6 Essential Features Of A Good Conversation

6 Essential features of a good conversation!

A good conversation help you build rapport, emotionally connect with her, make you a 3-dimentional person, displays your attractive qualities, and leads to sexuality.

Here there, what’s up?

  • So do you want to have a conversation with someone — including beautiful girls — that is fun, playful, and flirty, and not boring and lame?
  • Do you want to display all your interesting qualities to her so that she’ll remember you over all the guys who have approached her in the past?
  • Do you wish to build a strong rapport, and connect with her emotionally, so that she’ll be talking about you obsessively with her best friends the next morning on the phone?

If you answered “yes” to any of these three questions, I’ll bet you’ll find this post useful. In this post, you’ll discover six essential features of a good conversation that no conversation expert will ever want you to know.

So let’s dive into it.

6 essential features of a good conversation:

Essential Feature #1 Of A Good Conversation: “A Good Conversation Builds Rapport”

Good conversation topics allow you and the other person — a girl you’re out on a date with — relate to each other, which helps build trust, and build a strong connection with her. Once there’s a certain level of harmonious relation between the two of you, then she’ll more likely put her guards down, and become much more excited to having a conversation with you.

Essential Feature #2 Of A Good Conversation: “A Good Conversation Connects People Emotionally”

We people walk around in our daily life as if we’re “bored” with life. The daily chores and the things to do keeps us from experiencing any kind of real emotions. And then we start to crave emotions as we our life becomes deviod of it. But if you can make small talk about topics that can make her touch base with all those long forgotten — and repressed — “positive” emotions, she’ll more likely to open up to you, than if you’d only talk to her about boring mundane stuffs — does she come there often, and what did she do last night, and which school did she go to?

Essential Feature #3 Of A Good Conversation: “A Good Conversation Make You A Three-Dimentional.”

When you approach a girl to have a chitchat, she finds it very difficulty differentiating you from all the other hundreds of clueless dudes who’d approached her in the past. For her, it would be much easier to place you in with them all and simply forget about you.

This is why it’s very important that you immediately talk about topics that’ll put you in a “positive” light, and create a unique identity for you. And it would be even more exciting if you could add a few contradictions to your identity. (For example, you love poetry … but you’re also a boxer.) This will not only make you an unpredictable, but she’ll also start to fantasize of having fun with you in different types of life’s scenarios.

Essential Feature #4 Of A Good Conversation: “A Good Conversation Hooks The Other Person To Keep A Conversation Flowing.”

Your job as a conversationalist is to get to the point where she can effortlessly let her guards down, open up to you, express her deep emotions — feelings –, and become heavily invested in the conversation with you. And the best way to do this is to offer her enough hooks — good conversation topics — acting as a “bait” so that she can immediately latch onto it and respond to you in a way that she has never done with any other folks.

Essential Feature #5 Of A Good Conversation: “A Good Conversation Displays Your Attractive Qualities”

Certain masculine characteritics are very attractive to women, like social proof, passionate, adventurous, worldly, leader of men, and pre-selected by other women. The more of these attractive traits a conversation help you talk about, the better your interaction will be, which in turn will help you land a second date, or even take things to a “next level.”

Essential Feature #6 Of A Good Conversation: “A Good Conversation Leads To Sexuality.”

Building sexual tension is very important if you want to spark a sexual attraction in a girl, and your conversation topics must allow you to do this exactly, which means that that a good conversation must be visceral; it should build an undercurrent of sexuality; it should lead to touching.

Keeping these six features of a good conversation in mind can help you never run of good topics to say to a girl, keep the conversation flowing, and make small talk much more fun, playful, and exciting.

Stay Chill

Abishek Rana

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