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How To Start A Conversation With A Random Stranger On The Street

how to start a conversation with a stranger on the street

This post reveals 6 ingenious approach tactics to help you become better at approaching a random stranger — a cute girl you’re interested in — on the streets, malls, cafes, or anywhere else under the sun, and easily strike up a conversation with them (even if you’re shy and afraid in the past).

Hey there! What’s up?

So you want to learn how to start a conversation with a random stranger on the street?

I personally think that a lot of guys stop themselves from meeting and connecting with strangers — particularly girls — on the streets, cafes, and malls because they think they’re going to make a mess out of it. But I personally believe that these are the best opportunities you have for improving your social skills and developing your “social vibe.”

In this post, I’ll show you how to approach and interact with random strangers in public places, during the day, and minimize rejections.

But before I give you simple tips on striking up a conversation with a random stranger, I just want to talk a little bit about the “mindset” you must develop: always expect to receive a “positive” outcome from any interactions.

If you have this positive mindset, you’ll end up having a meaningful conversation, and connect with others, emotionally, too. In order to evoke emotions in other people, you must be the one to evoke it first. You must feel it first.

And as you develop the “mindset” of always expecting a positive outcome from your interactions with random strangers, you’ll naturally be more positive, and the girl you’re interacting will feel that positive vibe from you too.

Here are 6 things you can focus now to become a better at approaching a random stranger on the street and having a conversation:

1. Smile

I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to have a smile on your face when approaching a girl. When you approach a girl on the streets, she has absolutely no idea who you are as a person. And so to make her comfortable, you need to put a big smile on your face, just to make sure you’re not a threat to them.

And remember, you must smile at her throughout the interaction. Don’t worry if it feels false at first. Just try it, and over time, it’ll become a habit. You’ll smile and interact without even thinking about it.

2. Talk slowly

When talking a stranger on the street, we tend to get a little bit anxious about facing awkward silences and running out of things to say. But silences is also important as it helps build tension and attraction.

Waiting for at least 3 to 5 seconds before responding can build more attraction than opening your mouth and saying a word.

And when you talk, talk slowly as it will give you enough time to think what to say to her, and she’ll feel calm and relaxed as she sees you calm and relaxed talking with her.

3. Always think “win-win”

When I approach a girl on the street, I often place my interactions in either of these two mental cabinets: “This went really well!” or “That was hilarious!”

Most guys learning how to approach a girl on the street do it wrong. Their second mental cabinet is labelled as “That sucked,” and end up leaving themselves open to a lot of negative feedbacks from the girls.

But here’s a secret that I learnt from a lot of charismatic peope: they never have a “negative” mental cabinet, and hence, they never have anything bad happen to them, because they choose to re-frame all of their interactions as something that was just a bit of a laugh.

Here’s my advice: Change the label of your second mental cabinet to “That was fun!” and by doing this, your interactions will either go really well, or really funny!

I no longer have a mental cabinet “That sucked!” in my mind, and so I just end up getting even more funny stories to share.

Now let’s look at what you’re going to say to her…

4. Grab her attention

And here’s what you should do first before you even talk to her: get her attention. Too many guys start to talk to a girl even before she’s ready to listen to them. By getting her attention before talking, you avoid the awkward situation where you’ve said something to her but she does not have any clue about what you said to her.

You can say “Hi, excuse me for a second,” or a simple “Hello” followed by a long pause to get her attention.

5. Pace her reality

The next thing you should do is pace her reality. What I mean by this is when you approach a girl out of nowhere, you acknowledge that it was indeed random and that you just wanted to say hi to her.

For example: you can say, “Hi, I know it’s totally random, but I had to come over here and say hi to you. I like your style and think you’re attractive. What’s your name?”

When you acknowledge like this, you immediately separate yourself from all the pack of guys who lack social intelligence. When you admit that it’s random, you put her at ease, and she’ll more likely be open to talk to you.

And if she looks as if she’s in a rush to go somewhere, you can tell her that you understand that she’s in a rush, and just wanted to say hi to her, which will make her stop and talk to you for a while, because she now knows that you’re not going to keep her for too long.

6. Playfully persevere

Finally, your next goal when learning how to start having a conversation with a random girl on the street is to barrel through the next 20 to 30 seconds of the interaction. I’ll admit it can be really difficult to do — especially when you’re starting to learn to approach and talk with random girl — but it’s very important you do it.

This is because there’s still something in the back of her head that tells her that she’s interacting with a random stranger in the streets. You can easily barrel through this brief period by exuding your enthusiasm onto her.

Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ve gotten a better picture of the best way to start a conversation with a random girl on the streets.

I hope you’ll go out today and try it to that cutie walking alone in the streets!

Stay Chill


P.S. BTW, if you want to learn 20 creative ways to keep the conversation flowing, then click here.

6 Essential Features Of A Good Conversation

6 Essential features of a good conversation!

A good conversation help you build rapport, emotionally connect with her, make you a 3-dimentional person, displays your attractive qualities, and leads to sexuality.

Here there, what’s up?

  • So do you want to have a conversation with someone — including beautiful girls — that is fun, playful, and flirty, and not boring and lame?
  • Do you want to display all your interesting qualities to her so that she’ll remember you over all the guys who have approached her in the past?
  • Do you wish to build a strong rapport, and connect with her emotionally, so that she’ll be talking about you obsessively with her best friends the next morning on the phone?

If you answered “yes” to any of these three questions, I’ll bet you’ll find this post useful. In this post, you’ll discover six essential features of a good conversation that no conversation expert will ever want you to know.

So let’s dive into it.

6 essential features of a good conversation:

Essential Feature #1 Of A Good Conversation: “A Good Conversation Builds Rapport”

Good conversation topics allow you and the other person — a girl you’re out on a date with — relate to each other, which helps build trust, and build a strong connection with her. Once there’s a certain level of harmonious relation between the two of you, then she’ll more likely put her guards down, and become much more excited to having a conversation with you.

Essential Feature #2 Of A Good Conversation: “A Good Conversation Connects People Emotionally”

We people walk around in our daily life as if we’re “bored” with life. The daily chores and the things to do keeps us from experiencing any kind of real emotions. And then we start to crave emotions as we our life becomes deviod of it. But if you can make small talk about topics that can make her touch base with all those long forgotten — and repressed — “positive” emotions, she’ll more likely to open up to you, than if you’d only talk to her about boring mundane stuffs — does she come there often, and what did she do last night, and which school did she go to?

Essential Feature #3 Of A Good Conversation: “A Good Conversation Make You A Three-Dimentional.”

When you approach a girl to have a chitchat, she finds it very difficulty differentiating you from all the other hundreds of clueless dudes who’d approached her in the past. For her, it would be much easier to place you in with them all and simply forget about you.

This is why it’s very important that you immediately talk about topics that’ll put you in a “positive” light, and create a unique identity for you. And it would be even more exciting if you could add a few contradictions to your identity. (For example, you love poetry … but you’re also a boxer.) This will not only make you an unpredictable, but she’ll also start to fantasize of having fun with you in different types of life’s scenarios.

Essential Feature #4 Of A Good Conversation: “A Good Conversation Hooks The Other Person To Keep A Conversation Flowing.”

Your job as a conversationalist is to get to the point where she can effortlessly let her guards down, open up to you, express her deep emotions — feelings –, and become heavily invested in the conversation with you. And the best way to do this is to offer her enough hooks — good conversation topics — acting as a “bait” so that she can immediately latch onto it and respond to you in a way that she has never done with any other folks.

Essential Feature #5 Of A Good Conversation: “A Good Conversation Displays Your Attractive Qualities”

Certain masculine characteritics are very attractive to women, like social proof, passionate, adventurous, worldly, leader of men, and pre-selected by other women. The more of these attractive traits a conversation help you talk about, the better your interaction will be, which in turn will help you land a second date, or even take things to a “next level.”

Essential Feature #6 Of A Good Conversation: “A Good Conversation Leads To Sexuality.”

Building sexual tension is very important if you want to spark a sexual attraction in a girl, and your conversation topics must allow you to do this exactly, which means that that a good conversation must be visceral; it should build an undercurrent of sexuality; it should lead to touching.

