Are You Making These 7 Common Kissing Mistakes!


Are you making these kissing mistakes (avoid it to make her beg for sex instead)!

Hey there! What’s up?

You approached a girl walking on the street, and managed to grab her attention, build an awesome connection with her, and got her number. A few days later, you called her to set up a date, and lo and behold, she said ‘yes.’ And now, you’re both out on your first date together at a bar or a cafe, and you both sense there’s a solid connection between the two of you, but for some strange reason the date has ended and you’ve blown it with a kiss.

Going in for the kiss with a girl you’re out with on a date, and how you go about the whole business of making your move, says a lot about you than anything witty or funny lines that could have ever come out of your mouth throughout the night.

A woman will always be watching your every move when she’s out with you on a date. And certain qualities of a man are revealed when he attempts his first kiss on her.

Here’s what a woman learns about you as you go in for the kiss:

  • How experienced you are?
  • Are you the leader, or a follower?
  • Are you shy, nervous, or tense?
  • How much social intelligence do you have?
  • Do you even understand women?
  • Are you afraid of women?

These are some of the things she’ll quickly learn about you the minute you decide to make a move on her. Sadly, a lot of men blow their first kiss by making either of these common mistakes shared below.

Even though you can still recover from making any of these common kissing mistakes, the impression you’ll leave on their mind will be much more awesome if you’d avoided them in the first place.

Here are 7 common kissing mistakes most men make while going in for the kiss:

Kissing mistake #1: Going in for the kiss way too soon.

Although it’s better to go for a kiss sooner than later (women will respect you for that) often it is a defeating behaviour.

Most women have already made up their mind how long they’ll hang out with a guy before she’ll kiss him. And most of the time, even if she has a desire to kiss you sooner in the interaction, she’ll put up her guard to resist your attempt just because it’s not congruent with the timetable she’s already formed in her mind earlier that day.

Women follow these timetables to avoid coming across as a slut to the guy she’s dating with, his friends, and even to herself. So even if you’re feeling you can’t hold it anymore and want to jump in for the kiss, you must always be aware as to where she is emotionally in the interaction.

Kissing mistake #2: Withdrawing after she rejects you for the first time.

As I’ve mentioned you earlier, often times a woman will want to kiss a guy but simply resist that temptation because she feels it’s not quite time for it yet. And that’s why a lot of women will turn their cheek away as the guy goes in for the kiss.

What do most guys do after that initial rejection? Like little boys, they retreat and never try again. They get embarrassed at the rejection that they keep on sulking about it the whole night and never even bother to retry again to kiss her.

This makes the woman really disappointed. And it also shows your true colour to her — a man who’s so insecure with himself that he can’t even handle the slightest of the smallest rejection.

But, if you feel that there’s a good connection between the two of you, and she’s giving you all the signals to kiss her, don’t let a small obstacle get in your way from attempting to kiss her again.

If you just persist and try again to kiss her, instead of caving in and feeling all bad about the rejection, you’ll immediately establish yourself as a confident, dominant, aggressive, and really different guy from the rest of the pack who’d walked away with their tail in between their legs.

Kissing mistake #3: Not touching her enough before pulling the trigger.

A woman usually needs to feel some of the anticipation building for the kiss. To be honest, for a woman the anticipation and build up are way better than just the physical act of kissing.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys skip this vital step altogether. And this annoys a lot of women. And sometimes it annoys them so much that they won’t kiss a man back simply because he didn’t have the right skills to do it.

So what’s the best way to build up that anticipation and let her know you’re going to kiss her? you might be thinking.

Here’s how: start touching her more and more as you enter into interaction with her.  Start touching her by lightly holding her hand as you take her from one venue to the other, putting your hand on the lower back as you lean in to say something important, or touching her elbows as you interact with her. But it has to start.

And once you feel that she’s very comfortable with your touching, then you can pretty much be sure that she’s almost ready to be kissed.

Kissing mistake #4: Telling her you’re going to kiss her.

Many guys feel that they need to ask for a woman’s permission to go in for the kiss. Often what happens is that these guys wait, wait, and wait for an inappropriate time, and then suddenly, to her chagrin, tell the woman that they “really feel like kissing her.”

But that’s NOT what woman is looking for.

Now, of course, a woman wants to know that you’re going to make a move, but not with words. She wants to know it’s coming because you’ve started to touch her more and more, or that you’re gazing at her a little bit longer, or you’ve slowed down your talking to her.

But if you ask her for permission to kiss her you give her the power. And that’s not what a woman wants. A woman wants a man who is dominant and powerful, even in today’s modern day and age.

Kissing mistake #5: Letting the moment pass.

Another biggest common mistake most men make is keeping on talking with the girl, even past the moment when they should have gone for the kiss. These types of men are often insecure, timid, and scared, who seriously think that it’s somehow wrong with kissing a girl. These guys simply cannot swallow the pill that a woman actually wants them to go in for the kiss at the right moment.

Instead, what do most men do? They keep looking for proof. And more proof. And more, until the moment has passed and the woman is standing up and leaving out the door.

There’s a specific time during the interaction when the two of you can feel it is really the time for a kiss. How do you know that time has arrived? Listen to your guts and it’ll tell you. It’ll be crystal clear to the two of you. And as soon as you sense that moment, do not wait any longer. Go for the kiss. But if you miss that “moment of truth,” she’ll view you as a guy who lacks “social intelligence” and most likely loses any attraction she had for you.

Kissing mistake #6: Waiting for the perfect moment to kiss her.

Guys who make this type of mistake aren’t as insecure and afraid as the guys who completely “miss the moment.” However, they’ve been brainwashed by the society, media, school, and women’s magazines, that there are time and place for everything — including the first kiss.

And as a result, they often think that they can’t go in for their first kiss in their car, or in public, or in a bar. Most of the times, these guys feel that the only time for a first kiss is at the very end of the date.

But as I’ve said earlier, there’s no perfect time to go for a kiss.

You need to make your move and kiss a girl as you both sense there’s some kind of attraction and connection happening between the two of you. For instance, I’ve had the most memorable first kisses in the most inappropriate places. In fact, the more spontaneous the kiss is, the more the woman will see you as an adventurous, fun, and spontaneous guy.

Kissing mistake #7: Mis-interpreting a woman’s “politeness” as her interest.

Almost everyone has made this mistake. We’ve all been going out with a girl who seems extremely “warm and friendly” with us, and in our desperate need for sex, we often convince ourselves that she’s into us, sexually.

And even the woman isn’t showing any green light signs like becoming nervous, staring right into our eyes, touching us, or saying something that suggests anything that would make us believe that she wants us to go in for the kiss, we end up believing that “she wouldn’t be so polite with me if she didn’t like me.”

Yes, she would is she’s being too polite and nice, and not showing any signs of tenseness or nervousness, which indicates that she views you as a non-threatening guy.

Stay chill.


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