7 “Deadly” Mistakes Men Make With Women (And What To Do About It)

7 deadly mistakes men make with women
7 deadly mistakes men make with women


It’s Aby and here’s a brand new post for you.

This post is called: 7 “Deadly” Mistakes Most Guy Make With Women

If you already don’t know me, let me introduce myself to you first. I am Abishek Rana, an “expert” who helps shy and afraid guys meet, connect, and seduce any beautiful women in the streets.

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After coaching 100s of guys from around the world, I have realised one key thing: Most guys make “deadly” mistakes with women and they don’t even have a clue about it.

So, if you’re struggling with women, stop for a while and study these top mistakes most guys make with women.

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Now let’s dive right into the topic…

7 Deadly Mistakes Guys Make With Women (And What To Do About It)

MISTAKE #1: Displaying your ‘feelings’ for her even before she is ready

I understand. It has happened to me countless times.

Most guys develop strong feelings for a woman, really fast, even after the 2nd or 3rd date, when the girl is not even sure about her feelings towards him.

“If only she knew how I felt about her, she’d be interested in me…” is how most guys think.

If you’re like most guys, you probably did this to yourself and regretted doing it, because you realize it hardly ever works. In fact, displaying your ‘feelings’ to a girl, especially early in the dating process, is a MEGA turn-off to a woman.

It’s way better if SHE makes the move, first.

If she does make the first move, you can then simply lean back and let HER do most of the legwork.

In fact, this is exactly what one of my EXs told me a few years ago:

“I’d rather be IN LOVE with a guy that BE LOVED by him.”

I know, it’s not how we men think. But if you know how men and women actually think and behave… you’ll instantly realize that it’s simply our biological programming.

Women like it more when they’re the one chasing YOU rather than the other way around.

MISTAKE #2: Showing too much interest and CHASING women!

By ‘chasing’ in dating terms, we mean you’re invested more in her than she is, which can mean anything from calling (or texting) her too much, giving her too many compliments, or buying her too many gifts.

Women can instantly feel it, as they’re very sensitive to this type of thing.

And, when a woman senses that you’re CHASING HER, here’s what she’ll think about you:

“Okay, It’s pretty obvious this guy is wrapped around my finger. And, yeah, he is a nice guy and I can have him whenever, but let me see what else is out there, first…”

When you CHASE her, you end up being one of her OPTIONS. And, if she’s really attractive, she’ll probably already have plenty of options.

After spending countless hours with many attractive women, here’s what I have realised: an average woman has at least THREE guys chasing her at any given time, (which can be MUCH higher if she was to go outside and meet women actively!)

That’s why you need to be that ONE GUY in her mind so that she starts to CHASE YOU…

MISTAKE #3: Not understanding how women think

You probably already understand that men and women are two ENTIRELY different creatures…

And, a man and woman can have completely different impressions of the exact same situation.

Let me illustrate my point with an example:

A couple of years ago, I got stuck in an elevator with my girlfriend. Once we got out, I realized that we’re both focusing on entirely different things. I was focused on the ‘logical’ things, like how to get the doors open, and how to get her attention, etc…

… while she was totally immersed in the different emotions of the experience! For example, she was experiencing the fear and the excitement, while also building an emotional bonding with me.

Here’s what I want to say: We men are dominated by LOGIC and reasonings, while a woman’s mind is directed and dominated by EMOTION.

And, what’s so interesting is that what she is THINKING and FEELING do not make any sense to HER.

That is the reason why most women are looking for a man who TRULY understands her on a much deeper level, which is really valuable and rare to her…

… just like having a FOOTBALL COACH is extremely valuable to a FOOTBALL PLAYER.

And even though Day Game Made Sexy was initially created to help you build the skills to approach, connect, and seduce any girls in the streets, it also comes with a STAGGERING side effect…


Okay, moving on.

MISTAKE #4: Being overly ‘nice’ to her

When I was struggling with women in the past, one thought always confused me:

How come a woman say they like nice guys who treat them right but always end up with abusive jerks and loser?

I never understood this… until one fine day when I was out at a party with my girlfriend with her friends.

