7 ‘Deadly’ Mistakes Guys Make With Women

7 'Deadly' Mistakes Guys Make With Women


Most men make all kinds of ‘deadly’ mistakes with women — and they do not even have a clue about it. STOP doing anything else and study these top mistakes, revealed in this article, first.  

Personally, I believe the fastest and the easiest way to SKYROCKET your results with women, almost overnite is to…

… STOP doing all the things that might be hampering your successes with women, right now.

7 ‘Deadly’ Mistakes Guys Make With Women

Here are 7 deadly mistakes guys make with women:

MISTAKE #1: “Making Your Move Before She’s Even Ready”

I have done it more than I can count, so if you’re making this mistake, I can understand your pain.

You see a beautiful chick sitting across the room, and you develop a strong feelings for her — you can’t help it — and you start to have this thought raging in your mind: “If only I could show her how I felt about her, she’d be interested in me…”

If you’re like most men, you probably said this to yourself, countless of times, and you  probably regretted doing it, because you suddenly realize it NEVER works. In fact, demonstrating your “feelings” to a girl, especially in the early stages of the dating process, is a MEGA turn-off to most women.

It’s way better if SHE makes the move first.

This way, you can simply lean back and let HER do most of the WORK.

In fact, this is what one of my exes told me few years ago: “I’d rather be IN LOVE with a guy that BE LOVED by him.

I know, it’s counter-intuitive. But if you pay attention to the scientific data on the differences between men and women… you’ll realize that it’s simply our biological programming.

Women like it more when they’re the one chasing YOU… rather than the other way around.

And, the best part is it’s a lot easier, too…

MISTAKE #2: “Showing ‘too’ much interest and chasing women!”

When you CHASE a girl, you revolve your entire life around her. You are emotionally invested in her more than SHE is invested in you.

Here are few examples:

  • You call or text her MORE than she does to you.
  • You give her MORE compliments than she gives to you.
  • You buy her gifts and drinks just to WIN her affection and she doesn’t do any of that sort to you.

And, when you’re invested more than her, she can feel it, because women are very sensitive to this type of thing, and once a woman senses you’re doing the CHASING, this is what she’ll be thinking about you: “Okay, it is pretty obvious that this guy is into me and I have wrapped him around my finger. And, yeah, he is a ‘nice guy’ and I can have him whenever I want, so for a moment, let me see what else is out there first…”

When you CHASE her, you become one of her options. And, if she’s very attractive, you can already imagine that she has plenty of options, already.

After spending thousands of hours with countless attractive women in the past, here’s what I’ve come to realise (it’s quite shocking): An average woman has at least 3 guys chasing her at any given time in her life… (and if she was going outside and meeting men actively, that number can be MUCH higher!)

That’s why it’s really important for you to be that HIGH VALUE guy that makes her CHASE YOU, rather than the other way around…

MISTAKE #3: “Having no clue how women think”

A man and a woman is entirely different from each other, because a man and a woman can have completely different impressions of the same exact situation.

For example, last week, I got stuck with my girlfriend in an elevator, and when we got out, I realized that we’re both focusing on an entirely different things. I was focusing on the “logical” aspects of things, like how to get the doors open, and how to get her attention, among other things, while she was totally immersed in the different emotions of the experience! She was experiencing fear and excitement, and at the same time, building an emotional bonding with me.

Here’s what I want you to understand: Men are dominated by logic and reasonings, on the other hand, a woman’s mind is directed and dominated by emotion, and the strange thing about it that, most of the time what she is thinking and feeling doesn’t even make any sense to her.

That’s why a woman wants a man who truly understands her on a much deeper level — understands her feelings — which is so valuable and rare to her, just like a football coach is highly valuable to a football player.

And even though “From The Streets…To The Sheets” was initially created to help you build skills to approach, connect, and seduce any woman in the streets, it also comes with a STAGGERING “side effect…”

You’re going to understand her even BETTER than she knows herself…  

Okay, moving on to other mistakes…

MISTAKE #4: “Being the nice guy”

When I was having problems with women and didn’t have any success with women, one thought always confused me: “How come a woman say they like boys to be nice with them (nice guys), but always end up with an abusive jerk?”

I never understood this… until recently when a “light-bulb moment” happened to me.

