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As a salesperson, I have learned one key thing....


Here's something a lot of dating experts will NEVER tell you: the sooner you move in for the kill, the higher the chances of her going out on a date with you.

Most guys have this wrong mindset burned in the back of their mind: be respectful to a girl, show to her that you're a "nice guy," and "wait" long enough to make your move so as not to come across as a jerk, who's "only after sex."

But all of that bullcrap is dead-wrong!

Here's an awful truth: the longer you "talk" to a girl, without making your "move" on her -- touching her, going for a kiss, or letting her know in anyway that you're sexually interested in her -- the higher the chances of her delivering that infamous "let's just be friends" speech when you finally summon up the courage to do so.



Has a girl ever told you, "You know, you're a nice guy... BUT <insert whatever excuse you can think of> and I'd rather be happy that we're just friends?"

​That sucks, doesn't it? Yes, it does.

But do you want to know what sucks even more​?

​She did NOT put you into the dreaded "friendzone." In fact, you put yourself into that "friendzone" ​... by the way you acted towards her.

​She gave all the "signs" to you to make your move, but you didn't pay attention to any ​one of them.

​And, ​you completely blew it.

​She wanted you to make a move on her, touch her, and even make her so horny and aroused so that she could follow you back to your apartment on the first date. She gave all the possible signs an sexually interested girl could ever give to "close the deal" and take things to your bedroom, but you didn't take any action. And then, she left.

​Wanna Know
In The Dreaded "Friendzone"?


He acts extra "nice" to her because he's worried she might get upset and leave.


He creates too much rapport (connection) with her that it becomes almost impossible to "close the deal."


He turns into an "average frustrated chump," or AFC, whenever he's around her.


And, after hiding his feelings for months, he finally summons up the courage to break it and confess to her how much he likes her.

She was "rooting" for you.

​But my best guess is that you probably spent the entire evening being "nice" with her, looking for the "green light" that would indicate you it was okay to pull the trigger. ​And you probably didn't know how to turn "friendly" (get-to-know-you) type of conversation into a fun, playful, and sexual banter that immediately gets any girl's panties wet and has her all worked up and excited that she is left with no other choice but to beg you to lean in closer and land a good kiss on her round lips.

​And, you probably spent the whole night talking to her about NOTHING, and wind up getting NOTHING.


​Or maybe, you got a pathetic peck on the cheek, and then you convinced yourself that she was NOT interested in you... even though she was.

STOP Putting Yourself In The "Friendzone," Dude.


​By now, I assume you understand pretty clearly why getting a girl attracted to you means NOTHING unless and until you learn how to switch things to a more "intimate-level" with her, right?

​The ability to easily transition a "safe," "friendly," and "normal" conversation to a much more "sexual" with a girl is what separates average Joes, who waste an entire night talking to her about mundane stuffs and getting nothing in return...  from all the "Don Juans," who can walk up to any beautiful girl, captivate her attention, and immediately build an unbreakable "sexual tension" before getting her back to his bedroom.


​Staring at you with those lusty and longing eyes? Standing so close to you that you could feel her breath at your ears and down your spine? Looking at your lips lustfully, practically making you tremble at your feet? ​Filled with so much desire and lust that if you didn't make any move on her -- touch her, or plant a good kiss on her -- her panties would slip off her legs at any moment?

​If you really do NOT have any idea how to unleash this "animalistic desire" in a woman...

​do NOT worry though. That's what this report is all about. ​the help is on your way.

Back To Your Bed

I've spent over 7+ years to create this special report for you where you're going to learn 3 simple steps that'll help you transit a conversation from "friendly" to "sexual" -- getting a kiss, "closing the deal," and getting her back to your apartment -- in less than an hour, or your money back guarantee.

In this amazing report, I'll show you how to immediately display your "sexual side" to her so that she views you as someone who is extremely comfortable with sex... and someone who knows how to tease a woman in the bed, and sexually turn her on.

So, even if you've never kissed a girl before, or you're still a virgin, and you're completely "nuts" about how to turn interactions sexual, these 3 simple steps that I'm about to unleash to you in this special report will make things easy.


This 35-page report is jam-packed with everything I've learned so far about how to turn on a woman, sexually, and "close the deal"... into a 20-minute read.

No fluffs. No bullshit.

​Only raw, practical information and 3 simple steps that you need to know to bring girls back to your apartment every weekend from now.

HERE'S ​What You'll
Discover In This Report...