After a couple of drinks, her friends started to complain her about all the jerks they’re dating, and how they simply wanted a NICE GUY…

I asked my girlfriend about it, and here’s what she told me, later:

“Oh yeah, but that’s just what we say. It makes us look nice and sweet to want a nice guy as a boyfriend… but deep down inside us, we don’t FEEL anything for these chumps. So most of us end up dating a jerk, instead.”

But here’s the good news: You don’t have to be a ‘jerk’ or a loser to attract her…

MISTAKE #5: Making too many excuses for yourself (too short, too bald, too broke, too old, etc…)

I realize recently that most guys who visit this site, often say things like:

“If only I was taller meeting a woman would be much easier. If only I lost 30 pounds meeting women would be easier. Once I starting making more money, then I’ll start meeting women…”

I totally understand your problem, because I used to be that guy, too. I used to make A LOT of excuses (Asian, short, broke, homeless, poor sense of style, skinny, ugly, etc.) to make me feel better about getting rejected, and not getting the kind of girl I truly desired.

I thought it was not me actually, but something outside of me — external force — that I really didn’t have any control over…

But, if you look at all those guys who did original research, they’re all old scientists and college professors…

Old, nerdy, and totally out of shape guys. Most of these guys didn’t even have hair to speak of, and one of them was even in a wheelchair…

These guys wanted to date all the hot chicks in their college. They built up Day Game Made Sexy to be the great equalizer… something that could give them an unfair advantage over the tall, good-looking, and muscular boys whose parents were paying everything for them.

Look, every guy on this planet has SOME disadvantage, but at the end of the day, the guy who ends up with that HOT chick is the one who takes MASSIVE ACTION with the ladies… without making any excuses for himself and his desires.

MISTAKE #6: Trying to impress a woman

We men work hard and we want to be respected for that. I totally get it…

We’re MEN, and that’s how we operate.

We work hard, get a promotion, and make more money, and buy us nice things, and we want other people to know about it.

NOTHING’s wrong about it. We men are entitled to get a fair share of recognition…

But, remember this: Never try to impress a woman you’re trying to attract…


Here’s why: If you’re trying to impress a woman, she’ll view it as HUGE insecurity in your part.

So don’t do it.

Women can smell it from a million miles away because they have “sixth” sense to detect male insecurities.

MISTAKE #7: Not asking for help

As men, we don’t want to look weak or helpful. Most guys do not even stop and ask for a direction when they’re lost.

Most guys have a huge ego and they want to “figure everything all by themselves”…

In the past, I used to hang around with friends who were naturals, but I never considered asking for their help.

When I was on a date with a beautiful girl, I would give her a lot of compliments, buy her flowers, write poems and sing songs just to make her happy.

My friend, Fred, who was really good with women, wanted to offer me some advice, but I told him no, it’s okay and “I got this.”

With the next hot chick, I would immediately change my plans for her. I would agree with everything she would say. I would listen to her stories about how she was mistreated by a lot of jerks in the past.

At the end of the date, I would only get a friendly hug, and nothing else – kiss, or ex. Next week, they would never return my calls.

If there’s one thing I learned from my past failures with women, here’s this: You do not get better by making the same mistakes over and over again. You do not get better by getting rejected over and over.

Most guys never seek out help from guys who are successful with women, and hence, they never really improve. They only end up being more fearful, anxious, and nervous as they become older.

Now, I am at the point where I know what really turns a woman on… I have no problem meeting women when I’m out in the street.

I know how to get their numbers. I know where to take them on dates, and currently, I am seeing at least 2 to 3 new girls every week.

By this, my quality of life has improved dramatically. I no longer experience that dreaded approach/social anxiety. I know how to weed out uninterested women, and go for the ones that are highly interested in ME.

All of that was possible thanks to Daytime Pickup: From The Cafes, Malls & Streets… To The ‘Bedroom’ (The Natural Progression). It has helped over 100s of guys and I’m sure it can help you too.

It’s the first program that shows you how to display your identity, build strong emotional connection, and how to escalate to sex… so that women will start to chase YOU. And when a woman makes the first move, it’s practically impossible to get rejected.

Go out and make it happen.


P.S. You can get a full access to Daytime Pickup: From The Cafes, Malls & Streets… To The ‘Bedroom’ (The Natural Progression) right now from the privacy of your own home, in just a few minutes.


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