I was out at a party with my girlfriend and her friends. And, after a couple of drinks, I remember, all of her friends started to complain about all the jerks they were dating, and how they only wanted a nice guy…

Later, I asked my girlfriend about it, and…

Here’s what she told me: “Oh yeah, but that’s just we girls are supposed to say. It makes us look nice and sweet to want a nice guy… but deep down inside us, we don’t FEEL anything for nice guys. So most of us end up dating a jerk, instead.”

Counter-intuitive, isn’t it?

But here’s the good news: You DO NOT have to become a jerk to fire up a strong emotions in her…

MISTAKE #5: “Making too many excuses for yourself (too short, too bald, too broke, too old, etc)”

I notice that a lot of guys who visit our site often have to say things like: “If only I was 1 inch taller, meeting and seducing a woman would be much easier… If only I had lost 30 pounds, I would find me sexy and go out on a date… I’ll start dating women only I starts making more money…”

I totally understand why you say this to yourself, because I used to be that guy too who used to make a lot of excuses (Asian, short, not enough money, poor clothing, etc) to make me feel better about getting rejected and not getting the kind of girl I truly wanted (girly and feminine girls).

I thought it was not me actually, but something outside of me — external thing — that was controlling me and I really didn’t have any control over it…

But, if you look at the guys who did original research on developing a system, you’ll notice that they’re all “old scientists” and “college professors” — old, nerdy, and totally out of shape guys — who didn’t even have hair on their head to speak of, and one of them was even in a wheelchair…

These guys wanted to date all the hot chicks in their college. So they built up Daytime Pickup: From The Cafes, Malls & Streets… To The ‘Bedroom’ (The Natural Progression)” to be the great equalizer… something that could give them an unfair advantage over the tall, good-looking, and muscular boys whose parents were paying everything for them.

Look, every guy on this planet has SOME disadvantage, but at the end of the day, the guy who ends up with that HOT chick is the one who takes MASSIVE ACTION with the ladies… without making any excuses for himself and his desires.

MISTAKE #6: “Trying to impress a woman”

We MEN work hard and we want to be respected for that. I get it, totally…

That’s how we operate.

We work hard, get a promotion, and make more money, and we buy us nice things, and we want other people to know about it.

NOTHING’s wrong about it. We men are entitled to get a fair share of recognition… but, remember this: Never try to impress a woman you’re trying to attract.Why?

Here’s why: If you’re trying to impress a woman, she’ll view it as HUGE insecurity in your part. So don’t do it. Women can smell it from million miles away because they have “sixth” sense to detect male insecurities.

MISTAKE #7: “Not getting help”

I know that as men, we don’t want to look weak or helpful, and that’s why, most guys out there do not even stop and seek for a help when they’re really need one. They do not stop and ask for a direction even if they’re lost.

That is because we men are too proud to try and “figure it all ourselves”…

I had several friends who were really good with women, but I never considered asking for their help.

Before, I used to go out with girls who viewed me only as a friend. And, since, I was such ‘a nice guy’ myself, I followed them wherever they used to go. Fred, one of my close friends, whom I consider is very good with women, wanted to offer me some advice on dating and seduction, but I told him no, it’s okay and I ‘got this.’

So, I did all kinds of stupid mistakes with women, that could have easily been prevented only if I was listening to guys who were really successful with women.

Here’s how I was like: On a date, I used to change all of my plans for her. I would immediately agree on everything she would say. I would listen to her past stories about ‘jerks’ who mistreated her. I would buy flowers, sing songs, write bad poetry, and follow her all day like a young puppy following his master.

After the first date, that girl would never return my calls for the second reason.

I thought I would make my move after I became ‘friends’ with her.

No wonder I got “friendzone” a lot of times during the initial stages of my daygame pickup phase.

One important lesson I learned from all of my “rookie” mistakes with girl was this: You do not get better by doing the same mistakes over and over again. You do not get better by getting rejected over and over.

Most guys never seek out help from guys who are naturals with women, and hence, they never really improve. They only end up being more fearful, anxious, and nervous as they become older.

Now, I am at the point where I know what really turns a woman on… I have no problem meeting women when I’m out in the street.

I know how to get their numbers. I know where to take them on dates, and currently, I am seeing at least 2 to 3 new girls every week.

By this, my quality of life has improved dramatically. I no longer experience that dreaded approach/social anxiety. I know how to weed out uninterested women, and go for the ones that are highly interested in ME.

Go out and make it happen.


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So, make sure you check it out, here.

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