Keeping these six features of a good conversation in mind can help you never run of good topics to say to a girl, keep the conversation flowing, and make small talk much more fun, playful, and exciting.

Stay Chill

Abishek Rana

P.S. And by the way, if you haven’t already, here’s a link to The Small Talk Manifesto report. (Download a free copy now and learn how to master the art of making small talk more fun, playful, and flirtatious, within 10 minutes!)

How To Make Small Talk Much More Fun, Playful, And Flirtatious (20 Creative Ways)!


Making small talk isn’t so difficult, making it playful, fun, and flirty is.

When it comes to meeting, connecting, and dating women, most men seem to have one big problem: learning how to make small talk.

Making small talk isn’t so difficult, making it playful, fun, and flirty is.

So let me ask you one thing: can you make small talk playful, fun, and exciting, or do you often end up talking about friendly — aka boring — topics when you’re out on a date with a girl or a woman you like?

If you don’t have a clue how to make small talk interesting for either of you both, then let me break down the process for you so that you can effortlessly learn how to make small talk in a way that is both fun, exciting, and playful, not boring and dull.

First of all, you need to know…

1. What type of small talk women find dull and boring.

And then you need to know…

2. What type of small talk women find playful, fun, and exciting.

Once you understand these two important things, I will then give you 20 amazing tips to help you learn how to make small talk with a girl or a woman you like.

So, let’s dive deep into the topic.

1. How to make small talk: “What type of small talk women find dull and boring.”

a) Women dislike awkwardness.

Most women do not like small talk that seem awkward or forced. A woman will avoid making small talk with you if she feels you’re nervous, insecure, and shy. And if she isn’t excited to keep the conversation flowing with you, then making small talk with her is going to be much more difficult for you.

b) Women loath “interview type” small talk.

Interview type small talk is when you keep on asking her one question after another about safe topics — her career, school, hometown, family, which can go stale pretty fast.  And if she senses you’re not even listening to her resposes, it will make her feel bored very fast. Nothing puts women off more than someone who likes to play pretend and doesn’t even know how to hold a conversation, but just keeps on asking one question after another just to keep the conversation going.

Here are a couple of new (free) articles on having better communications with a girl you like.

  • 9 effective tactics to have better conversation with women
  • 15 simple tips for effective conversations

c) Women don’t like uncomfortable silences.

While women do love brief silences in between the interaction, but if you start to hear birds chirping when you two are having conversation, it is because she is starting to get bored. So you must learn how to make small talk in a way that makes her glued to you.

  • Best tips to avoid awkward silences during small talk

d) Women feel uncomfortable with small talk topics that make them feel angry or have ill feelings towards something.

While women absolutely love the idea of injecting a playful banter in between the conversation, just to make it fun, exciting, and interesting, talking about sensitive topics — politics and religion — might end up developing a feeling of resentment between the two of you, which could have easily been prevented had you only stuck to some of the good conversation starters that we’ll be talking about below.

Now if you why all these common issues could easily pop up during an interaction with other people — including attractive women — only if you knew how to make small talk correctly, you really can’t blame a girl or a woman for not falling in head over heels for an insecure, weak, and boring dork who can’t seem to keep a conversation playful, fun, and sexy.

I mean, you gotta ask yourself: would I enjoy these type of conversation yourself?

Of course, you would not.

With that pointers in mind, now let’s now understand…

2. How to make small talk: “What type of small talk women find interesting, fun, and playful?”

a) Women love having “interesting” small talks.

In this post, I have given you 12 good conversation starters that you can easily use in your interaction with a girl to open her up to you and connect with her, emotionally. Some of the topics include food, music, observations about her, childhood memories, and traveling. And if you’re interested, click this link to find the best conversation starters to help you learn how to make small talk.

b) Women love small talk that hooks them, emotionally.

Women love emotions, and they absolutely go nuts over a guy who makes small talks about topics they love — their childhood memories, traveling experiences, and music preferences, because it instantly takes them to a blissful place from where they absolutely have no desire to return back: an emotional state. And as both of you are in that slightly emotionally charged state, then connecting with her emotionally becomes way easier than you could have imagined.

c) When the conversation topics are geared towards what’s happening “in the moment.”

When you can make comments, jokes, and smart observations about what happening in and around your surrouding, and make her laugh about it too, you connect with her on a whole different level than most guys could ever do.

You can stay “in the moment” by making random observations about the surrounding you both share, or you can make observations about her, not you, and make her feel special. You probably know this fact from your friends at school or college: women love talking about themselves. It places focus on her, and any guy who can do that is always on the top of their mind, and heart.

d) Women love when you seem confident, relaxed, and playful throughout the whole interaction.

Plus, they love when a guy calls all the shots — aka leads the interaction, instead of always asking her questions or waiting for her to begin, because women adore guys who take charge. They don’t want the burden of keeping the conversatoin flowing.

e) Women love to hear/tell stories.

A good story hooks almost everyone you’ll ever meet on the streets, bars, cafes, or anywhere else under the sun. So instead of just memorizing boring facts, tell engaging stories — about your recent travel to a remote island, or how you went from rags to riches — that spikes up all her emotions, almost without trying. (And if you haven’t already, check out this excellent post on how to tell an engaging story that’ll hook almost anyone)

3. How To Make Small Talk: “Some Examples of Great Small Talk”

Most guys could do favours for themselves if they know how to start a conversation with a girl or a woman they like, and then immediately transition into making small talk that creates attaction in a woman.

But this is what usually happens: Most guys have conversation with a girl or a woman in such a way that it makes her feel bored, making her want to make a quick exit and search for the next dude in the corner near the bar who know how to make her feel laugh, excited, and all steamy.

I have given enough daytime pickup coaching to enough guys to know that most guys would literally stand up frozen if they were asked to say a simple “Hi” to an attractive blonde girl sitting next to them. Or, they’ll start to sweat and get so nervous that they end up coming across as a geek.

Women want to hang out with a man who can smoothly steer the small talk along a path that feels playful, flirty, and fun.

In short, mastering the art of making small talk involves being effortlessly fun, playful, and flirtatious, at anytime, and anywhere. And to help you achieve this feat, I am going to let you in to my 20 all time good ways to make small talk so that you can too make any girl swoon over you, almost overnight.

4. How To Make Small Talk: “20 Excellent Tips For Making Small Talk “Playful,” “Flirtatious,” And “Fun.”

1. Make statements. 

When interacting with women, rather ask her tons of questions after questions, focus on making statement and expressing your ideas, opinions, and views on different topics.

2. Focus your attention on her.

Make observations about her style, personality, or your initial impression of her.

3. Do NOT over-compliment her.

A lot of newbies like to shower a girl or a woman with complients, hoping that she won’t leave the interaction, and continue having a conversation. If you’ve been that dude in the past, now’s the time to put a hold to that non-sense.

Overcomplimenting a girl can make her feel that you’re the type of guy who can’t think of anything else to say to other human being to build attraction. This type of behaviour will not only bore her, but it will also land you straight to the dreaded friendzone.

4. Play games with her.

Find a way to play little games with her. In my free report, Small Talk Method, I have listed three really engaging games to hook her interest, almost in a blink of an eye. 😉

5. Keep it light and interesting.

Keep the conversation topics focused around things like travel, observations, childhood memories, interests, passions, or unusual stories.

6. Flirt.

Learn how to flirt with women; learn how to banter with them, which will make small talk really sexy.

7. Own it.

If you ever face an awkward silence or run out things to say when you’re talking to that hottie, instead of pretending it’s not happening — women can easily tell if you’re faking or not, anyway — simply make a joke about it like, “Oh la la, didn’t we just ran into our first uncomfortable silence. But don’t not worry about it. We’ll get through it in no big time.”

8. Try being cocky and funny.

9. Don’t always agree with her.

If you have an opinion or certain view on a subject — — do not be afraid to stand up and voice it, even if she might seem she could stand up and walk away from the interaction. Always express your personality and do not be afraid to disagree with her.

Warning: Disagreeing with a girl doesn’t mean putting her down, or insulting her. You can simply say, “I disagree.” and move on to another small talk topic shared in this list.

