How To Get Out Of The Friendzone (In 6 Easy Steps)


If you were looking for tips on how to get out of the friendzone, then there must be two reasons for it: maybe you have a girl in your life right now and want to make her your girlfriend, or you simply too asexual — too afraid of your own sexuality — and can’t seem to get her back to your place.

In this post, I’m going to unleash you how to spot the Friendzone signs, how to avoid the friendzone, and how to get out of the friendzone if you’re currently stuck there like a tiger in a cage.


If you hang around with a girl you’re interested in as simply friends, it becomes almost impossible to get her back to your apartment.

And if you’re reading this article, How to get out of the friendzone, it is most likely possible that you imagine her lying on your bed without any clothes, want to kiss her, and obsessively wonder if she feels the same way… and if there is any way of making that happen without getting a rejection.

Here’s the good news: Yes, it is possible.

So let’s get right into the core of the issue, “How to get out of the friendzone?”

In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. How to detect the “friendzone” signs
  2. How to avoid those signs that can plunge you in the friendzone, and finally,…
  3. How to get out of the friendzone

Getting Out Of The Friendzone: “3 BIGGEST Mistakes That Sends You Into The Friend Zone, Almost Overnight!”

Mistake #1 That’ll Get You Friendzoned: “Sending Her Flowers, Too Soon.”

A lot of girls like flowers, because it gets them attention, but not for the reasons you’re hoping — she views you as her romantic partner.

If you send her flowers too soon — within a week or two of meeting her — then she’ll think she has you wrapped around her finger and that you’re a total wuss — eager to please her just to get affection from her.

She might also label you as a creep when you two haven’t even known each other.

When I learning the daytime pickup, 7 years ago, I sent flowers to almost all the girls I met on the streets, cafes, and malls, and they didn’t respond to my romantic feelings for them. I guess all of their vaginas instantly dried up and they never showed up for the second date.

It displays your creepiness to her, displays too much interest too soon, but it’s also really cliche. Instead of doing anything to spike her attraction towards you, you’re just being way too forward and doing something that’ll only boost her ego.

So if you’re thinking about it, don’t do it.

It simply won’t work.

That’s like driving drunk. It’s not a cool move.

If you know someone who wants to send flowers too, barge in, and tells him to not do it and sends him to this article. Really, do something and talk him out of it because it’s not going to turn out well — she’ll immediately throw him in the dreaded “friendzone.”

Mistake #2 That’ll Get You Friendzoned: “Confessing your feelings for her, too early.”

After a year or two into my college, I remember dating a girl I had met on Tinder while casually browsing some profiles that were keen on meeting new people.

She was an attractive girl; just adorable. She told me she was a fitness model. I believed her as she looked so damn gorgeous.

I remember we were both hanging out, having a good time. And even at that time, I knew a lot about the game, not to reveal my interest too soon, I still heard that little voice in my head encouraging me to tell her how cute she was, how awesome she was as a human being, and how I was so lucky to date a girl like her.

I was a bit drunk, but that’s what I told her. As I was pouring my heart out to her, I was secretly hoping she felt the same way about me, because we both were having such a good time.

But just because we were having such a great time together and shared an amazing connection doesn’t mean we let your guard down. Really, we can’t. Why?

Because you cannot make your feelings about her public, too early — especially when you’re on a first few dates with her.

Instead, enjoy the moment and let it be a private moment. But, do not confess about it, because then she’ll immediately label you as a creep and throw you in the friendzone.

Back to one of my first dates…

After about a week or so I emailed her again because, during the date, we both were talking about going on for a hike together, and so I sent her a text saying let’s go on a hike in a few months.

I never heard back from her.

Moral of the story: You can compliment her, to give positive vibes, but you cannot express your deep feelings to her.

If I like her style, you can let her know about it. If you find her funny, let her know. If you find her interesting, let her know that.

I have asbolutely no problem with complementing a girl, letting her know how I like every aspect of her personality.

That’s all fine.

She’ll understand that you’re the type of guy who is confident enough to tell another person when they’re looking fine, or doing well. In fact, you should do this to everyone you meet in general, not just her.

Ideally speaking, it’s a great way to make someone’s day.

So if you’re complimenting her, go on and compliment her with your heart’s desire.

And as you do this, you should be thinking: I want to let her know that I want to bang her, but I don’t want her to know that I want to be her boyfriend. She can’t know that early on.

