7 Simple Ways To Get A HOT Girlfriend (Even If You’re Not Cool, Hot, or Rich)


Do you wanna know the ‘secret’ why most ugly guys often wind up with the HOTTEST women?https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-get-a-girlfriend-20?no_redirect=1

All of these not so good looking guys who often end up swopping all those HOT and SEXY women you see, are really successful at it because of ONE simple reason: their presentation skills.

I’ve noticed as a daytime pickup coach that most “good-looking guys” often become tense, nervous, or afraid to approach HOT women simply because they feel she’s out of their league…

… but here’s good news, dude: she doesn’t care about YOUR LOOKS! Absolutely not!

This means you do not have to be…

  • cool
  • fancy
  • rich
  • or drive fast cars…

… to make HOT women your girlfriend!

In today’s post, I’m going to share you my 7 simple (yet highly effective) tips to attract all those 10s into your life…

even if you are not good-looking, rich, or cool…

… and make them go SO obsessed over you that they’ll literally be begging you to date them from every direction 🙂

Here are 7 simple ways you can get a 10 to be your girlfriend:

1. Start dating other women

Let me explain to you something…

Have you ever notice why when you’re not seeing anyone, no women find you attractive. But, as soon as they spot you walking with an eye candy, all of a sudden, you become 10 times handsome, cool, and sexy than before?

Well, this happens almost ALL the time.

Why? What’s going on here?

Here’s what’s happening: you see, when you are taken, all starts to gravitate towards you simply because they view you in a ROMANTIC LIGHT.

When you’re already taken, it makes other girls curious about you, and they want to know what else is going on with you. They want to figure out what makes you so darn attractive… what attractive qualities you possess… and HOW did you land that piece of hot booty.

It’s incredibly EXCITING to most women…

You see, women often size-up each other and try to be the HOTTEST and the SEXIEST one in a group when they head out of their house. It’s just in-built in their nature.

And this is the same in the dating world too…

Once a girl spots you busy with other women (doesn’t matter if they’re AVERAGE women or HOT chicks), she instinctively starts to wonder WHY she didn’t catch YOU in the FIRST place… and hence, her INTEREST in you skyrockets almost overnight!

What should you do to attract HOT women into your life, quickly?

Start going out and meeting (and dating) plenty of AVERAGE looking women (even if you don’t like them).

This will work for you in three ways:

  • It’ll keep you busy…
  • Make you seem UNAVAILABLE…. and hence, mysterious and a challenge…
  • And eventually, force other HOT women to come to you. 🙂

2. Be mysterious

Every woman WANT a man who’s a bit challenge and mystery to them.

It makes them WONDER about YOU and want to find more.

So when you meet a girl for the first time, on the street or anywhere else, refrain from telling your entire life’s story to her… especially all the juicy details.


Because if you tell her everything to her too fast, you stop being mysterious to her. And guess what? Women LOVE surprises.

You may be tempted to confess all of your ‘secrets’ and all of your life’s success stories to impress her, especially when you sense there’s a good “vibe” between the two of you…

But showing your “hand” on the table way too son… can work against YOU!

If you tell her too much about you too soon… she might lose her initial interest into you.

Telling her too much about yourself up front gives her the opportunity to run into conclusions…

What should you do to be mysterious around hot women?

Share only a little bit about yourself and hold back a lot of information here and there. Only give vague information. She’ll be more impressed by you when she finally learns about all your brownie points on her own 🙂

3. Have a goal.

Not just about getting HOT women, but other things in life too. This is very important because women WANT to be with a wan who has GOALS, dreams, and aspirations in life, someone who knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid/lazy to go out and get it.

This trait turns ON most beautiful women. It SHOWS her that you’re confident, intelligent, talented, and enthusiastic about your life, not someone who spends most of his time playing video games and watching TV shows.

And if she’s a great woman like most HOT women are, she’s going to WANT a man who’ll keep her “balance”… you know, someone who can help establish her life’s goals and achieve them too.

And when you finally ask her out on a date, make sure to have a “plan” for the date just to show that you care enough about her to follow through with all the last minute details.

WARNING: DO NOT be that guy who asks her “whatever you say” or “where shall we go?” on the date…. instead, take charge and make a decision based on what she tells you!

And when making a plan for the date, make sure to put some thought into it. And once you’ve found out what it is, tell her EXACTLY where you will take her, and what time you’ll pick her up.

Well, this might seem like you’re controlling her, but trust me it’s not. In fact, it’s the opposite: you’re being ASSERTIVE and taking charge of the situation… all those qualities that most HOT women go absolutely bananas for!

4. Don’t be so “easy”

Just think about it: how good would it feel to you when you’ve been working your butt off trying to save up all that money for that new home you’ve been eyeing for so long, and on top of that…

You buy it with no one’s help. Not with a bank loan.