  • check
    How to let a girl know you're "sexually interested" in her... ​WITHOUT being "weird,​" "creepy," or "desperate."
  • check
    How a woman will make up her mind about going back to your apartment just after the first few minutes of having a conversation with you and what are the "clues" she looks for.
  • check
    "Get Her Wet In Between Her Legs" How to build massive amounts of sexual tension as soon as you enter into a conversation with any woman.
  • check
    One biggest mistake almost all clueless guys make that make them wind up in the friendzone, and one minor change in your approach that ensures she never again sees you as "just a friend."
  • check
    How to use "playful games" into your interactions with her to get her comfortable with you touching her.
  • check
    "8-​Point ​Seduction Guide" If you have trouble making your move even after you sense she's into you, then you can use this 8-point seduction guide to easily flick the switch from flirting and teasing to rolling around naked on your bed.
  • check
    "​The Chemistry Test" Not sure if there's a sexual connection between the two of you? You can use 'the chemistry test" -- a simple yet 'discreet' move -- that'll help you immediately tell you if there's a sexual connection between the two of you, taking the "guesswork" out of the equation to go in for the kiss.
  • check
    The 5 Biggest ​Mistakes that most guys make when interacting with women that have every woman immediately disqualify them as a sexual guy (these are the same 5 key reasons why she friendzoned you in the first place).
  • check
    "The R-Rated Switch" If you're not sure how to turn a conversation sexual, you can use "the r-rated switch" to slip a few words into your interaction with her and make her think about you in a sexual way, and then get her to focus those sexual feelings on you.
  • check
    "The ​Toying ​Stare" A simple move you can use today that immediately moves things from "safe" and "boring" to "sexual" even without uttering a word.
  • check
    Why, as a man, you're 100% responsible for taking things to the next level -- take her back to your apartment (but if you're simply waiting for her to give you signs of interests to make your move -- you're basically telling her that you're an inexperienced pussy.)
  • check
    15 "​R-​rated" words you can immediately slip into your interactions with any girl to get her mind racing back and forth with sensual thoughts.
  • check
    Examples of how you can move a conversation from friendly to sexual using the 3 ​Simple ​Steps ​to ​Sex System.
  • check
    "Make My Mind For Me syndrome" How to take advantage of the fact that most women actually do not have any clue as to what they really want and are looking forward to a guy to tell them what to do next, which I call "make my mind for me boy syndrome."
  • check
    My all-time "favourite" compliment that drives women wild.
  • check
    "Sexualized Persona" How to establish a sexualized persona so that any woman will immediately view you as a man she'd enjoy sleeping with.
  • check
    How to strike up a conversation in such a way that it's constantly moving towards a more "sexual realm."
  • check
    "Escalate the ​Flirtation" How to flip the switch on and converse with a woman who was the only sort of interested into you and make her obsessed about you and slipping off her panties and throwing her down on her bed.
  • check
    "The Sexy Handshake" Use the sexy handshake tactic revealed in this report immediately after a few minutes into the interaction with any woman and make her thinking sexual thoughts about you for the rest of the evening.
  • check
    "Stacking the ​Deck" ​How to create an offer she can't refuse.
  • check
    How to use "stereotyping" to your advantage and have women choosing you out of a crowd of guys.
  • check
    Why you must develop the "​Expectancy ​Attitude" and assure you're going to get her


Credit For The System.

Because I did not invent any of these mindsets, tactics, or strategies in this method. In fact, I stole everything from naturals who were always closing the deal (guys I used to secretly resent until I realized instead of being a "hater" I should be an "imitator.")

So one fine day while sipping our beers, I and my friends sat around together and we reverse engineered every "sexual guy" we've come into contact over the years. And we analyzed, dissected, and tested all the characteristic traits and mindset until we discovered a list of the commonalities. And then we added our own personal experiences as pickup artists to finally develop this one-of-a-kind system. 

Do ​NOT let the price (or size) fool you. You could download this entire report and read the entire lesson in less than an hour and arm yourself with information that is based on years of practice and research.

Trust me when I say this, it's truly the best of the best out there, and the method is simple and ​FAST to learn so that you can read, and apply these new mindsets into your interactions with the ladies, starting today, not after months.

Get Scalped

There's an old saying in life: "Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper." Just think about that for a while before you decide to go out and try this on your own.

You can continue living through your life in your old way of trying to close the deal, but my best bet is that you'll continue to get scalped. On the other hand, just imagine how easier and faster it'll be just to get girls back to your apartment when you're using these proven 3 simple steps that hordes and hordes of "pioneers" have been using from ages through years and years of trial and error?

  • check
    ​​You do ​​​NOT have to say as much or try as hard as to keep her "hooked in" you to talk with you.
  • check
    ​You can ​TRIPLE your chances of dates that end up going back to your place... instead of leaving the date with a simple peck on your cheek.
  • check
    ​​​You'll be able to walk in the room full of girls with a "relaxed confidence" knowing that you're going to spark a girl's interest and have her be hungry to know more about you.
  • check
    ​​You'll be getting laid night booty calls from girls who know you "get it" and aren't worried about you getting clingy, awkward, or weird.
  • check
    ​​You'll be sending off that "sexual vibe" that has any girl horny and anxious just to go back to your place.