10. Avoid “job interview type” small talk.

Just relax and be playful, instead.

11. Tell her interesting stories.

Women like intrigue, emotions, and drama. Learn how to tell an engaging story that hooks her attention.

12. Use canned pickup lines.

If you’re ‘new’ to daytime pickup — meeting women on the streets during the day — then do not hesitate using canned pickup lines. Eventually, you should be able to construct your own as you learn gain more experience through your interactions with the ladies.

13. Compliment on her personaity, her energy, and her sense of style.

14. Avoid giving compliments on her eyes, body, and looks.

15. Tease her.

16. Use cold reading tactics.

This is an excellent way to make observations about her.

17. NEVER apologize for your desires — especially sexual desires — as a man.

If you’re having a conversation with a woman, and you feel you’re sexually attracted to her, don’t be afraid to express it, subtly. Don’t be too forward by saying something like, “Let’s go and f##k,” but have some decency and test the waters by touching her slightly on her hands or the back of her neck to see if she reciprocates your touching.

Displaying your sexual intent during an interaction not only makes small talk much more fun and exciting for the both of you, but it’ll also help you avoid the dreaded friendzone.

18. Inject sexual innuendoes, now and then.

If you two of you are having a great time, inject some sexual innuendoes into the interaction to make it even more exciting. Do not over do it, otherwise, it will go out stale pretty fast.

19. Use role playing.

Use role playing to keep small talk fun, engaging, and exciting. This is the tactic I go into detail in my Small Talk Method report.

20. Call her out on her bullshit.

Don’t sigh away from calling her out on her bullshit. If she says something “rude,” or something that you feel is not true, call her out on it. It will impress her that you picked up on it.

So there you have it: 20 creative ways on how to make small talk more interesting, fun, and playful.

Thanks for reading.


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How To Talk To Girls If You Are Shy (And Immediately Become MORE Attractive)!


A good communicator is also a good listener!

Wanna learn how to talk to girls if you are shy? Follow these 5 tips to improve your communication skills and gain mutant-ninja confidence in almost any social situations.

If there is one fact that I’ve learned as a confidence coach, it is this: not everyone is outgoing, confident, and social guy, but you still have chances with the women even if you’re shy and timid. You only need to change few aspect of how you’ve been having conversation with girls in the past, and you can to become an alpha male, almost overnight.

So if you were clueless on how to talk to girls if you are shy, then here are few practical advices on how to get your groove back, and get better results with people — including women:

Tip #1 How To Talk To Girls If Your Are Shy: “Do NOT use pickup lines.”

Relying on pickup lines to “break the ice” to start conversation with girls is fine, but you can also risk coming off across as a faker. But by skipping them altogether can in fact work for you, because you give her a chance to see how genuine you are as a person and how you are not afraid of saying what on your mind.

Now I am not against using pickup lines on women; it can actually help you get into the momentum of talking to girls — especially if you’re just starting out in the game, but here’s my honest suggestion as a daytime pickup coach: avoid using pickup lines as much as you can. Aim for being “honest” and say exactly what’s on your mind instead.

For example, if you like her smile, you should be able to tell her, “I really like your smile. It just brighten my day,” rather than using any sleazy pick up lines like “Hey, I can’t believe angels flying so low on the earth,” that you find on the internet.

Tip #2 How To Talk To Girls If Your Are Shy: “Own Your Shyness”

Owning your shyness — accepting it as part of who you are as a person — and not hiding it could actually help you come across as someone who is comfortable being on his own skin.

So even if you’re painfully shy, instead of hiding this fact and instead trying to appear “cool”, admit to the girl you’re on a date or out with that you’re a little bit shy, which can help you become even more attractive in women’s eyes. And women will reward your honest behaviour by hanging out with you more.

For example, you can easily admit you are a little bit hesitant and shy by saying something like, “Hey, I just wanted to be honest with you. I am Learning how to be more social, outgoing, and confident. So could you please forgive if I make a blunder, or help me correct my behaviour if I go over the line?”

And if your shyness is killing your chances of meeting and interacting with girls, ask your friends to make introductions with the girls for you, or if you often become nervous and tensed — especially in the presence of attractive women — try getting to a point where you can laugh about it, and they’ll too.

And soon, you’ll find a new world of women who are actually attracted by your shy and timid nature, and NOT get turned off by it.

Tip #3 How To Talk To Girls If Your Are Shy: “Remember this: People Are More Worried About Themselves Than They’re About YOU.”

It’s better to assume that women are less concerned about you and more concerned about themselves when you’re out with them on a date or a coffee. Now I am not saying that women do not care about what you have to say to them, but make sure that you’re having a small talk that is fun, playful, and exciting for the both of you, instead of making her feel bored by your monologue.

So if you’ve ever exited from an interaction and wished you could turn back in time and fix something about it, understand that you’re not the first person on the planet to have that thought.

Tip #4 How To Talk To Girls If Your Are Shy: “Stop Judging Yourself In Group Conversations”

Group conversations may feel like a total nightmare for a lot of shy and introverted guys, because it’s really hard for them to be heard. But here’s the fact that no one had told you before: group conversations are like nightmare for almost everyone — including extroverted outgoing hunk.

With added members come added distractions, and in these tough times, even the most outgoing person might need to repeat their sentence over a dozen times before anyone will start paying any attention to them.

So accept this reality of group conversation being “hot messes” by nature.

Tip #5 How To Talk To Girls If Your Are Shy: “Be A Good Listener”

A good communicator is also a good listener!

There are two ways you can demonstrate the other person you were listening to them: a) how you respond to others and b) through your body language. Both are equally important.

To respond the other person better, try to be “in the moment” — be present — and try to get-out-of-your-own-head, and listen to what the other person is really saying before responding back.

And in case you didn’t hear them properly, or you’re not sure what to say back, always repeat back some portion of what they just told you and ask for a follow up of information.

You can also demonstrate that you’re listening to the other person through your body language. Make strong eye contact, without staring at them; ignore small distractions when interacting with the other person, and leaving your phone in your pocket. Don’t look down, and do not fidget.

Stay chill’


P.S. BTW, if you want to overcome your shyness and build enough confidence to be able to effortlessly meet, connect, and date more beautiful women on the streets, cafes, or malls, then here’s a kick-ass resource for you.

6 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills, Instantly!

improve communication skills

I just wrote an article on effective communication skills.

If you want to build confidence, and drive hordes of attractive women into your life, learning how to communicate effectively is essential. I grabbed some of these powerful ways to improve your communication skills, as fast as possible, from my book, “Daytime Pickup: “The Natural Progression”

Now, of course, there are plenty of resources on the web to improve your communication skills, which you can read, absorb, and use into your daily interactions with the ladies so that you can also become more confident, outgoing, social, and an attractive man.

Here’s good news: Not only is it possible to learn effective communication skills, but learning this number 1 skill is way easier than you have imagined.

Just imagine for a second how your life would be if only you could effortlessly eliminate all your shyness, hesitation, and self-doubt, and actually build genuine confidence to attract almost everything — money, fame, and women — into your life.

Have you ever observed someone who seem to be really good at socializing with others?

Learning effective communication skills will not only give you all the ammunition you need to know “what to say” in any social settings, but it will also help you instantly become an attractive man that others want to hang out with.

So by now I assume you already know the importance of building effective communication skills so that you can meet more interesting people — including attractive women — handle awkward silences diligently, accept rejection gracefully, and win the appreciation/approval of all those you encounter.

With effective communication skills, you’ll able to…

  • read social signals — body language and non-verbal messages — of others…
  • solve problems effectively, and…
  • develop the ability to resolve any critical situations, effortlessly.

As you begin to learn how to have a conversation with a girl/woman, you’ll slowly start to build your self-esteem, and your self-confidence will soar high to a new level, making you even more successful and attractive male that you desire to be.

Before I go on and reveal you 6 effective communication strategies, here are few more free articles on the topic of developing effective communication skills.

