6 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills, Instantly!

improve communication skills

I just wrote an article on effective communication skills.

If you want to build confidence, and drive hordes of attractive women into your life, learning how to communicate effectively is essential. I grabbed some of these powerful ways to improve your communication skills, as fast as possible, from my book, “Daytime Pickup: “The Natural Progression”

Now, of course, there are plenty of resources on the web to improve your communication skills, which you can read, absorb, and use into your daily interactions with the ladies so that you can also become more confident, outgoing, social, and an attractive man.

Here’s good news: Not only is it possible to learn effective communication skills, but learning this number 1 skill is way easier than you have imagined.

Just imagine for a second how your life would be if only you could effortlessly eliminate all your shyness, hesitation, and self-doubt, and actually build genuine confidence to attract almost everything — money, fame, and women — into your life.

Have you ever observed someone who seem to be really good at socializing with others?

Learning effective communication skills will not only give you all the ammunition you need to know “what to say” in any social settings, but it will also help you instantly become an attractive man that others want to hang out with.

So by now I assume you already know the importance of building effective communication skills so that you can meet more interesting people — including attractive women — handle awkward silences diligently, accept rejection gracefully, and win the appreciation/approval of all those you encounter.

With effective communication skills, you’ll able to…

  • read social signals — body language and non-verbal messages — of others…
  • solve problems effectively, and…
  • develop the ability to resolve any critical situations, effortlessly.

As you begin to learn how to have a conversation with a girl/woman, you’ll slowly start to build your self-esteem, and your self-confidence will soar high to a new level, making you even more successful and attractive male that you desire to be.

Before I go on and reveal you 6 effective communication strategies, here are few more free articles on the topic of developing effective communication skills.

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Alright, cool!

Now, here are 6 effective communication steps you can immediately learn, absorb, and  use in your interaction with a girl/woman and get better results — more phone numbers, dates, and even relationships:

Step #1 Towards Building Effective Communication Skills: “Be Aware Of Your Interaction With Women.”

The first step towards improving your communication skills is to be aware of your own interaction with others.

Learning how to identify different social situations that make you feel uncomfortable, and tweaking your approach accordingly to achieve better — positive — results from interactions is a crucial step towards learning how to improve communication skills.

So next time you’re having a conversation with a girl, pay attention to her behaviours that make you respond in a negative way, and take ‘proper’ action to change your responses to make the situation a more positive experience for both of you.

Step #2 Towards Building Effective Communication Skills: “Take Responsibility Of Your Behavior & Apologize For Insensitive Responses”

You must be willing to take full responsibility for your behaviour and never sigh away from asking for an apology for any insensitive actions or errors in judgement in your part.

The best way to improve your communication skills is to ask others for their honest feedback regarding your interactions with others. If the feedback is ‘negative,’ accept it — do not take it personally — and immediately make necessary changes in your interactions with others.

Step #3 Towards Building Effective Communication Skills: “Your Non-Verbal Communication Is As Important As Your Verbal Communication Skills”

Your ‘non-verbal communication’ — aka your body language — is also as important as your verbal communication. Having a positive body language is really important in your interactions with the ladies.

And if your words (“what you say”) does not match up with your actions (“what you do”) you’ll keep on struggling in social interactions with girls or women or others.

Step #4 Towards Building Effective Communication Skills: “Become A ‘Pro-active Listener'”

If you truly want to improve your communication skills, start becoming an active listener too. There’s a truth in the age-old saying, “A good communicator is a good listener?”

You must be both interesting and interested.

Fight the urge to say something immediately after she is finished talking. Rather, summarize what you’ve heard to her, and ask her if that’s what she meant, and you’ll notice her literally flying in front of you.

Listen — and try to understand — everything she is trying to communicate with you.

Don’t offer advices or criticisms without really understanding her intentions, which will only lead you towards more frustrations.

Step #5 Towards Building Effective Communication Skills: “Improving Your Communication Skills Is An ‘On-Going Process’…”

Improving your communication skills is an ‘on-going process,’ and hence, do not expect to master it overnight. If you try to change or improve a lot of things at once, it will only work against you — you’ll only become overwhelmed and discouraged.

Rather, select one or two personality traits that you want to work on first, and then master it over a period of time before trying to solve the next one.

Step #6 Towards Building Effective Communication Skills: “Take Full Advantage Of Your Positive Personality Traits”

Identify your key — positive — personality traits and use them in your interactions with women to get maximum results — more phone numbers, dates, instant dates, etc.

Both effective communication and active listening skills are essential communication tools that can be used in your interactions with others to improve your communication skills.

So if you’re new to improving your communication skills, focus on few major areas: active listening skills, understand body language, solve problems/conflicts, and accept responsibility for your negative responses.

Always remember: Self-awareness, determination, and consistentcy can make you a social, outgoing, and confident guy, overtime.

With effective communiation skills, you can have everything you want in life — money, fame, love — but the first step towards that journey starts now.

No one is born with the ability to strike up a conversation with others.

“Effective communication IS A Learned skill!”

You only need get hold of ‘a proven method’ to improve your communication skills and stick to it until you master it, and soon, you’ll be amazed by all the positive results from all your interactions — more phone numbers, dates, and even relationships — with beautiful attractive women.

Even though some people fear otherwise, effective communication skills can be learned and developed by anyone of at least of average intelligence. You can kiss “goodbye” to all the difficulties you’ve been having in the past and start to make rapid progress with the ladies, starting now.

The only thing that matters is having access to ‘a proven method’ you can use for the rest of your life.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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