Only ​$7

I'm only charging for this guide for a few reasons:

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    ​$​​7 ​puts the report within reach of the vast majority of guys. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginner.
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    It's really important. I want you to truly have this and skyrocket your chances of getting her back to your place. So why I ain't giving this report for free? Well, because I figured that anyone who is even a little bit serious about getting better results with women will at least invest $̶7̶ $3 (50% Off) into this system and take the time to use the mindsets laid out inside.
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    ​And anyone who is not even serious enough to put down the price of a fast food burger and buy this training, I really can't even understand, and you probably wouldn't be dedicated enough to make the changes anyway.

So if you're thinking ​$​​7 ​why so cheap? What's the catch?

No hidden fees.

No ​memberships.

​None of them.

I'm selling this manual for ​$​7 for one simple reason: to filter out those guys on my email list who aren't serious about making the change. (If you're unwilling to spend at least ​$​7 for a chance that'll dramatically improve your chances with quality women in your life then you probably should NOT be even on this page.)

But if you're serious about getting more girls back to your apartment (and not end up in the dreaded friendzone), and if you'd like to try TODAY click the "Buy Now" button below. But if you just need to justify the expense, skip going to Starbucks or McDonald's once this week and it's paid for.

​Here's My Simple
​You'll ​​ADORE It Guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you think my training isn't the best ​$​7 ​you've ever spent just send me an email and I'll gladly refund your whole ​$​7​.

It's simple if you're not closing the deal more often, getting more kisses, and more sex... you get all your money back.

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I can't emphasis the time-sensitiveness of this offer enough.

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bonus #1: free report
Rapid Escalation 'Secrets'


If you talk with a girl and you do NOT make your move -- touch her or kiss her -- you'll be one step closer to landing in the dreaded "friendzone." It is so important that you make your move on her as soon as possible, not one week later.

This 9-page report will show you the secrets and strategies I've learned to make move on any girl -- making that first kiss -- as quickly as possible.

Here's something you might not have known before: Once a girl kisses you, she convinces herself she must like you. So even if she was initially not sure of you -- after you get that first kiss from her, shell starts imagining you as a "boyfriend material."

Most guys screw this almost all the time and "wait" for her to give them "signs" before making their move... wrong, wrong, wrong.

This report shows how to touch or kiss a woman, in a step-by-step manner.

bonus #2: free report
How To 'Flirt' ​With A Girl​


As a confidence/social charisma coach, I've noticed that most guys have one key issue: "What do I talk about with women?"

If you have been going out and socializing and spending some time improving your dating life then it is most likely that you've faced the awkward silences and running out of things to say, and that you're wrecking your brains out trying to find interesting conversation topics that are not "boring" at all.

I call this the "What do I talk about" syndrome.

And this problem arises from the fact that most guys don't know what topics make up for good conversation that "sparks" ATTRACTION. Now, of course, you probably already know by now that "interview type" topics NEVER leads to attraction.

So what topics will actually help build attraction in women?

You need a collection of topics that you can use at moment's notice lets you remain in control of the conversation. If you can come up with a steady stream of "sexy topics" to talk about... you'll be much more "confident" and the fear of facing awkward silences and running out of things to say will disappear eventually... and then you'll naturally find yourself talking to more women than you've in the past.

In this 13-page report, I'll reveal to you the "actual topics" that generate attraction in a woman to you.

This is a VERY limited
bonus as you can see below:





$7 Limited Time Only

1000 - 2000


​2000 ​And Over


​Price Today: ​ ̶$̶4̶7̶  ​ ̶$̶2̶7̶  ​ ̶$̶​̶1̶7̶

​Just $7​


​It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking you're got it all figured out. But here's the thing... Most of what you probably expect to work WON'T. And most of what you think would never work... WORKS.

​But here's the thing: what you've been programmed to believe about women, sexuality, and attraction is DEAD WRONG. And if you keep following your 'old way' of doing things you're going to keep getting your old results.

When you're offered the solution for just ​$​7​, you'd be pretty dumb not to grab it.

​Either give up on this entire idea, or get this training, otherwise you're sure to make mistakes, in areas you haven't even thought of yet.

This ​$​7 ​Training is the only thing standing between you and the attitude that draws women in like flies on honey.


​Price Today: ​ ̶$̶4̶7̶  ​ ̶$̶2̶7̶  ​ ̶$̶​̶1̶7̶

​Just $7​

​P.S. Remember, there is more real actionable information in this Training than you'll get reading a dozen books, the systems inside the report has worked for other people just like you, it's 100% guaranteed so you can't possibly lose money. It's a no brainer.

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