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  1. THESE 6 “Good Conversation Starters” Spikes Attraction, Almost Instantly!
  2. How To Make Conversation With A Girl (And Immediately Build Solid Connection)
  3. How To Start A Conversation With A Girl (3 Simple Tricks)!
  4. How To Talk To Women (Without Being a ‘Creep’)
  5. How to Avoid Awkward Silences with Women (2 Simple Tricks Unleashed)

Alright, cool!

Now, here are 6 effective communication steps you can immediately learn, absorb, and  use in your interaction with a girl/woman and get better results — more phone numbers, dates, and even relationships:

Step #1 Towards Building Effective Communication Skills: “Be Aware Of Your Interaction With Women.”

The first step towards improving your communication skills is to be aware of your own interaction with others.

Learning how to identify different social situations that make you feel uncomfortable, and tweaking your approach accordingly to achieve better — positive — results from interactions is a crucial step towards learning how to improve communication skills.

So next time you’re having a conversation with a girl, pay attention to her behaviours that make you respond in a negative way, and take ‘proper’ action to change your responses to make the situation a more positive experience for both of you.

Step #2 Towards Building Effective Communication Skills: “Take Responsibility Of Your Behavior & Apologize For Insensitive Responses”

You must be willing to take full responsibility for your behaviour and never sigh away from asking for an apology for any insensitive actions or errors in judgement in your part.

The best way to improve your communication skills is to ask others for their honest feedback regarding your interactions with others. If the feedback is ‘negative,’ accept it — do not take it personally — and immediately make necessary changes in your interactions with others.

Step #3 Towards Building Effective Communication Skills: “Your Non-Verbal Communication Is As Important As Your Verbal Communication Skills”

Your ‘non-verbal communication’ — aka your body language — is also as important as your verbal communication. Having a positive body language is really important in your interactions with the ladies.

And if your words (“what you say”) does not match up with your actions (“what you do”) you’ll keep on struggling in social interactions with girls or women or others.

Step #4 Towards Building Effective Communication Skills: “Become A ‘Pro-active Listener'”

If you truly want to improve your communication skills, start becoming an active listener too. There’s a truth in the age-old saying, “A good communicator is a good listener?”

You must be both interesting and interested.

Fight the urge to say something immediately after she is finished talking. Rather, summarize what you’ve heard to her, and ask her if that’s what she meant, and you’ll notice her literally flying in front of you.

Listen — and try to understand — everything she is trying to communicate with you.

Don’t offer advices or criticisms without really understanding her intentions, which will only lead you towards more frustrations.

Step #5 Towards Building Effective Communication Skills: “Improving Your Communication Skills Is An ‘On-Going Process’…”

Improving your communication skills is an ‘on-going process,’ and hence, do not expect to master it overnight. If you try to change or improve a lot of things at once, it will only work against you — you’ll only become overwhelmed and discouraged.

Rather, select one or two personality traits that you want to work on first, and then master it over a period of time before trying to solve the next one.

Step #6 Towards Building Effective Communication Skills: “Take Full Advantage Of Your Positive Personality Traits”

Identify your key — positive — personality traits and use them in your interactions with women to get maximum results — more phone numbers, dates, instant dates, etc.

Both effective communication and active listening skills are essential communication tools that can be used in your interactions with others to improve your communication skills.

So if you’re new to improving your communication skills, focus on few major areas: active listening skills, understand body language, solve problems/conflicts, and accept responsibility for your negative responses.

Always remember: Self-awareness, determination, and consistentcy can make you a social, outgoing, and confident guy, overtime.

With effective communiation skills, you can have everything you want in life — money, fame, love — but the first step towards that journey starts now.

No one is born with the ability to strike up a conversation with others.

“Effective communication IS A Learned skill!”

You only need get hold of ‘a proven method’ to improve your communication skills and stick to it until you master it, and soon, you’ll be amazed by all the positive results from all your interactions — more phone numbers, dates, and even relationships — with beautiful attractive women.

Even though some people fear otherwise, effective communication skills can be learned and developed by anyone of at least of average intelligence. You can kiss “goodbye” to all the difficulties you’ve been having in the past and start to make rapid progress with the ladies, starting now.

The only thing that matters is having access to ‘a proven method’ you can use for the rest of your life.

Thanks for reading 🙂


P.S. To truly learn how to improve your communication skills in such a way that drives hordes of women into your life and your heart, click here.

THESE 6 “Good Conversation Starters” Spikes Attraction, Almost Instantly!

good conversation starters

If you’re looking for good conversation starters for making small talk on the streets, cafes, bars, or anywhere else under the sun, then you’re going to love this article.

For the past 7+ years, I have been coaching guys on how to improve their conversation skills so that are able to interact with women in an attractive way, not boring and friendly way goes nowhere, and I realize that many students have one pressing question on the back of their head…

What are good conversation starters that’ll help me avoid awkward silences, running out of things to say syndrome, and help me turn a boring and friendly conversation into more exciting, playful, and fun?

I’m not surprised if you have the same question burning in the back of your mind.

If you have spent any amount of your precious time improving your love life, and dating women, chances are that at some point you’ve experienced the dreaded situation of running out of things to say, awkward silences, and constantly struggling to find good conversation topics that are not flat out overly friendly (aka boring), or getting in small talk.

I call this the “What Do I Say To Her” Syndrome.

And it crops from the fact that most guys don’t have a clue about interesting conversation topics that generate instant attraction in girls or women.

Now, of course, by now you probably know — and understand — that “interview type” conversation never leads to attraction.

… And I can imagine that you’re probably wrecking your head wondering “What the heck do I say to her to fill that dreaded awkward silences in between the interaction – and what conversation topics will actually make her feel attracted towards me?”

Here’s how…

THESE Good Conversation Starters Will Immediately “Spike” Her Attraction Towards YOU!

Now, before I actually reveal to you good conversation starters, I want to touch on the topic of WHY it is so crucial to come up with right conversation topics when interacting with women…

Earlier, I had mentioned to you the “interview type” conversation topics. Most guys end up doing “interview type” conversation — asking too many questions –with a girl because they don’t have a clue “what to say to her next…” so they end up asking boring questions such as the woman’s family, friends, or job.

“How many siblings do you have?”
“Where did you go to college?”
“What made you decide to become a graphic designer?”


These questions are all “generic,” and they won’t help you stand out from the hundreds of other guys who have probably already asked her the same questions… nor they generate any kind of emotions (feelings) of attraction.

And, because you don’t know exactly what topics make up for good conversation starters, the girl you’re on a date with will continue to lead the interaction to nowhere.

Having an arsenal of good conversation topics that you can ask at any time allows you to always remain in control of the interaction.

Remember this: If you don’t take charge of the conversation, the girl will- and you’ll immediately realize getting stuck talking about yoga and meditation for the rest of the night.

If you don’t have the right tools and tactics to keep a conversation flowing towards your GOALS, naturally… she’ll eventually steer the conversation towards something “boring” and “safe.” (and you’ll most likely find her giving a handjob to one of your mates an hour or later)

But “the reason why” you need to have a bag full of “sexy” conversation topics you can flip out at any given time is that it will give you a surge of “conversational confidence” that’ll help you power through a lot of women.

There are two BIG reasons that prevent most guys from approaching a woman they like:

a) fear of running out of things to say and…

b) fear of having awkward silences… But if you can come up with a steady flow of good conversation started, you’ll much more likely be “quick-witted” and eventually, this fear of approach will disappear… and you’ll find yourself naturally talking to a lot of women, whenever you want and wherever you are.

6 Traits Of Good Conversation Topics!

When you walk up over to a girl on the street, she doesn’t want to hear about your job resume. She doesn’t want to hear how long you’ve lived in your current city. And if she hears again “So you come here often?” she’ll probably go mad at you and leave.

What are the kind of conversation topics that a girl or a woman wants to talk about? And, most importantly, what conversation topics will lead your interaction to the desired outcome — attraction?

Related article:

These are key 6 traits contained in every best conversation starters:

The 1st trait of good conversation starters: “Builds trust and fosters connection.”

If you want to connect with a girl or a woman you’re on a date with, you must, first of all, try to find something common about each other. You must come up with a good conversation topic that’ll allow her to relate with you somehow. This will allow you to build trust with her so that she feels a connection with you.