Think of it like this: You being her boyfriend, that is your trump card. You always keep it in your pocket as long as you possibly can. That’s what she’s not sure if she can have. She knows for sure that you want to sleep with her, but she doesn’t have a clue if you want to be her boyfriend.

The longer you keep your trump card — you being her boyfriend — in your pocket, the more work she’s going to put to win you over, and that’s the position you always want to be in.

Mistake #3 That’ll Get You Friendzoned: “Being too available”

This is another biggest mistake that most guys make, which is just like confessing your feelings, too early.

Being too available, in terms of going out on dates, texting too much, responding to her texts, almost instantly.

I have talked with several women and almost all of them have said, “If a guy replies to my text within 2 minutes of me sending a text, I know he’s been sitting, waiting, and thinking about me.

The best thing you can do to not be so available is to put your phone on silent, back in your pocket. In short, forget about her for a while. Go outside and live your life instead.

Ideally, you don’t want to hover around her like a satellite. Women want you to go out and lead an interesting life, have friends around, do “cool stuff,” have a career that you’re passionate about. That she isn’t the only thing that’s happening in your life right now.

So make yourself busy and a little unavailable, not in a pretentious way though. Put your priorities — your life and interests — above a girl you’re dating with.

Women need something to compete against. It might be your job, or your passion for playing the guitars and sing songs, whatever it is, they simply want to tear you away from it.

Here’s what’s interesting: The moment they manage to tear you away from it, even for a minute, they’ll think “Wow, that was so easy. I’m bored. Let’s move on.

Getting Out Of The Friendzone: “5 Things You Can Immediately Do To Avoid The Friendzone”

Here are 5 things you must always be doing to avoid the dreaded friend zone:

#1 How to get out of the friend zone: “Learn how to flirt with her.”

Most guys end up as “just friends” with a girl because they don’t know how to flirt with a girl properly to create a sexual tension. If you don’t, here’s a killer resource on flirting:

#2 How to get out of the friend zone: “Get physical with her (touch her)”

Another way of quickly letting a woman know that you don’t want to be “just friends” is by getting physical and touching her. The is one of the reasons why you must kiss a girl as soon as possible.

Here are few resources that’ll help you get physical with a girl:

#3 How to get out of the friend zone: “Don’t be too agreeable”

There’s a counter-intuitive statement, “If you want a girl to be your girlfriend, treat her like one of your friend.”

That means you don’t try too hard to impress her, hide your intentions to her, and don’t compromise your values and morals just to please her.

  • Kill these 8 good boyfriend traps to get her
  • How to turn a girl friend into a girlfriend

#4 How to get out of the friend zone: “Express your sexual intention, early on.”

A lot of guys do the exact opposite of this. Most guys hide their sexual interest from a girl, probably thinking that it’s inappropriate and the girl won’t like it. And, they wonder why they’re thrown in the friendzone sinkhole. And the worst will happen: they cannot contain their feelings for a girl and end up confessing their feelings, instead.

They do things like….

  • Tell her how much they like her.
  • That they’re in love with her.

Unfortunately, it NEVER works this way.

Here’s what I advice you to do instead: display your sexual interest to her early on in the interaction.

Don’t know how to display your sexual intent on a girl. Don’t panic. Check these two resources out.

  • How to express your sexual interest to a girl
  • How to close the deal with a girl

#5 How to get out of the friend zone: “Take The Lead”

Many guys end up being “just friends” with a girl because they don’t do anything. They simply wait for her approval to make things happen. They think the girl will provide them adventure and entertainment. They simply follow whatever she does.

Here’s what to do instead: Take CHARGE of the interaction instead of leaching off her.

The most powerful secret of avoiding the dreaded friend zone is to create a massive attraction — sexual attraction — right off the bat, not after 1 or 2 months of meeting a girl. If the girl is attracted to you sexually, then there’s almost no way she’ll want to be just friends with you.

  • How to display your masculine traits to attract women

How To Get Out Of The Friendzone?

I get emails from guys almost everyday telling me how they have been going out on a date with a girl or a woman for weeks, or even months… and they still haven’t taken things to the next level — kissed her, or have sex with her. Then they start to tell me all the subtle signs that a girl is giving them that tells them that she’s into them.