You would cherish it a lot more, wouldn’t you? After all, it’s all yours now finally and you worked really really hard to achieve it!

You earned it!

But, on the other hand, when things come TOO EASY for us, we tend to value it LESS, which is equally true when it comes to dating that HOT chick too.

If you are available to her all the time, she’ll start to EXPECT it… she’ll know for sure you’ll be there when she calls you, and soon, her interest in your will drop like.

Or even worse… she’ll start to USE you 🙁

So what should you do to be a challenge?

Keep her guessing.

You see, women LOVE THE GAME as much as we men do.

How many times you’ve been into a girl and then you quickly lost interest in her simply because she gave herself up too easily? It’s because the CHASE is gone.

And guess what? Hot chicks sense the same too.


This means you do not cancel a night out with your pals just to get a date with her. You can always reschedule a planned date!

Besides, it shows her that you’re LOYAL to your friends and you keep your word.

Here’s the thing: the MORE a woman has to put effort to be with you… the more she WANTS to be with you.

5. Just do it, dude!

The moment you spot a hot chick across a room, do not even WAIT. Make your move, right there and then.

Remember: HOT women have guys approaching them all day every day… and if you can’t even summon up the courage to approach her, exchange a few words, and grab her number…

Guess what happens next? Yeah, she’ll quickly move to the next guy who will.

Grow a pair and APPROACH her.

To her, you’re just like any other guy in that room and you don’t matter (yet)…

… so APPROACH her and work on your CHARM to show her that you’re a kind of guy who is not afraid of getting rejected.

But, on the other hand, if she senses you’re sort of hesitant to even say “Hi” to her, she’ll quickly think you don’t like her enough or that you’re too shy or afraid, and immediately lose her interest in you.

So the next time if you spot a beautiful woman and want to know her better… simply go and APPROACH HER! Just do it!

6. “Mix” It Up

It’s easy to mess up with a HOT chick. But, one of the quickest and surest ways to turn a hot chick off is by being totally PREDICTABLE.

Women LOVE excitement and anticipation that only comes when you leave them guessing.

It will “spark” her ATTENTION and keep her on her TOES… because she’ll never KNOW what you’re doing to do next.

Do NOT be afraid to “mix” things up a bit now and then. It’s fine to CHANGE your plans and do something completely UNEXPECTED.

For example, if you only take her out for a dinner, your woman will get turned off pretty quickly. Instead SURPRISE her by taking her on a mini-adventure, like a bowling date, a haunted house date, or a 5O-mile bike ride in the woods near your city.


Instead of taking her on a “normal evening walk,” take her to a SALSA dance class for a night.

I can GUARANTEE if you do unexpected ADVENTURES and KEEP HER GUESSING once in a while, you’ll NEVER have a problem keeping her around and keeping her really, really happy 🙂

7. “Kill” that desperation.

So you haven’t been with a lot of hot chicks in the past? So what. ACT like it anyway!

Remember: you do NOT want to come across as a total “newbie” in the game.

Once you’ve made an INCREDIBLE CONNECTION with a hot woman and been out with her on the first date, do NOT start calling or sending her texts every day.

If you do that, you’ll LOSE her even before you realize it. 🙁


Because women WANT and ENJOY their “space”… so make sure to GIVE that to her.

When she calls you, or texts you, make her WAIT for your response. DO NOT answer her calls/texts right away. Just leave her a cute message and call her back in 30 minutes 🙂

As long as you call her back, you’re doing really fine!

When you’re dating a HOT woman, it can be pretty difficult not to spend more time with her all the time… I understand, I’ve been guilty of that problem too in the past, BUT you never want to make this desire too obvious.

If you do that, she’ll think you have NOTHING going on in your life — no other interests, hobbies, passions, friends… and you’re too LOVESICK…

All these things are a HUGE turn off for most attractive women!

Also, do NOT try to CONTROL her when she wants to spend some time with her girlfriends or when she isn’t available over the weekend. Dude, give her some space… and she’ll come back to you, with both arms wide open.

Remember: respecting each other’s needs and space not only makes the bond stronger… it also makes you STAND OUT from other “clingy” and “needy” guys she ditched in the past…

She KNOWS you’re the kind of man who loves his own thing to be HAPPY 🙂

Now, I know these tips will help you get even MORE HOT women in the future… if you’re single…

Or if you already have a sweetheart, you can use these simple yet powerfully effective lifehacks to “spark” some EXCITEMENT and ADVENTURE back into your relationship!

Or even get your EX back.

So let me know in the comment box below how YOU are going to use this insider information to your get GAME back to the “next level” (because that way I’ll know what kind of tips to give you later)…

Stay chill!


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