How To Pass Women’s Tests (With These 6 Ninja Tactics)


If you’ve approached and talked with women, chances are you’ve most likely been “shit tested.A shit test is a test that women throw at men so that they can immediately figure out whether or not you’re worthy of their time.

The moment you open your mouth to speak to her, she wants to right away, whether you’ll step to the challenge, like a real man, or run away with your tail between your legs.

Do women test men?

Subconsciously, a woman is looking for a CONFIDENT man who understands what tests are.

So veiw shit tests as a small bump on the road. If you manage not to get bothered about it, then you’ll quickly move to the kingdom of attractive women and lots of sex.

How women test men examples

Shit tests can take the form of questions, statements, and bad behaviours.

Let’s look at each of them, separately…

1) A question

For example, you say something to her, and she might say,

  • “Do you always use the same line with all the women?”
  • “Why are you talking to me?”
  • “Can you hold this bag while I talk to my friend on the phone?”

And, sometimes, she could even ask you a question to put you down, or simply to make fun of you.

For example, she might say,

  • “Why are you wearing that weird t-shirt?”
  • “Why do you always forget to do that?”

Tests can also take the form of…

2) A statement

… which could be asking for a favour or a demand.

For example, she could ask,

  • “Go buy me a drink.”
  • “Take me for shopping.”

Or, it could also be a blow-off like,

  • “I’m waiting for someone right now.”
  • “I’m not interested.”

And, shit tests can also be in the form of…

3) A bad behaviour

For example, you’re talking to this girl and she starts to flirt with other guys. She might even kiss other guys just to see how you’ll react to all that.

So now you understand WHY it’s really CRUCIAL to pass these tests? Yeah, you need to pass these shit tests… so that you can also have as much sex as you want in life.

You see, women shit tests guys all the time just to know if they have what it takes to make it happen.

Yeah, that’s right.

That’s what women really want YOU to DOmake it happen. Even if there is not a possibility of a future relationship with her, she wants to immediately know if you have what it takes to make it happen.

Here are few tactics you can immediately apply in your interactions with women to pass almost every shit tests she throws at you like a real man and quickly establish yourself as a man who can make it hapen:

Tactic #1: “Always Be Control Of Your Emotions”

Here’s what I mean by when I say you must always be control of your emotions.

  • You must NOT take her tests personally and act like a wounded animal.
  • You must continue interacting with her as if nothing has happened.
  • You must NOT show her how she’s hurt your feelings.

You have to take it for what it is — a shit test, which is nothing but just a minor bump on the road to plenty of sex.

Here’s the mindset to adopt: “Okay, this is simply a ‘test.’ I am ready for this. Not a problem. It’s easy and I can handle this. I am completely indifferent about what she just said.”

By thinking like this, you immediately become more relaxed and “IN THE MOMENT” in your interaction. Plus, it helps you to come up with ‘witty’ things to say and make the interaction even more EXCITING and FUN.

In our free banter line report (link below), I’m going to reveal to you all kinds of ‘witty’ and bold things to say, and different techniques you can apply in ANY situation. b, they’re very easy-to-learn and apply in your daily interactions with women.

Tactic #2: “Selective Hearing Turnaround”

This is an important lesson to learn.

Basically, she can say whatever she wants to, BUT…

… you ONLY hear it (or interpret it) WHATEVER you want to hear (or happen), and then, respond to her. This proves that you’re an alpha male — one of the strongest and masculine men that she’s been dying to meet.

Here’s an example: A simple technique that demonstrates how you can turnaround whatever she says and responds it back to her.

Her: “I would NEVER go out on a date with you?”
You: “You ALWAYS want to go out on a date with me? Wow, that’s creepy.”

Easy, wasn’t it? There was NOTHING to memorize.

You use whatever she says to you, and you say it back to her. To pull this off, you’ll have to be listening to her. You’ll have to be present ‘in the moment,’ not thinking about WHAT to say next. You can’t be in your head.

You simply listen to what she says, and she’ll tell you exactly what to say to her.

A powerful technique, isn’t it?

She’ll most likely think, “Wow. This guy gets it.”

Tactic #3: “Arousal Turnaround”

You can take the previous technique a little further by taking whatever she says to you and TURNING it around into something that’s arousing you.

For example, if she says,

  • “Oh, you looked like a hungry pig… hitting all those girls.”

You interpret everything she says as what she actually wants to do — i.e. talk dirty to you, make you horny, and eventually sleep with you at her place.

By responding like this, your prove her that you really know what you want and that you’re that kind of guy.

You’re still going to see whether you actually go out with her because I always want you to have a choice.

But at least, you’ll have that choice, because you’ll have blown through that test. You’ll have decimated that test.

You’ll have overcome it to such an extent, that she’ll just do whatever you please with her.

Tactic #4: “Sexual Question Interpretation”

If she asks you a question, you interpret that question as something ‘sexual.’

For example, she might ask whatever anything, but your response could be something like, “So, you’re asking to have sex with you at your place?”

You interpret her question as her wanting to do something with you, and you accuse her of it.

Basically, you’re creating your own interpretation.

You can even respond with a statement, like:

“Look, if you really want to make out (or have sex) with me in the bathroom (at your place), why don’t you just come out and say it.”

You’re actually saying what’s really true. She wouldn’t be talking with you if she was not interested in you.

You’re proving her that you know WHAT she actually wants. So throw it out there.

So, I guess by now, you’ve understood the turnaround, which is basically just the opposite of what she says.

  • You’ve got, “Are you asking me to _________________?”
  • And, “Look, if you really want to ________________, just come out and say.”

By saying these statements, you’re pretty much implying, “Look, we’re both adults, don’t beat around the bush. Just come out and say what you really mean, and let’s get over with all these other nonsense!”

Tactic #5: “The Reprimand”

Be stern with women to pass her test, but with a smirk 😉 on your face, to let her know, subtly, that you’re willing to STAND UP for yourself.

So no matter what she says to you, you respond her by saying,

  • “Don’t you dare talk to me like that again!”
  • “I don’t like the tone of your voice. Change it immediately.”

Women LOVE being told what to do and super attracted to a man who’s brave enough to do it!

They’ll instantly comply and do whatever you want.

Tactic #6: “Own, Amplify, and Ignore”

This technique is super powerful. I call it “Own, Amplify, and Ignore.”

It’s when a girl is accusing you of some kind of bad behaviour like hitting on lots of chicks.

So the first thing you’ll do is agree with her, by saying something like…

“Yes, you’re right.”

Then you amplify it by saying, “It’s worse than that,”

… and you ignore her and move on.

Own, amplify, and ignore.

A very powerful concept to apply in your daily interactions with the ladies. If you apply it correctly, OF COURSE, you’ll make yourself irresistible to women.

Thanks for reading


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