Here’s some honest advice for you: If you’ve been going out on a date with a girl for more than 2 weeks, and you still haven’t kissed her, then, obviously, you’ll be certainly thrown in the sinkhole called, the FRIEND ZONE.

Top Friend Zone Signs To Look For

Do you want to know whether or not you’re in the friend zone, fast? A lot of guys like to think that “she’s different” or the situation is different. It’s not.

I have experience to back it up.

I’ve had a number of girls friend zone me… and I’ve also managed to get out of the friend zone a lot of times and actually hook up with the girl who friend zoned me. I brought these same girl back to my apartment.

Here are a few signs that you’re in a friend zone:

  • She talks about other guys to you.
  • She tells she has a lot of other guy friends
  • She is too comfortable around you.
  • There is no sexually aggressive talk. No banter, at all.
  • She doesn’t go out of her way to spend time with you.

Those are a few signs that you’re already in the friend zone. If you notice any of these happening to you right now, then you’ll have to completely rewind your plans and change your approach if you want to get her back to your apartment.

Signs That Women Might Like You

If a woman really likes you more than just a friend, she’ll give you plenty of cues to pick up. Here’s an excellent article on how to tell if a girl likes you.

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

This is the probably the most exciting section of this post that you’ve been dying to read. So you really wanna know the secrets of how to get out of the friend zone.

Before I spill the beans for you, let me tell you what NOT to do:

  • NEVER confess your feelings for her. This will only freak her out. It’ll put a lot of pressure on her, and hardly ever works. So don’t do it.

In the course of several years, I have discovered these simple 6 steps that’ll help you get out of the friend zone immediately, so that you can start to flirt with her again, go in for the kiss, and even get back to your apartment.

Step #1 How to get out of the friendzone: “Break rapport with her.”

You need to break rapport with her, immediately. I know it’s very difficult for some guys to break out of the friend zone, but you don’t realize that you’ve entered into a set routine that usually ends without the two of your flirting, kissing, and having sex back to your/her place.

You need to break that pattern. Got it?

The best way to do this is to DISAPPEAR from her life… just for a little while. Become unavailable to hang out with her. Stop answering her calls right away.

Step #2 How to get out of the friendzone: “Make her jealous”

Make her jealous by hanging out with other girls. If you don’t have other chicks in your life, you can spike up that  jealousy chart in her by cancelling plans with her. When she asks you WHY, just be vague and let her assume that you’ve met somebody new.

Step #3 How to get out of the friendzone: “Change your appearance”

Once you’ve distanced yourself from her for a while, it is very important that you’ve changed some elements of your appearance when she sees you again.

This will make her view you in a different light. And it also allows her to feel attraction for you. Here are few things you can do, immediately: go to the gym, get a nice haircut, get a tan, change your personal style, and improve your posture and body language.

Step #4 How to get out of the friendzone: “Flirt with her, sexually”

Next time you see her, immediately start to tease her and flirt with her.

Step #5 How to get out of the friendzone: “Get physical with her”

Spark that sexual tension with her by starting to touch her again. It can be something simple like touching her back when you’re walking together.

But throughout the night, you should be continuing to build sexual attraction with her by doing things such as holding her hand, placing your hand on her lower back as you walk, getting closer to her.

Step #6 How to get out of the friendzone: “Kiss her”

Listen. If she’s comfortable you touching her, then you’ve got nothing to lose if you go in for the kiss. Either you go in for the kiss and she reciprocates by kissing you back… or you don’t and you head back in the friend zone again, and forever this time.

It’s a small risk you’ll have to take to know for sure whether or not she likes you. Here’s an article I wrote on how to kiss a girl.

Warning: Sometimes, a girl might tell you “What are you doing?” … at this moment you’ll have to stay confident and continue to go after what you want. She might be just testing to see if you’re a real deal.


P.S. If you don’t know exactly how to flirt with a girl and take your interaction to a whole different level — sexual level — then you need to get a hand on this resource called Daytime Pickup: From The Cafes, Malls & Streets To The ‘Bedroom’.

In this book, I give you examples of exactly what to say and do to create sexual attraction immediately. This will help you get out of your friend zone and effortlessly be able to captivate, connect, and seduce a girl.

This book will show you exactly how to interact with a girl in a way that gets her excited to see you again, so that she shows up on dates, and makes it easier for you to kiss her, and take her back to your place.



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