It’s only after you have built trust with her, and she feels that connection with you, will she let her guard down and be more open to continuing the conversation with you, later.

The 2nd trait of good conversation starters: “Promotes an emotional state.”

Most guys talk about boring topics, and it seems that their everyday life is void of any real emotions. But we are emotional creatures, and hence, we crave emotions. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the entertainment business is a multi-billion dollar industry. All those TV serials and soap operas you watch with your parents in the living room are rich in emotions, and they satisfy our need for an emotional state.

So if you can come up with conversation starters that spark all these repressed or numbed “positive” emotions, the woman you’re interacting with will be just like a putty in your hands.

The 3rd trait of good conversation starters: “Makes you seem like a three-dimensional person.”

When you approach a girl on the streets, bar, or anywhere else, she has a difficult time differentiating you from all the other hungry horny guys who have approached her during the course of her life.

Your job is to make it easy for her by churning up interesting conversation topics that’ll immediately create “a unique identity” for you. Even better, add some contradictions to your identity (personality). You’ll come across as unpredictable, and she’ll start to imagine herself having fun and exciting adventures with you in different types of situations.

The 4th trait of good conversation starters: “Hooks her interest and keeps the conversation flowing.”

Your major responsibility as a conversationalist is to get her to open up to you, express her wants and desires, and become heavily invested in the interaction. (A lot of guys don’t do this; they go for the number immediately after 3 minutes into the interaction). Good conversation starters act as “bait” to hook her interest so that she becomes more emotionally involved in what you’re talking about.

The 5th trait of good conversation starters: “Displays your unique (attractive) qualities.”

There are specific character traits that girls or women are attracted to, universally, including social proof, fun, adventurous, passionate, worldly, leader of the pack, and pre-selected by other women. The more of these attractive characteristics the conversation starters allows you to display to her, the better.

The 6th trait of good conversation starters: “Leads to sexual encounters.”

If your goal is to get a one night stand or have a sexual relationship with a girl or a woman then you need to build sexual desire and tension. And some conversation topics help you promote these to you.

Good conversation topics are visceral, and it naturally leads the interaction towards touching and producing a current of male and female sexuality.

Types of Conversation Starters

Usually, there are about a dozen good conversation topics you can segue into an interaction to create powerful rapport, build a strong emotional connection, and display all your attractive qualities that women are hard-wired to respond to sexually.

Here are 12 different types of conversation starters:

  • Arts, music, and literature
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Early childhood memories
  • Both of your passions
  • Observation about her
  • People watching obersation
  • Future ambitions
  • Pop culture
  • Gossip
  • Life’s adversity, struggles, and tests you’ve overcome
  • Life’s lessons you’ve learned
  • Unusual experiences you’ve experienced

If you can manage to stick to any one of these conversation topics, it’ll help you build (or display) the 6 attractive characteristic traits that I listed above that a good conversation topic must always possess.

Thanks for reading


P.S. I recently published a book where I walk you through my favourite conversation starters — and give you the exact progression to introduce these conversation topics into your interactions with women on the streets or on dates so that you’ll get better results — get more phone numbers, dates, and eventually, take her back to your apartment).

This book will also unleash:

  • Interesting conversation topics that’ll get her open up to you — and begging – to keep the conversation flowing, as her desire and attraction for you keeps on building up, without her knowing.
  • The exact sequence to segue these conversation topics into your interaction for maximum effect.
  • One conversation starter is such a refreshing change of pace from her current reality that she’ll most likely be raving about you with all her friends for months to come.

I personally believe that after reading this book on effective communication skills, you’ll most likely agree on how significant choosing the right conversation topics can be.

Remember: If you get stuck in the “boring” or “safe” conversation topics on a date, she can quickly lose any attraction towards you and abruptly end the conversation and put you in the dreaded friendzone.

How To Approach A Girl YOU Like (Without Any Hesitation/Fear)

how to approach women

Do you want to learn how to approach a girl for the first time, in public, at a bar, or anywhere else under the sun? Then this article will help you.

A lot of guys are stuck in their heards when it comes to approaching women and interacting with them.

They feel that they need to know everything — from approaching a girl to taking her back to their apartment — but in real life, things doesn’t work like that.

Just like no two situations are the same, no two women are the same too.

Listen. Approaching a girl is almost like landing a plane.

Somtimes the landing will be smooth, othertimes it will be bumpy. But either way, as long as you stick it out, your landing will be safe.

Trying to plan everything – approaching a girl, engaging her, connecting with her, and close the deal —  before actually approaching a girl is simply impossible — especially when you’re just starting to learn how to approach a woman.

That is why I always suggest my students to allow themselves to “fail” with their approaches, learn from their failures (feedbacks), read the situations better, and start from there.

So when approaching a girl you like, understand that you’re not going to know what to say to hook her interest every time.

But trust me when I say this: when you finally make your move — approach a girl — you’ll automatically know what to say to her. It will simply flow out of your brain, and you’d be reallly surprized.

I want to make an honest confession: I rarely know what I am going to say to a girl when I do approach her. The words don’t come to me until I “grab” her attention.

For example, last night I was at a bar, sipping drinks, and I was explaining this topic to one of my daytime pickup coaching students. I pointed my finger at a brunette sitting at the far end of the bar all by herself and told him, “Go approach her.”

He said “Okay” immediately to me, but as soon as he stood up, he simply froze in that same spot. He could not approach her. It was like she transformed him into an unmoving, lifeless statue with her spell.

He could not approach her because the moment he stood up, he started to “think,” which is the worst thing you can do when approaching a girl you like.

So when I realized what was going on, I said to myself, “Damn it!” and I stood up from my chair, walked over up to the girl, without hesitation.

Here’s the catch: Just 10 feet away from where she was sitting, I had no clue what I was going to say to her, and I that’s why perhaps I didn’t even try to think of anything.

When I finally approach her, I delivered the first thing that popped into my head:

Hey, I was sitting across the bar and I noticed you. I really like your style and think you’re cute, so I had to come to you and say Hi. Tell me more about you…

At this point, I locked my eyes with her.

Now I have to admit that this pickup line was direct and plain, not sleazy and corny like the ones you find on the internet.

Right after I delivered this pickup line, I was cursing to myself, “Really, Abishek? That’s the best line you can deliver to this cutie? She’s probably going to ignore the crap out of me now.”

No matter what, I didn’t give up and held my ground and smiled at her.

Do you want to know how her reaction was like?

She smiled and looked up at me, and said, “Well, thank you. That’s so nice of you. I think I like your style too. Do you come here often?

Not only she responded to me positively, but she also tried to engage me back with a question.

And then the conversation literally took off from there.

Here’s the interesting thing: After talking to her for 5 minutes, I introduced her to my student who froze to join the conversation, after they ended up talking all night long.

Do you think he knew what to say to her before walking up, after I had already been talking to her?

Absolutey not.

His approach was not “planned,” nor he knew what he was going to say to her to carry the conversation. He only took action, and everything flowed naturally.

Having said that, I’ve seen so many clients wreck their brains out obsessing over the best way to approach a woman.

They obsess about whether they should approach her from 45 degree angle, make an eye contact, and then deliver their opener, or if they should make a bee-line over to her and start a conversation, making the approach seem almost like they fell out of the sky from the tree and ran into her path.

But the ‘secret’ is you should never worry about how to approach a girl.

The only reason you should head out of your house and to bars, streets, shopping malls, or any other social environments is to enjoy your day — and night — and have fun. When your number one priority is to be “in the moment” and have fun, sharing your good “vibes” with other people — including beautiful women — will come naturally to you.

The answer isn’t so black and white.

Things won’t always go right, nor it’ll always go wrong. One way to approach a woman might work for one person, and another method might work for another person.

To speak of myself, since I enjoy everything I do while also having a great time when I head out of my home… I rarely ever see a girl and think “pickup target” from across the street or bar, and come up with a strategic plan to approach her.

Often times, beautiful women happen to be standing right next to me, and my positive energy draws them in. For unknown reasons, we make eye contact, and then it’s simply natural for me to walk up to her and start talking.

