How To Turn Her ON Without Touching Her (Or Saying A Word)!

How to Instantly Escalate Women… (Without Getting Afraid)
How to Instantly Escalate Women… (Without Getting Afraid)

Most guys fear to reveal their interest in a woman and as a result, get stuck in the “attraction phase.”

They do this because they’ve been brainwashed by a lot of so-called dating/seduction experts that attraction and seduction are two separate things. That you need to build attraction first and try to seduce a girl second.

Personally, I DO NOT believe that’s true.

I believe that these two phases are happening at the same time. In fact, I believe the fastest and the most effective seductions are happening at the same time.

Here’s a killer mindset you need to internalize: escalation is an attractive quality.

In fact, escalation is the key factor in getting a woman interested in you in the first place.

Making a bold move, particularly only after a couple of minutes into the interaction displays confidence and instantly makes a woman notice YOU.

So you must be wondering, “How to build an escalation vibe?”

Rapid escalation is not about groping or catcalling a woman as she walks by you. In fact, it’s the opposite: rather than playing the “verbal game (giving her compliments, for e.g.) and “physical game” (touching her) on her, you focus on building your, what I like to call, “escalation vibe.”

What do I mean by this?

By “escalation vibe” I mean the tone of your interaction has to quickly shift from being “friendly” and “social” to being more “flirty, “serious,” and “seductive.”

Here are a few examples of “escalation vibe”:

Holding a long and seductive eye contact with her.
Moving really close in her space.
Being comfortable with silence.

Simply by placing a little bit of “seductive vibe,” you can create A LOT of tension, which can be felt as “sexual tension” — a sexual chemistry felt by a man and a woman.

Being “creepy” vs building a connection

The sexual tension you build through your “seductive vibe” is quite similar to the physical symptoms (blushing, heart beating fast, and feeling nervous) she feels when she is interested in a man.

On the other hand, if she doesn’t like your “vibe,” she’ll interpret the tension as being awkward, and she might look at you with a “you are creepy” look on her face.

So if you want to be a true seducer, not an entertainer, there’s a small chance of this happening — you being labelled as creepy. But don’t panic. If she doesn’t like your vibe, she’ll only reject you non-verbally and you can go and seduce another woman.

Remember, you didn’t confess your feelings to her nor you tried to kiss her and failed.

On the other hand, if she has some ATTRACTION in you, the tension you create will make her gravitate towards you even more. That’s when you shift gears from being a “sort of interesting guy” to an “extremely sexy” guy… within a matter of seconds.

“So how to escalate with a woman?” you wonder.

It’s easy, if you know how: Instead of displaying your interest verbally (storytelling or complimenting her) or physically (trying to kiss her), you display your interest THROUGH YOU VIBE.

If you do it correctly, the sexual tension will automatically start to build itself, and if she’s already interested in you, she’ll want to release that tension soon (she “secretly” hopes that you’re feeling this non-verbal connection, too, and not only her).

Here’s how to release some of her tension: grab and then caress her hand.

If you haven’t already touched her, the first time you touch her hand creates a fire of passion, which can make her to caress your hand, too. It’s just like when you first touched a woman’s hand and you both immediately felt a powerful physical connection.

Seducing her “non-verbally”

Many dating/seduction “experts” advise you on escalating either verbally or physically. For instance, they’ll ask you to touch her A LOT, tease her A LOT, and then go in for the kiss close.

But, I think it’s even more powerful to escalate with seductive eye gaze, proximity, and silence… than anything, you could ever say verbally or do physically. In fact, it can backfire.

For example, touching her A LOT can decrease sexual tension because she already knows your intentions.

Now, I know that a lot of guys out there still see escalation as this scary moment of truth where they’ve got to put it all on the line.

But, here’s the good news: escalating the vibe is quite easy to do and 100% risk-free, verbally. Plus, you only need to be a little bit more silent, listen, and enjoy the AMAZING women who’re right in front of you.

Now doesn’t that sound something any man can do?

Go out and make it happen



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