How To Make Small Talk Much More Fun, Playful, And Flirtatious (20 Creative Ways)!


Making small talk isn’t so difficult, making it playful, fun, and flirty is.

When it comes to meeting, connecting, and dating women, most men seem to have one big problem: learning how to make small talk.

Making small talk isn’t so difficult, making it playful, fun, and flirty is.

So let me ask you one thing: can you make small talk playful, fun, and exciting, or do you often end up talking about friendly — aka boring — topics when you’re out on a date with a girl or a woman you like?

If you don’t have a clue how to make small talk interesting for either of you both, then let me break down the process for you so that you can effortlessly learn how to make small talk in a way that is both fun, exciting, and playful, not boring and dull.

First of all, you need to know…

1. What type of small talk women find dull and boring.

And then you need to know…

2. What type of small talk women find playful, fun, and exciting.

Once you understand these two important things, I will then give you 20 amazing tips to help you learn how to make small talk with a girl or a woman you like.

So, let’s dive deep into the topic.

1. How to make small talk: “What type of small talk women find dull and boring.”

a) Women dislike awkwardness.

Most women do not like small talk that seem awkward or forced. A woman will avoid making small talk with you if she feels you’re nervous, insecure, and shy. And if she isn’t excited to keep the conversation flowing with you, then making small talk with her is going to be much more difficult for you.

b) Women loath “interview type” small talk.

Interview type small talk is when you keep on asking her one question after another about safe topics — her career, school, hometown, family, which can go stale pretty fast.  And if she senses you’re not even listening to her resposes, it will make her feel bored very fast. Nothing puts women off more than someone who likes to play pretend and doesn’t even know how to hold a conversation, but just keeps on asking one question after another just to keep the conversation going.

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c) Women don’t like uncomfortable silences.

While women do love brief silences in between the interaction, but if you start to hear birds chirping when you two are having conversation, it is because she is starting to get bored. So you must learn how to make small talk in a way that makes her glued to you.

  • Best tips to avoid awkward silences during small talk

d) Women feel uncomfortable with small talk topics that make them feel angry or have ill feelings towards something.

While women absolutely love the idea of injecting a playful banter in between the conversation, just to make it fun, exciting, and interesting, talking about sensitive topics — politics and religion — might end up developing a feeling of resentment between the two of you, which could have easily been prevented had you only stuck to some of the good conversation starters that we’ll be talking about below.

Now if you why all these common issues could easily pop up during an interaction with other people — including attractive women — only if you knew how to make small talk correctly, you really can’t blame a girl or a woman for not falling in head over heels for an insecure, weak, and boring dork who can’t seem to keep a conversation playful, fun, and sexy.

I mean, you gotta ask yourself: would I enjoy these type of conversation yourself?

Of course, you would not.

With that pointers in mind, now let’s now understand…

2. How to make small talk: “What type of small talk women find interesting, fun, and playful?”

a) Women love having “interesting” small talks.

In this post, I have given you 12 good conversation starters that you can easily use in your interaction with a girl to open her up to you and connect with her, emotionally. Some of the topics include food, music, observations about her, childhood memories, and traveling. And if you’re interested, click this link to find the best conversation starters to help you learn how to make small talk.

b) Women love small talk that hooks them, emotionally.

Women love emotions, and they absolutely go nuts over a guy who makes small talks about topics they love — their childhood memories, traveling experiences, and music preferences, because it instantly takes them to a blissful place from where they absolutely have no desire to return back: an emotional state. And as both of you are in that slightly emotionally charged state, then connecting with her emotionally becomes way easier than you could have imagined.

c) When the conversation topics are geared towards what’s happening “in the moment.”

When you can make comments, jokes, and smart observations about what happening in and around your surrouding, and make her laugh about it too, you connect with her on a whole different level than most guys could ever do.

You can stay “in the moment” by making random observations about the surrounding you both share, or you can make observations about her, not you, and make her feel special. You probably know this fact from your friends at school or college: women love talking about themselves. It places focus on her, and any guy who can do that is always on the top of their mind, and heart.

d) Women love when you seem confident, relaxed, and playful throughout the whole interaction.

Plus, they love when a guy calls all the shots — aka leads the interaction, instead of always asking her questions or waiting for her to begin, because women adore guys who take charge. They don’t want the burden of keeping the conversatoin flowing.

e) Women love to hear/tell stories.

A good story hooks almost everyone you’ll ever meet on the streets, bars, cafes, or anywhere else under the sun. So instead of just memorizing boring facts, tell engaging stories — about your recent travel to a remote island, or how you went from rags to riches — that spikes up all her emotions, almost without trying. (And if you haven’t already, check out this excellent post on how to tell an engaging story that’ll hook almost anyone)

3. How To Make Small Talk: “Some Examples of Great Small Talk”

Most guys could do favours for themselves if they know how to start a conversation with a girl or a woman they like, and then immediately transition into making small talk that creates attaction in a woman.