And because I am having such a good time with everyone, I won’t discriminate them against anything. I won’t care about their looks, weight, height, age, etc.

And when I do see a girl that I like and want to talk to, I’ll just barge in and talk to her, without thinking, like I own the place.

I never plan out what I’m going to say, or the route I’m going to take while walking over to her. I just do it.

Depending on how she responds to me, I will carry the conversation from there.

Sometimes her eyes will light up, and I will follow up with light banter. Other times, she is hesitant, shy, and timid, and won’t even give me the time of the day. Either way, as soon as I start the conversation with her, I have material to work with.

Acting on your own “impulses,” rather than thinking about your approach strategically, immediately makes everything you say and do more genuine — which is quite attractive to women.

So the best way to approach a woman is, “whatever works best for you…”

At the end of the day, she’s not going to be angry at you because you tried to have a conversation with her. The only thing she cares about you is your “vibe,” and the fact that you had the audacity (confidence) to approach her in the first place.

So go out today and approach a girl.


P.S. If you want to learn how to overcome your shyness, hesitation, and fears of approaching any women on the streets, cafes, malls, or anywhere else under the sun…

… learn how to captivate her attention, connect with her emotionally, and get her phone number…

… and ask her out on a date, within a week or so…

… then here’s a kick-ass resource for you.

3 Simple Ways To Touch A Girl You Like (And Turn Things “Sexual,” Instantly)!

how to touch a girl

How To Touch A Girl You Like And Get Her Hot And Steamy

I still remember the day when I first understood that it was “normal” to touch girls that you’ve just met on the streets, cafes, and bars. I was at a shopping mall, hanging out alone, when I saw this young redhead, all by herself, doing window shopping.

I approached her and started talking to her.

After just a couple of minutes into the interaction, the little voice inside my head started saying cool stuff to me.

Instead of encouraging me to NOT to touch her, the little voice was goading me on, “Go Abishek, go!”

So that’s what I did…

I hurled my 20-year-old arm around her shoulder and gave her a little squeeze, and said, “You’re cool.” And the rest is history…

So if you’re clueless on how to touch a girl you like and turn things “sexual,” in this article, you’ll find 3 simple (and easy) ways to touch a girl, starting today, which will help establish yourself as a man immediately in her eyes so that you take things on a sexual level, really fast with her:

Here are 3 easy ways to touch a girl you like:

#1 ways to touch a girl: “Touch her hand”

Back in my high school days, I often skipped the hand touch, because when you’re in a college party environment, you really don’t need to go step by step to touch a girl.

But if you’re older — in your 20s or 30s — and you’re in your first date type of situation, then touching her hand is the best way to let her know that you’re sexually interested in her without coming across try hard or a creep.

There are two ways to touch a girl you like. You can either simply grab her hand and start holding it, or, if you want to become more sensual with it, you can put your hand right over hers and interlock your fingers.

And if the girl you’re interacting has tiny hands, tell her that she has a small hand, by saying something like, “Wow, you’ve got really tiny little cute hands!” and then hold it in your hands, and compare them against yours. (Side note: If she has big hands, also known as ‘man hands’ you can skip this tactic!)

Another way to touch a girl is to ask if she’d like to play a thumbs war game, hand slap game, or tell her you to want to give her a hand massage.

#2 ways to touch a girl: “Touch her hair”

This kino escalation tactic is really amazing.

You may probably have heard about a theory that if a girl lets you touch her hair, she’ll let you kiss her too.

Well I have not tested this “theory” to conclude that it’s 100% accurate, but one thing is for certain: Every girl I’ve met in the bars, cafes, metro stations, or malls, who let me touch their hair HAS let me kiss her too, and not a single one of them told me to stay away from their hair.

The only times that women didn’t give me their cheeks were the times that I totally skipped this vital step.

Usually, when I pull to do this kino escalation, I also throw in a cheesy line like, “Wow, is that your real hair or it’s just a wig? Let me check,” or “Damn, I could pet your hair all day, it’s so shiny and soft…” as I start to touch her hair.

While lines such as these may sound corny, but they work like a charm.

#3 ways to touch a girl: “Touch her waist”

This kino escalation move is so potent, I only use it on girls who have given me clear signs that they’re interested, like looking me straight in my eyes while standing close and talking to me for a couple of minutes.

And it is easy to pull off too. You only have to lay your hands — palm and fingers — on her side, slightly above her pelvic bone so that your fingers sort of turn around her behind so that you can pull her just a bit. If you touch her waist this way, it’ll give her a clear signal that you’re not afraid to step up to the challenge and handle your business like a man.

Few things to keep in mind: You must be talking to her in a low voice as you pull off this tactic. In order to do that, you must be standing really close to her so that you can whisper softly into her ear.

But if you’re in a loud club/bar, pull her right in and talk straight into her ear.

Also, make sure to grab her waist with both your hands… she’ll eventually realize that things are about to get fun…

Thanks for reading,


P.S. If you want more ways to touch a girl, then you can grab this (worth $47 free) copy of Rapid Escalation Cheat Sheet, right now, before it is taken away forever…

How To Get Out Of The Friendzone (In 6 Easy Steps)


If you were looking for tips on how to get out of the friendzone, then there must be two reasons for it: maybe you have a girl in your life right now and want to make her your girlfriend, or you simply too asexual — too afraid of your own sexuality — and can’t seem to get her back to your place.

In this post, I’m going to unleash you how to spot the Friendzone signs, how to avoid the friendzone, and how to get out of the friendzone if you’re currently stuck there like a tiger in a cage.


If you hang around with a girl you’re interested in as simply friends, it becomes almost impossible to get her back to your apartment.

And if you’re reading this article, How to get out of the friendzone, it is most likely possible that you imagine her lying on your bed without any clothes, want to kiss her, and obsessively wonder if she feels the same way… and if there is any way of making that happen without getting a rejection.

Here’s the good news: Yes, it is possible.

So let’s get right into the core of the issue, “How to get out of the friendzone?”

In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. How to detect the “friendzone” signs
  2. How to avoid those signs that can plunge you in the friendzone, and finally,…
  3. How to get out of the friendzone

Getting Out Of The Friendzone: “3 BIGGEST Mistakes That Sends You Into The Friend Zone, Almost Overnight!”

Mistake #1 That’ll Get You Friendzoned: “Sending Her Flowers, Too Soon.”

A lot of girls like flowers, because it gets them attention, but not for the reasons you’re hoping — she views you as her romantic partner.

If you send her flowers too soon — within a week or two of meeting her — then she’ll think she has you wrapped around her finger and that you’re a total wuss — eager to please her just to get affection from her.

She might also label you as a creep when you two haven’t even known each other.

When I learning the daytime pickup, 7 years ago, I sent flowers to almost all the girls I met on the streets, cafes, and malls, and they didn’t respond to my romantic feelings for them. I guess all of their vaginas instantly dried up and they never showed up for the second date.

It displays your creepiness to her, displays too much interest too soon, but it’s also really cliche. Instead of doing anything to spike her attraction towards you, you’re just being way too forward and doing something that’ll only boost her ego.

So if you’re thinking about it, don’t do it.

It simply won’t work.

That’s like driving drunk. It’s not a cool move.

If you know someone who wants to send flowers too, barge in, and tells him to not do it and sends him to this article. Really, do something and talk him out of it because it’s not going to turn out well — she’ll immediately throw him in the dreaded “friendzone.”

Mistake #2 That’ll Get You Friendzoned: “Confessing your feelings for her, too early.”

After a year or two into my college, I remember dating a girl I had met on Tinder while casually browsing some profiles that were keen on meeting new people.

She was an attractive girl; just adorable. She told me she was a fitness model. I believed her as she looked so damn gorgeous.

I remember we were both hanging out, having a good time. And even at that time, I knew a lot about the game, not to reveal my interest too soon, I still heard that little voice in my head encouraging me to tell her how cute she was, how awesome she was as a human being, and how I was so lucky to date a girl like her.

I was a bit drunk, but that’s what I told her. As I was pouring my heart out to her, I was secretly hoping she felt the same way about me, because we both were having such a good time.

But just because we were having such a great time together and shared an amazing connection doesn’t mean we let your guard down. Really, we can’t. Why?

