7 Behaviours That Is Secretly Destroying Your GAME!


If you are struggling to get the girls you really want … (not the girls stubborn  slightly pudgy girl most guys make their girlfriend)… then you need to understand something REALLY important.

Here is it…

If you focus on weeding out your “negative” behaviours and mindsets… then becoming more attractive becomes way easier than you’ve thought.

Let that sink in your subconscious mind because it is a game changer.

That’s right. The best part is that just by weeding out some of your “unattractive” behaviours is enough to put you a million miles ahead of your competition.

What do I mean by this exactly, you might be wondering?

Well, here’s what I mean…

Back in college days, I remember I was very shy, and a bit awkward socially too.

In fact, I would get stuck into my own head that I couldn’t talk to people. And, I’d second guess everything I was going to say, so as a result, I just sat there keeping my mouth shut the whole time.

Girls would always ask “hey, what’s up with you?” … or “are you even okay?”

And when I finally talk, I had billions of thoughts floating around my head about what I was going to say so much that when it finally came out it appeared as forced and awkward.

In fact, the more I tried to become interesting, cool, and funny… the more awkward and lame I appeared.

Then finally one day, one of my close dudes gave me a piece of advice I had probably heard a million times before but for whatever reason that day it finally sunk in…

“Do NOT over think it. Just talk.”

And from then, I slowly stopped over thinking what I was going to say next and just said the first thing that popped in my mind…

And only a few months later… I met my first girlfriend. (Now, full disclosure, she was that stubborn chubby girl I mentioned just earlier.)

But I have to be honest, I learned a valuable lesson with that experience.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of addition… it’s a matter of subtraction.

(In many ways the whole Daytime Pickup Secrets: The Natural Progression is all about subtracting out all the behaviour she expects…)

What all these means is… it is not about becoming funnier, better looking, or learning how to deliver powerful pickup lines or techniques on women…

… but, sometimes, it’s just about figuring out one or two behaviours that are making you appear “unattractive.”

The key word here is “appear.”

When I sat there in the corner with my mouth SHUT I “appeared” unattractive and awkward.

But when I started to open up and talk more and more I immediately “appeared” like a normal college guy.

Here are 7 behaviours that make you “appear” unattractive:

1. Being “Needy”

What is a needy behaviour? A needy behaviour is when you need a constant reassurance that she likes you when you’re out with a girl.

Asking questions like, “Is everything all right? or “Are you have a great time?” or if she’s your girlfriend and you constantly keep on telling her “I love you” just because you want to hear her say it back to you.

Kill that neediness because you’re acting like you’re not certain if she should like you…. and guess what happens next? She starts to second-guess herself.

2. Being “Clingy”

Clingy behaviour such as doing things like stalking a girl at a party, calling her too much, making plans with her, not giving her space, or just being “around” too much.

When you act “clingy” girls see you as unattractive because they assume you have no other options.

3. Being “Too Nice”

Yes, I struggled with this for years. It feels so good to want to help her, do things for her, act like a gentleman, compliment her, or be the perfect listener.

But, this type of behaviour often sparks a “friend” vibe that damages any chances of you creating a sexual attraction in her.

4. Being “Creepy”

Here are certain types of behaviour that comes across as “creepy” to girls.

– Asking her too many personal questions too soon
– Staring at her for too long even before starting a conversation
– Knowing a lot of things about her even before you meet her (she feels like you just stalked her on Facebook).
– Making sexual references even before establishing trust, comfort, and familiarity.

Creepiness is a huge turn off for girls because it makes them feel that they’ll be forced into doing something they don’t want to or they’ll be taken advantage of. Not the kind of “vibe” you want to project on the girl you’re into.

5. Being “unfunny”

What does it mean when I say being “unfunny.”

When you try to come across as a “try hard” or when you don’t realize your jokes aren’t making anyone laugh, that’s when you’re being “unfunny.” And guess what? Girls can pick that immediately.

This is a huge turn off for many girls because it makes you “socially unintelligent” man. She starts to think that you’re not used to hanging around with fun and cool people.

6. Being “scared.”

I admit. I used to suffer from this issue for a very, very long time. I was too afraid to approach her, too scared to talk to her, too scared to ask her out, too afraid to invite her back to my place, too scared to go in for the kiss, or even undress her…

If you are being “scared” to do any of these things… the girl’s attraction will plummet asap because it makes you appear as unconfident and inexperienced guy.

Here’s the good news: if you’re not “too scared” to any of these things, it’ll only have a completely opposite effect. It makes you confident, attractive and experienced.

7. Dressing poorly.

I am not into fashion, but I’m clever enough to realize what is stylish and what is not. It surprises me to see so many guys who do not want to put any effort into wearing anything fashionable.

But if you just put a little bit of time, thought and money into what you’re wearing, you’ll dramatically improve your success rate with women. Yes, girls notice what you’re wearing… especially your shoes.

So don’t beat around the bush. Be honest with yourself. Which negative behaviour from this list would you like to work on improving?

For most of my life, I was guilty of almost all of these behaviours. Yes, I had been that “creepy” guy too.

But the most important thing is to realize your mistakes and be honest with yourself and work on eliminating them… once and for all.

Here’s a quick fact that’ll explode your mind:

Besides your physical appearance, which is only a small part…. being free of these seven sins is what makes you more attractive in women’s eyes.

If you just focus on not doing any of these seven things, you’ll notice a lot of women checking out you, talking to you, and even giving you their number, because you seem VERY VERY  attractive to them.

Stay chill.


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