How To Get A Date (Within 15 Minutes)!

How to get a date

Do you want to learn how to get a date with a girl or a woman?

Going out on a date with someone you already know can be quite fun for both of you, but, asking for a date to a total stranger can be quite difficult if you don’t know how.

That’s why I wrote this article — how to get a date — for you.

Learning few daytime pickup secrets can help you become better at interacting with a girl or a woman you see in the streets, cafes, or malls, and increase your chances of getting a date, later.

Here are few simple tactics you can immediately apply in your daytime pickup on how to get a date:

How to get a date tip #1: Approach her, immediately — in less than 3 seconds

When you see a cute girl walking in the street, you must make your move, quickly.

Do not allow yourself to give more than 3 seconds — the ‘3-second rule’ — to approach a girl or a woman you’d like to meet.

When you don’t approach her as soon as you see her, you mind can come up with all kinds of excuses, like:

  • “Wow, she’s super hot, and I loook like a nerd. Why on earth would she talk to me?”
  • “What if she makes fun of me? What if she laugh at me in front of everyone?”
  • “I will not talk to her now, because she seems busy with her friends.”

… that can stop you from approaching a girl you’d like to meet, immediately.

But, when you don’t give yourself that opportunity, by approaching her within 3 seconds, you don’t give your mind any chance to come up with excuses. Instead, you’ll be ‘in the moment’ and ‘out of your head’ and talking to her.

How to get a date tip #2: Deliver your opener… with a smile.

Your opener doesn’t have to be original or creative. It could be any pickup lines you may have memorized from the Internet, or it could be just a simple “Hi.”

Once you’ve said “Hi” to her… do not immediately deliver your opener. Instead, take a loooooooooooooong pause, smile, and lock your eyes with hers, and deliver this opener.

“It’s random I know, but I had to come over to you and say hi because I think you look really great in that outfit and I like your style. You also look really beautiful. Tell me something about you”

How to get a date tip #3: Handle her objections.

Once you approach a girl, one of these three things might happen:

#1 She smiles at you. She becomes friendly, and asks you questions.

#2 She listens to you but doesn’t open up to you.

#3 She acts ‘rude’ towards you and tries to walk away.

Out of all these three situations, the 3rd one is my favourite because it challenges me as a man, and gives me an opportunity display my ‘positive qualities’ and ‘personality.’

Here’s how to handle some objections a girl might throw at you:

Objection #1: “I have a boyfriend.”

You: Talk, talk, talk
Girl: Sorry, I have a boyfriend
You: That’s awesome, so what do you do for fun?

You act indifferent towards her response and keep conversing with her. If you just do this correctly, a girl or a woman will view you as someone who demands respect in an interaction.

Objection #2: She walks away while you’re talking to her.

You: Talk, talk, talk
Girl: Talks for a little while and walks away.
You: Smile, Oh, come on now. You’re too ‘classy’ to be walking away when someone is talking to you. But if I’m making you uncomfortable in any way then just walk away. Runaway girl, runaway girl (sing playfully). Anyways… what do you do for fun?”

Let me break this down to you.

First of all, you set up an expectation for her. You tell her she’s too ‘classy’ to walk away, and, of course, she wants to be perceived as someone who is classy, and so she’ll stay for a bit.

And then, you tell her to walk away, which is ‘reverse psychology.’

And finally, you act as if nothing happened by asking her a question, which engages her back in the conversation.

Objection #3: She acts ‘rude’ to you and doesn’t acknowledge your presence…

You: Talk, talk, talk
Girl: Says something rude like, “Why are you talking to me?” or she doesn’t look at you, or something to that effect.
You: Why are you acting like this? Why can’t you be yourself? I don’t know where you’re coming from but where I’m from, people are ‘real.’ If you’re not going to be real, I’m just walking away (act as if you’re about to leave). I know this is not who you really are. This is just a protection shield.

If the girls act rude, you call her out on her behaviour. It demonstrates you’re a man who demands respect in an interaction. This is very powerful stuff.

How to get a date tip #4: Lead the interaction.

Once you’ve overcome her objections, and if she’s still there, you must lead the interaction.