Because you cannot make your feelings about her public, too early — especially when you’re on a first few dates with her.

Instead, enjoy the moment and let it be a private moment. But, do not confess about it, because then she’ll immediately label you as a creep and throw you in the friendzone.

Back to one of my first dates…

After about a week or so I emailed her again because, during the date, we both were talking about going on for a hike together, and so I sent her a text saying let’s go on a hike in a few months.

I never heard back from her.

Moral of the story: You can compliment her, to give positive vibes, but you cannot express your deep feelings to her.

If I like her style, you can let her know about it. If you find her funny, let her know. If you find her interesting, let her know that.

I have asbolutely no problem with complementing a girl, letting her know how I like every aspect of her personality.

That’s all fine.

She’ll understand that you’re the type of guy who is confident enough to tell another person when they’re looking fine, or doing well. In fact, you should do this to everyone you meet in general, not just her.

Ideally speaking, it’s a great way to make someone’s day.

So if you’re complimenting her, go on and compliment her with your heart’s desire.

And as you do this, you should be thinking: I want to let her know that I want to bang her, but I don’t want her to know that I want to be her boyfriend. She can’t know that early on.

Think of it like this: You being her boyfriend, that is your trump card. You always keep it in your pocket as long as you possibly can. That’s what she’s not sure if she can have. She knows for sure that you want to sleep with her, but she doesn’t have a clue if you want to be her boyfriend.

The longer you keep your trump card — you being her boyfriend — in your pocket, the more work she’s going to put to win you over, and that’s the position you always want to be in.

Mistake #3 That’ll Get You Friendzoned: “Being too available”

This is another biggest mistake that most guys make, which is just like confessing your feelings, too early.

Being too available, in terms of going out on dates, texting too much, responding to her texts, almost instantly.

I have talked with several women and almost all of them have said, “If a guy replies to my text within 2 minutes of me sending a text, I know he’s been sitting, waiting, and thinking about me.

The best thing you can do to not be so available is to put your phone on silent, back in your pocket. In short, forget about her for a while. Go outside and live your life instead.

Ideally, you don’t want to hover around her like a satellite. Women want you to go out and lead an interesting life, have friends around, do “cool stuff,” have a career that you’re passionate about. That she isn’t the only thing that’s happening in your life right now.

So make yourself busy and a little unavailable, not in a pretentious way though. Put your priorities — your life and interests — above a girl you’re dating with.

Women need something to compete against. It might be your job, or your passion for playing the guitars and sing songs, whatever it is, they simply want to tear you away from it.

Here’s what’s interesting: The moment they manage to tear you away from it, even for a minute, they’ll think “Wow, that was so easy. I’m bored. Let’s move on.

Getting Out Of The Friendzone: “5 Things You Can Immediately Do To Avoid The Friendzone”

Here are 5 things you must always be doing to avoid the dreaded friend zone:

#1 How to get out of the friend zone: “Learn how to flirt with her.”

Most guys end up as “just friends” with a girl because they don’t know how to flirt with a girl properly to create a sexual tension. If you don’t, here’s a killer resource on flirting:

#2 How to get out of the friend zone: “Get physical with her (touch her)”

Another way of quickly letting a woman know that you don’t want to be “just friends” is by getting physical and touching her. The is one of the reasons why you must kiss a girl as soon as possible.

Here are few resources that’ll help you get physical with a girl:

#3 How to get out of the friend zone: “Don’t be too agreeable”

There’s a counter-intuitive statement, “If you want a girl to be your girlfriend, treat her like one of your friend.”

That means you don’t try too hard to impress her, hide your intentions to her, and don’t compromise your values and morals just to please her.

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#4 How to get out of the friend zone: “Express your sexual intention, early on.”

A lot of guys do the exact opposite of this. Most guys hide their sexual interest from a girl, probably thinking that it’s inappropriate and the girl won’t like it. And, they wonder why they’re thrown in the friendzone sinkhole. And the worst will happen: they cannot contain their feelings for a girl and end up confessing their feelings, instead.

They do things like….

  • Tell her how much they like her.
  • That they’re in love with her.

Unfortunately, it NEVER works this way.

Here’s what I advice you to do instead: display your sexual interest to her early on in the interaction.

Don’t know how to display your sexual intent on a girl. Don’t panic. Check these two resources out.

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#5 How to get out of the friend zone: “Take The Lead”

Many guys end up being “just friends” with a girl because they don’t do anything. They simply wait for her approval to make things happen. They think the girl will provide them adventure and entertainment. They simply follow whatever she does.

Here’s what to do instead: Take CHARGE of the interaction instead of leaching off her.

The most powerful secret of avoiding the dreaded friend zone is to create a massive attraction — sexual attraction — right off the bat, not after 1 or 2 months of meeting a girl. If the girl is attracted to you sexually, then there’s almost no way she’ll want to be just friends with you.

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How To Get Out Of The Friendzone?

I get emails from guys almost everyday telling me how they have been going out on a date with a girl or a woman for weeks, or even months… and they still haven’t taken things to the next level — kissed her, or have sex with her. Then they start to tell me all the subtle signs that a girl is giving them that tells them that she’s into them.


Here’s some honest advice for you: If you’ve been going out on a date with a girl for more than 2 weeks, and you still haven’t kissed her, then, obviously, you’ll be certainly thrown in the sinkhole called, the FRIEND ZONE.

Top Friend Zone Signs To Look For

Do you want to know whether or not you’re in the friend zone, fast? A lot of guys like to think that “she’s different” or the situation is different. It’s not.

I have experience to back it up.

I’ve had a number of girls friend zone me… and I’ve also managed to get out of the friend zone a lot of times and actually hook up with the girl who friend zoned me. I brought these same girl back to my apartment.

Here are a few signs that you’re in a friend zone:

  • She talks about other guys to you.
  • She tells she has a lot of other guy friends
  • She is too comfortable around you.
  • There is no sexually aggressive talk. No banter, at all.
  • She doesn’t go out of her way to spend time with you.

Those are a few signs that you’re already in the friend zone. If you notice any of these happening to you right now, then you’ll have to completely rewind your plans and change your approach if you want to get her back to your apartment.

Signs That Women Might Like You

If a woman really likes you more than just a friend, she’ll give you plenty of cues to pick up. Here’s an excellent article on how to tell if a girl likes you.

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

This is the probably the most exciting section of this post that you’ve been dying to read. So you really wanna know the secrets of how to get out of the friend zone.

Before I spill the beans for you, let me tell you what NOT to do:

  • NEVER confess your feelings for her. This will only freak her out. It’ll put a lot of pressure on her, and hardly ever works. So don’t do it.

In the course of several years, I have discovered these simple 6 steps that’ll help you get out of the friend zone immediately, so that you can start to flirt with her again, go in for the kiss, and even get back to your apartment.

Step #1 How to get out of the friendzone: “Break rapport with her.”

You need to break rapport with her, immediately. I know it’s very difficult for some guys to break out of the friend zone, but you don’t realize that you’ve entered into a set routine that usually ends without the two of your flirting, kissing, and having sex back to your/her place.

You need to break that pattern. Got it?

The best way to do this is to DISAPPEAR from her life… just for a little while. Become unavailable to hang out with her. Stop answering her calls right away.

Step #2 How to get out of the friendzone: “Make her jealous”

Make her jealous by hanging out with other girls. If you don’t have other chicks in your life, you can spike up that  jealousy chart in her by cancelling plans with her. When she asks you WHY, just be vague and let her assume that you’ve met somebody new.

Step #3 How to get out of the friendzone: “Change your appearance”

Once you’ve distanced yourself from her for a while, it is very important that you’ve changed some elements of your appearance when she sees you again.

This will make her view you in a different light. And it also allows her to feel attraction for you. Here are few things you can do, immediately: go to the gym, get a nice haircut, get a tan, change your personal style, and improve your posture and body language.

Step #4 How to get out of the friendzone: “Flirt with her, sexually”

Next time you see her, immediately start to tease her and flirt with her.

Step #5 How to get out of the friendzone: “Get physical with her”

Spark that sexual tension with her by starting to touch her again. It can be something simple like touching her back when you’re walking together.

