5 Masculine Traits That ATTRACT Women, Instantly

5 masculine traits women desire in a man

Back in the old days, it wasn’t that difficult to be a man.

You grew a moustache, drank beers and whiskey, and fought with total strangers in the streets. You smoked meat, smelt like diesel fuel, and women appreciated you for it.

At least, that’s how it was back in the day. I have no idea, I wasn’t born during the 30s.

But, let me tell you this: you should not sigh away from displaying your manly habits to women just because you think they might not like it.

Just like you’re attracted to women’s feminine traits that makes her so attractive, she’s gravitated to all your masculine traits that attract women.

Here are 5 masculine traits that attract women, almost instantly:

1. Stand up for yourself, more

Women get turned ON when you are not scared of a confrontation.

In the past, I lived my life thinking just the opposite.

I thought if I stood up for a bully, I would somehow turn a girl off because I thought I was not being cool, calm, and collected.

Let me tell you about me: I am not a fighter. In fact, I have never got into a fight with anyone while I was in school.

But in recent days, I’ve been taking no bullshit — especially in social situations — from anyone, and it’s giving me better results.

Let me give you an example.

Few months ago, I was at a birthday party of one of my closest friends, and I met a guy who was getting on my nerves for no particular reason. Not only that, this lunatic was harassing almost everyone else at the party. All of a sudden, he then bumped into me and saying nasty things to me while I was walking towards the bathroom. I shouted at him, saying, if he has anything to say to me, we could both have a conversation outside.

It was a very unpleasant situation. Almost everything — the music, the conversations, and the laughter — came down to a dead stop. Really, it was like a scene in a movie, where the needle scratches off the record. But he backed down eventually, I walked over and sat next to a girl I had been talking and apologized for getting so worked up.

“Sorry, I am usually not that guy, anyway,” I said.

She didn’t even take a second to reply.

“Do not apologize. You just got me so f#ckin’ horny.”

Yeah, that’s what she told me, exactly.

Now, of course, you won’t get that type of direct response from a girl always, but many times where I’ve stood up for myself, I’ve noticed that it has worked out for myself very well.

This applies to your opinions and values as well.

Be stubborn and do not give up on an issue, easily.

Yeah, I know, it is contradictory to everything you might have learned — creating rapport, playing it calm, cool, and collected, etc. — but that’s what women really like.

Warning: That doesn’t mean you go out and look for fights. Nobody wants to be with a guy who is over-aggressive and ruins others nights (being that guy won’t get you laid.)

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2. Get a new haircut.

Most modern men are obsessed with over-grooming, but you only need a really good old-fashioned haircut.

You do not need to go crazy on this and get a haircut every other week before you go out for daytime pickup. You only need a haircut every 5 to 6 weeks or so.

But make sure to go.

Just ask any woman, and they’ll immediately tell you hair is one of the first things she’ll judge you on.


If you looked groomed, clean, and healthy, you tell her, subtly, that you’re good for breeding. It’s that plain and simple.

And, make sure to go to a “barber shop” like a real man, not to a “hairstylist” or “salon.”


Well, for various reasons…

Firstly, it is cheaper.

And, secondly, if you to a barbershop regularly, any barber who is really good at his work will be quickly able to see your current hairstyle and give you a good haircut from there.

You might also benefit if you learn few haircut terms and styles before you sit on the chair. Knowing if you prefer a “Low and tight, high and tight, and slick back, etc” will save you a lot of time.

Also, if getting your neck shaves with a straight razor isn’t manly, then I don’t really know what is.

3. Dress like a man.

Women are also going to judge you based on how you dress. So dressing your age is super critical.

If you’re a 25-year-old but still dress like a teenager — wearing t-shirts that cover yur body and jeans hanging low on the waist — don’t do it.

Instead, wear shirts and pants that fit you well.

For shoes, when you’re not training, don’t wear trainers, or extravagant sneakers. That’s for the kids.

Anything casual, be it dress, shoes, and boots, is good. And, if you want to wear a sneaker, stick with the classics like Van Eras, Chuck Taylors, or Sperry Top-Siders.

4. Self-improvement and ambition.

You should always be chasing your DREAMS and strive to live your life to the fulles. You should always be trying to do better in whatever you’re doing. DO NOT not settle for anything less.

Having big goals, vision, and dreams for your life, is extremely sexy to women.

Important thing: You must actually TAKE ACTION and go after all those things you talk and dream about. Women don’t phoney men, and, as time passes by, she’ll eventually find out really who you are .

A real man always sticks to his word, and when he does that, he instantly STANDS OUT from all other beta males.

Last week, while I was having a conversation with this new girl I was dating, she said something to me that I still remember:

“It’s awesome, you always did what you said you will. I haven’t met a guy who does that.”

She remembered that as a unique quality of mine that instantly separated me from other guys, and that’s what kept her attracted to me.

5. Excellent communication skills.

Most guys lack one ‘major’ skill — which is also a ‘heart’ of any interaction — that keeps them from getting girls. It’s the one vital skill that separates a beginner in the game from the pros: their inability to communicate well with a woman.

A lot of guys lose girls not because they’re short, ugly, poor, but simply because of poor — ineffective — communication skill.

Whether you’re sharing a story about a foreign city you just visited last month, you’re presenting an idea to your boss and the team at the office, or asking for a direction to a “stranger” in the streets, you need to communicate effectively.

I’m not going to sugarcoat things though, there’s much more than just communication, but it’s the KEY skill to a woman’s heart.

When you learn how to talk with women effectively, you’ll easily able to …

  • Get the type of life you’ve always dreamt ofwhenever and however you want it.
  • Make women feel great by spiking all kinds of “feel-good emotions” so that you have more control over the interaction (and, even predict the outcome of the interaction).
  • Express yourself clearly to others so that everyone understands you…
  • And, most importantly, get BETTER results with women — more phone numbers, dates (or “instant dates”), a girlfriend or even a wife, effortlessly.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. If you want to learn how to talk to women in the streets, cafes, and malls, or anywhere under the sun, make an ever-lasting first impression, build a strong emotional connection, and build sexual tension so that she follows your lead and goes back to your apartment… then here’s a kick-ass resource just for YOU.



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