One of the best ways to lead the interaction is, instead of asking her questions, you make a statement.

For example, instead of asking, “What do you do for a living?” you can lead the interaction by telling her a story, like:

“I do street arts and I love it. I discovered this passion while I was in the US. One fine day, I visited an art exhibition and was immediately hooked by some of the creative street arts done by artists, who were homeless before they became really famous…”

… or any other story about WHAT YOU DO.

Instead of asking her, “How was your day?” tell her a story about how your day way by saying, “You don’t kno what happened today. As I was walking down the street, I met this strange looking man digging a sinkhole in the middle of a cornfield. He wanted to give me a tour of his new construction, so he took me inside. Getting inside was really diffcult, but as soon as my eyes fell on the interior work of his new construction, I was immediately hooked. I asked him why did he wanted to build a sinkhole. He said he wanted to build it for children because they might find it cool.”

How to get a date tip #5Make her invest.

Once you’ve lead the interaction, you make her invest in the conversation, too. By giving her the opportunity to contribute in the interaction, you’ll not only get to know her better, but also make her feel relaxed and at ease.

For example, once you’ve lead — you shared her your story — ask her, “What about you? WHAT DO YOU DO for a living?”

And, when she opens her mouth…

How to get a date tip #6: Listen to her, actively.

Active listening is a skill you can develop.

When you’re actively listening to a girl or a woman, you’re basically focusing on other person and what they’re telling YOU.

As an active listener, you should repeat back, in your own words, what the other person has just said to you.

It ensures that you understood what the other person was talking about. It also demonstrates that you’re interested in her as a person. It expresses an understanding of her feelings.

Here’s how you can listen to her, actively:

  1. Ask her questions: Ask her what she means and how it makes her feel. It’ll help you understand a situation better.
  2. Rephrase and feedback: Rephrase what she told you, in your own words, and feed it back to her, which helps you understand her better and build a dialogue with her.
  3. Summarize: When you summarize what she tells you, it shows that you were paying attention to her and you want to understand her.
  4. Shut up and listen to her: Do not be eager to fill up the silence whenever there’s an awkward pause.

Do not answer right away.

Take a pause for 3 to 5 seconds before answering something.

Just learn how to listen without interrupting. It’ll improve your conversation skills, 10 times.

How to get a date tip #7: Take her on an instant date.

During the day, when you approach a girl, you’re a complete stranger. That’s why a lot of girls avoid talking to strangers because they’re just bad people.

It’s not their fault, though. Their parents, society, media, and the school system have drummed how bad a stranger is into their skull.

But the fact is… she’s a woman and you’re a man.

You could be a dangerous man, but chances are she might never know about it.

So, if you want to make her call you, or text you back and show up on a date later that week, not flake on you, you must make her feel comfortable with you first.

And then to make her go somewhere with you — show up on a date and take her back to your place — she has to ‘trust’ you, too.

And, to build that comfort and trust with her, you must take her on an instant date — a regular date, except it, happens on the moment. You do not have to wait for days before asking her out.

Here’s the good part: When you take her on an instant date, you dramatically reduce the chances of her flaking on you and significantly increase her chances of picking up a phone and responding to your calls and going out later that week with you.

Next time, when you realise you’re talking to a girl more than 10 minutes, take her on an instant date.

For now, for at least a couple of months, forget about getting her number. Instead, focus on taking her on an ‘instant date.’

For example, at a climax of the interaction — when she’s laughing and giggling with you — and you sense there’s a good vibe between the two of you, simply tell her, “Hey, you know what? I’m really thirsty. Let’s go grab a real quick drink.”

If you can take her on an instant date, the ‘how to get a date’ issue becomes a non-issue because you’ll immediately stand out from the pack, and give you an opportunity to show her that she can be safe with you.

Go out and try these daytime pickup tactics today.

P.S. If you want to stand out from the pack — by taking her on an instant date rather than asking for her phone number (a lot of guys do this) — get to know her more before you actually go out on a date with her, and decrease your chances of her ‘flaking’ on you…

… and learn all the insights, mindsets, and tactics on how to get a date, then you need to get a hand on this killer resource.


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