But throughout the night, you should be continuing to build sexual attraction with her by doing things such as holding her hand, placing your hand on her lower back as you walk, getting closer to her.

Step #6 How to get out of the friendzone: “Kiss her”

Listen. If she’s comfortable you touching her, then you’ve got nothing to lose if you go in for the kiss. Either you go in for the kiss and she reciprocates by kissing you back… or you don’t and you head back in the friend zone again, and forever this time.

It’s a small risk you’ll have to take to know for sure whether or not she likes you. Here’s an article I wrote on how to kiss a girl.

Warning: Sometimes, a girl might tell you “What are you doing?” … at this moment you’ll have to stay confident and continue to go after what you want. She might be just testing to see if you’re a real deal.


P.S. If you don’t know exactly how to flirt with a girl and take your interaction to a whole different level — sexual level — then you need to get a hand on this resource called Daytime Pickup: From The Cafes, Malls & Streets To The ‘Bedroom’.

In this book, I give you examples of exactly what to say and do to create sexual attraction immediately. This will help you get out of your friend zone and effortlessly be able to captivate, connect, and seduce a girl.

This book will show you exactly how to interact with a girl in a way that gets her excited to see you again, so that she shows up on dates, and makes it easier for you to kiss her, and take her back to your place.

Why Do Women Like Bad Boys? (6 Insane Reasons WHY)

why do women like bad boys

Why do women like bad boys?

Bad boys are the type of guys a lot of women consider cocky, swaggering, macho, and jerks; the kind of guys who treat women like they can easily be replaced, while women wait in queue eager to get into his bed. Men of all races and background hate these guys, yet women obsess about them, day and night.

Go ask any girl sitting and sipping her drink on the street what she wants from a man, and she might tell you, in vivid detail, that she wants a “nice guy” who is tall, handsome, with a good sense of humour, and who’ll treat her like a lady.

But later in the evening, she’ll contradict herself by falling head over heels trying to “woo” a bad boy — short, ugly, poor, and with no sense of humor — who only uses and abuses her.

Now you must be wondering, It doesn’t make any sense. What’s happening here? Why do girls love bad boys?

Let’s look in close at some of the bad boy personality so that you can also learn how to become bad boy that attracts hordes of women for dates, sex, and adventures:

Your typical “bad boy” always puts himself first; he is cocky and arrogant. He doesn’t care about a woman’s needs, because he’s the sort of a guy who likes to do what he wants to do, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says of him. He acts like a loose cannon and spread his sexuality wherever he goes.

In no way, he’s a “nice guy” that most girls settle — marry — with, and he treats women badly — he, often, uses women for sex and leaves her for another.

Although these are all his negative characteristics, yet women go completely crazy about these “creeps.” Why? Well, now, of course, no woman likes to be so openly used and be abused, so there must be some other “secrets” that are working on his behalf.

To find the answer, we have to look at the positive personalities of a bad boy:

WHY Do Women Like Bad Boys?

A “bad boy” is extremely masculine, confident, and independent, by nature. To most women, all these key bad boy personalities — especially the third, confidence — are an aphrodisiac. The only problem here is his confidence sort of takes a form of a selfish arrogance.

But women respond to these bad boys types on a purely “emotional level.”

Just like men are turned ON by a woman’s feminine qualities, so do to women respond to men’s masculinity — and the bad boy personality seems to have it in buckets. So what’s really happening deep down here is that she’s having a gut reaction to his masculine energy and confidence, and is totally blind to everything else.

So if you can learn how to take the “negative traits” of a bad boy and flip them in a more positive direction to make them work for you, you can too learn how to be a bad boy, without actually being mean, selfish, arrogant, and abusive.

This way, you can still show your “gentleman side” — kind, enthusiastic, and warm — to her without being an abusive jerk.

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6 Reasons Why Do Girls Love Bad Boys (The Wolverine Powers Jerks Have Over Girls)

Here are a few changes you can do to immediately bring out that bad boy characters:

Reason #1. How to become bad boy: “Be Fearlessly Independent”

In other words, act as if you don’t need a woman, or her approval, to be happy. Act as if you can easily get any woman you desire, and she can easily be replaced, because you’re already living your life to the fullest — following your passions and dreams and interests.

You also never change WHO YOU ARE as a person just to please her, hoping she might feel for you on you and go back to your apartment.

Rather, get sucked in your interests — your hobbies, passions, and dreams — and make plenty of time for male stuffs — hitting the gym, joining a new and challenging sport, hanging out with other alphas, and starting your own business, among other things that empowers you and make you a happy person, without her in your life.

Over time, you’ll create a killer attitude, “This is what/who I am and if you like it, cool. If not, then please leave.”

Just do it. She’ll always respect you for it.

Reason #2. How to become bad boy: “Be Emotionless/Indifferent”

Be emotionless and do NOT show to her that you “care.” Have a “poker face” at all the time when you’re around her. Remain mysterious and not let her know what’s going on in your mind. Keep them guessing.

Also, talk very little about you. And, when you finally do, make sure you have a purpose behind what you have to say. Don’t volunteer information. You only give her when she asks.

Reason #3. How to become bad boy: “Don’t Take Any Bullshit”

Refuse to take any “bullshit” from anyone, including the ladies. If she tries to test you, don’t cave in — instead, tell her to GROW UP. Do not be afraid to say “no.” Stand your ground, and if needed, be willing to walk away.

Stop pedestalising her. You make relationship rules, not hers. If you don’t agree what she says or does, just be blatant about it — don’t be that “nice guy” (aka Mr Nice Guy) in hopes of getting into her pants. And if she says she doesn’t like it, simply let her go.

Reason #4. How to become bad boy: “Light YOUR Fire”

Bad boys embrace their sexuality, and they’re confident lovers. So don’t be afraid to let your natural masculine sexuality come out and shine.

Well, this, of course, doesn’t mean that you should go around checking out her boobies all day, but you should be totally comfortable and confident looking into her eyes and let her know that you’re sexually attracted towards her, not hiding it, without becoming a pawing asshole.

And when you finally step up the challenge, make sure you know what you’re doing in the bedroom.

Reason #5. How to become bad boy: “Make Yourself Rare (Irreplaceable)”

For women, men who are readily available are quite “boring.” Bad boys are fiercely independent — they aren’t hanging around a woman or a girl desperately, hoping to get attention from her.

Remember: Women always want what they can’t have, so be that guy — busy and scarce. By unpredictable. Be a mystery. Be a challenge — let her do all the legwork to get you. You are the “prize,” not her.

Reason #6. How to become bad boy: “Turn ON The Confidence Switch!”

Bad boys always know — or at least, assume — that every woman wants to be with them.

They do not have any “insecurities” when it comes to attracting women they desire. They think they’re “a great catch,” who needs to be “wooed” and “pleased,” instead of the other way round, like a lot of “nice guys” — “beta” males — do.

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2 Deadly “Nice Guy” Traits To Avoid, Starting From Today!

1. Don’t be “too nice” with girls.

Do not agree with women all the time. Do not entertain her, or serve her. Do not pay just to get her attention. Bad boys don’t even think about doing all these things. Doing these things will only make you look like someone who is “weak” and “wussy.”

2. Be decisive and don’t hesitate when talking.

Make a decision to approach her and talk to her. And once you’ve made that decision, do not second guess yourself. Voice your opinions on things that you believe in and do not worry about what other people think.

Yeah, all of the people in the world might call these bad boys “jerks,” while it might be somewhat true, but these guys can still teach the average guy about attracting women.

Simply by observing some of these bad boy characteristics in action, you can too learn how to be a bad boy without sacrificing your nice qualities

Even you might not look like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, you can still attract hordes of women and around your arms simply by oozing male sexuality, confidence, and independence.

Thanks for reading,

Abishek 🙂

P.S. If you’d like to overcome your shyness, hesitation, and nice guy personality traits, and be able to effortlessly meet, captivate, connect, and date more women on the Streets, cafes, malls, or anywhere else Under the sun, in just 30 days (or your money back gurantee), then…

… here your link to a kick-ass resource.