before you even kiss her!

But, let me WARN you first: DO NOT try to get sexual immediately with her, like most guys do…

Instead, you gotta tease her and make her wait for it. You see, to make her WET… you gotta WAIT. It’s all the simple.

Here are 5 easy examples you can try right away:

1st example. Right after 5 minutes into meeting her, “I can already tell our first kiss is going to be amazing. BTW…”

2nd example. When you’re writing a text to set up a date, “Just so you know, I may try to steal a kiss or two… Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.”

3rd example. If you’ll meet her somewhere crowded, “I’m near the bar… Come and find me and you might get the world’s sexiest kiss of all time… or maybe just a drink ;)”

4th example. When you’re flirting with her at a party, “That’s it, we need a time out… But I’m coming back over here in 10 minutes… and you’re gonna get it, missy.”

5th example. Before you meet her for the second date, “Just so you know… you’re getting the sexiest kiss ever when you see me, right?”

Get it?


Your job is simple here:  TEASE her… and make her THINK about something sexual… and leave it hanging there.

Doing this will make her mind go crazy with anticipation… and she’ll start to feel that rush of endorphins as she knows you’re getting closer and closer…

… and when she finally gets somewhere alone with you…?


Go out and make it happen.


P.S. If you’d like to learn more on how to get her dripping wet with anticipation, check out this resource.

Unlock Her Legs Instantly With THIS “Simple” Trick

unlock her legs instantly with this simple tip
unlock her legs instantly with this simple tip


Today, I’m going to let you in a very critical FACT:

When you interact with a woman in a ‘sexual way,’ you’re basically letting her know that it’s completely fine to show that sensual (erotic) side of her to you.

If she views you as the kind of guy who is COMFORTABLE with that ‘wild’ side of her, she’ll gladly, without any reservation, release it with you… fast.

BUT… if you try to be polite, act like a gentleman, and WAIT a long time before you even make a ‘move’ on her, then guess what happens?

She’s going to (unconciously) begin to feel like it’s NOT okay to express her ‘wild’ side of her immediately to you, and she’ll HIDE it from you… because she feels that’s what you expect of her.

Do you now get it? It’s that important!

So, if you’ve ALWAYS having a ‘normal’ (aka boring, friendly, and safe) conversations with women that don’t unleash her sexual side, she’s going to think that you expect her to hider (suppress) her sexuality.

And that’s exactly what she’ll do. OF COURSE, not with other guys, but she’ll do it with you, and she won’t even know why.

And that’s when she’ll drop the bomb on you by saying… “Let’s just be friends.

Here’s the truth you need to know (and, hopefully understand): A woman will rarely ever show her sexual side to a man early in the interaction. The man has to take the initiative (or risk) and  set the expectations early on in the interaction, and that’s what she uses as the reference point for how sexual she’ll allow herself to become.

So, if you want to become physical with her really quickly, then you’ll have to interact with her in a way that brings out her sexuality easily and effortlessly.

This is exactly what I teach you in my $7 Make ANY Woman Scream, Squirt, and Beg for Sex From You report.

If you’re like most ‘Nice Guys’ out there, you might already believe in the deadly myth that suggests you should talk to a woman for a long TIME and get to know her better before the escalation.


If you want to get laid really fast with a woman, then you MUST establish yourself as a guy that can make it happen very early on in the interaction.

Stay frosty,


P.S. If you want to learn how to let loose her ‘wild’ side in the fastest way possible, then here’s a kick-ass resource.