But this is what usually happens: Most guys have conversation with a girl or a woman in such a way that it makes her feel bored, making her want to make a quick exit and search for the next dude in the corner near the bar who know how to make her feel laugh, excited, and all steamy.

I have given enough daytime pickup coaching to enough guys to know that most guys would literally stand up frozen if they were asked to say a simple “Hi” to an attractive blonde girl sitting next to them. Or, they’ll start to sweat and get so nervous that they end up coming across as a geek.

Women want to hang out with a man who can smoothly steer the small talk along a path that feels playful, flirty, and fun.

In short, mastering the art of making small talk involves being effortlessly fun, playful, and flirtatious, at anytime, and anywhere. And to help you achieve this feat, I am going to let you in to my 20 all time good ways to make small talk so that you can too make any girl swoon over you, almost overnight.

4. How To Make Small Talk: “20 Excellent Tips For Making Small Talk “Playful,” “Flirtatious,” And “Fun.”

1. Make statements. 

When interacting with women, rather ask her tons of questions after questions, focus on making statement and expressing your ideas, opinions, and views on different topics.

2. Focus your attention on her.

Make observations about her style, personality, or your initial impression of her.

3. Do NOT over-compliment her.

A lot of newbies like to shower a girl or a woman with complients, hoping that she won’t leave the interaction, and continue having a conversation. If you’ve been that dude in the past, now’s the time to put a hold to that non-sense.

Overcomplimenting a girl can make her feel that you’re the type of guy who can’t think of anything else to say to other human being to build attraction. This type of behaviour will not only bore her, but it will also land you straight to the dreaded friendzone.

4. Play games with her.

Find a way to play little games with her. In my free report, Small Talk Method, I have listed three really engaging games to hook her interest, almost in a blink of an eye. 😉

5. Keep it light and interesting.

Keep the conversation topics focused around things like travel, observations, childhood memories, interests, passions, or unusual stories.

6. Flirt.

Learn how to flirt with women; learn how to banter with them, which will make small talk really sexy.

7. Own it.

If you ever face an awkward silence or run out things to say when you’re talking to that hottie, instead of pretending it’s not happening — women can easily tell if you’re faking or not, anyway — simply make a joke about it like, “Oh la la, didn’t we just ran into our first uncomfortable silence. But don’t not worry about it. We’ll get through it in no big time.”

8. Try being cocky and funny.

9. Don’t always agree with her.

If you have an opinion or certain view on a subject — — do not be afraid to stand up and voice it, even if she might seem she could stand up and walk away from the interaction. Always express your personality and do not be afraid to disagree with her.

Warning: Disagreeing with a girl doesn’t mean putting her down, or insulting her. You can simply say, “I disagree.” and move on to another small talk topic shared in this list.

10. Avoid “job interview type” small talk.

Just relax and be playful, instead.

11. Tell her interesting stories.

Women like intrigue, emotions, and drama. Learn how to tell an engaging story that hooks her attention.

12. Use canned pickup lines.

If you’re ‘new’ to daytime pickup — meeting women on the streets during the day — then do not hesitate using canned pickup lines. Eventually, you should be able to construct your own as you learn gain more experience through your interactions with the ladies.

13. Compliment on her personaity, her energy, and her sense of style.

14. Avoid giving compliments on her eyes, body, and looks.

15. Tease her.

16. Use cold reading tactics.

This is an excellent way to make observations about her.

17. NEVER apologize for your desires — especially sexual desires — as a man.

If you’re having a conversation with a woman, and you feel you’re sexually attracted to her, don’t be afraid to express it, subtly. Don’t be too forward by saying something like, “Let’s go and f##k,” but have some decency and test the waters by touching her slightly on her hands or the back of her neck to see if she reciprocates your touching.

Displaying your sexual intent during an interaction not only makes small talk much more fun and exciting for the both of you, but it’ll also help you avoid the dreaded friendzone.

18. Inject sexual innuendoes, now and then.

If you two of you are having a great time, inject some sexual innuendoes into the interaction to make it even more exciting. Do not over do it, otherwise, it will go out stale pretty fast.

19. Use role playing.

Use role playing to keep small talk fun, engaging, and exciting. This is the tactic I go into detail in my Small Talk Method report.

20. Call her out on her bullshit.

Don’t sigh away from calling her out on her bullshit. If she says something “rude,” or something that you feel is not true, call her out on it. It will impress her that you picked up on it.

So there you have it: 20 creative ways on how to make small talk more interesting, fun, and playful.

Thanks for reading.


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