Daytime Pickup Coaching

One of the best pros in the “daytime pickup” industry who can really put you on the fast-track to meeting, connecting, and seducing any beautiful women…

“Who Else Wants To Effortlessly Meet, Connect, And Seduce ANY Beautiful Women In The Streets, Metro, Coffee Shops, And ANYWHERE (Even If You’ve Been Shy And Afraid In The Past)!”

Whether you’re a “newbie” in the daygame, or have social/approach anxiety that prevents you from meeting, connecting, and seducing beautiful women in the streets, metro, coffee shops, and anywhere…

… there’s no better way to crush those anxiety, fears, and limiting beliefs, once and for all…

…  than getting a LIVE (personalized) coaching from someone who’s done it all before.

Over the past 5+ years, I have approached over 7000+ beautiful women in the streets (during the day), and can help men of all ages across the world solve (if not all) most of the common sticking points you’ll encounter.

Here’s what you’ll learn from my daygame in paris coaching program:

You’ll learn how to:

  • Overcome your shyness and crush social/approach anxiety that is holding you from meeting, connecting, and seducing beautiful women anytime, anywhere.
  • Stop a walking beautiful woman in the street ‘properly’… so that she feels appreciated, excited, safe… and sticks around to talk with you… even if she is in rush to go somewhere.
  • Approach girls anywhere under the sun (malls, metro station, cafes, streets, etc).
  • Get their phone number and take things to the next level… from kiss, instant date, and even take her back to your apartment.

Here are the most common ways you can get daygame in paris coaching with me.

1. ‘1-on-1’ Infield Coaching:

You’ll be personally trained by me (100% in-field training) as I walk you through the Daygame Ladder step-by-step and demonstrate everything I talk about.

Walking up to a beautiful girl, talking to her, and taking her number (or even taking her on an instant date), in each of these moment, you’ll be watching and absorbing my “vibe” and all the subtleties that lie underneath simply by watching my in-field videos.

I’ll critically (and constructively) break down all your interactions with the girls…

… to ensure you IMPROVE every aspect of your interaction (communication, seduction skills) with women.

Within a very short period of time, you’ll discover the secret of being a natural, attractive, and assertive man that most beautiful women go for.

There are two ways you can try my one-on-one infield coaching.

1st Way: “1-Day” One-on-One Infield Coaching

The one day daygame infield coaching session is for those guys who wants to get started with daygame … or diagnose a specific sticking point in your daygame.

During the 5 hour, we will go over the Daygame Made Sexy from Open to Close … and spend the knowledge on the girls you meet.

For example, a typical 5 hour session might look like:

12:00pm: We’ll meet, grab a coffee or something… and get to know about your background and what we’ll hope to achieve in the session.

12:15pm: Go to the street and begin coaching. You’ll see me give you a demo and in your sets I’ll discuss theory and practical solutions to problems you run into.

14:15pm: We’ll take a break, grab a lunch, and recap what we’ve covered so far.

14:45pm: Pickup girls in the streets again, and continue to refine your approaches.

16:45pm: Finish the coaching of the session. I will then have a brief (15 minute convo) with you where I give you my feedbacks and provide you with the required blueprint to continue your daygame journey going forward.

After the coaching session, you can ask me any questions you might have about the session by writing to me at

2nd Way: “5 Day” One-on-One Infield Daygame in Paris Coaching (Paris and Worldwide)

A 5-day daygame session is one of the most effective ways to nail down daygame… even if you’re a newbie or want to take your game to the next level.

I’ve coached many guys with great success as I offer each student the opportunity to meet, connect, and seduce any women with me for 5 days… in some of the best places in Paris.

Coaching is 5 hours a day, and you’ll get a added bonus of being with me on hand 24/7.

While a 1-day coaching session might help you how to get a girls numbres, the 5-day daygame coaching session focuses on going over more things such as:

  • Daytime Pickup: From The Cafes, Malls & Streets… To The ‘Bedroom’ (The Natural Progression), my ebook, in detail…
  • Meditation
  • Pulling the trigger and dealing with LMR
  • Fashion advice
  • What to (not) do on dates
  • Fitness and Nutrition advice
  • Rapid Sexual Escalation
  • Never running out of things to say
  • Text Game
  • And MORE…

Usually, after 5 hours of daygame coaching in Paris, I am more than willing to go hit the bars and night game with my students for an extra bit of FREE coaching. The weekly daygame is A LOT of fun. Don’t trust me? Read what my past students have to say (on the sidebar) about my daygame coaching.

Cost: €149 (1 Full Day – 8 hours) Or €229 (16 hours – over 2 days) Or €319 (24 hours – over 3 days) €449 (32 hours – over 4 days) €559 (40 hours – over 5 days)

2. Skype Coaching

Maybe, you don’t have much time off your work… or you simply need questions answered about daygame in paris…

… or have your daygame recording analysed (and improved) to the T, then I have the best package for you… via a one on one Skype consultation.

Cost: €75 (for 60 mins) or €150 (for 120 minutes)

If you want to do more intensive daygame coaching (bootcamp/residential in your city, please feel free to contact me now).

3. Immersion Coaching: (40 hours of infield coaching, living with me somewhere in Europe)

This is the most extensive training you’ll get from me where you’ll:

… live and breath the same room with me…

… completely immersed in building the “vibe” that actually drives hot chicks mad…

… from street approaches (and the dates) all the way to…

…  seducing her (in few simple steps) when she’s finally back with you in your bed.

@ Get in touch with me… now

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