5 (Easy) Verbal Foreplay Examples: Get Her Dripping With Anticipation

get her dripping with anticipation
get her dripping with anticipation


When it comes to banging a woman, most guys are like motorboats.

Here’s what I mean: Most guys get turned on and revved up in only a few seconds… and they slow down and get turned off in a matter of seconds, too… just like motorboats.

On the other hand, women are more like cruise ships. For them, it takes a little longer to get her started, but once you do…

… there’s NO stopping her.

And, the interesting thing is: You’re in for a ride of your life.

So, why’s that relevant to you?

If you want to get a girl really horny for you… no, not just that slightly turned on, but absurdly obsessed about having sex with you…

then you gotta start her early, and take your time.

And by “start her” I mean you gotta do it within a few seconds of meeting her.

It’s easy. You only have to say THESE words to unleash that wild side out of her.

And, within a few minutes, she’ll be dripping wet and you’ll be 100% certain that she wants to bang you… all before you even kiss her!

But, let me WARN you first: DO NOT try to get sexual immediately with her, like most guys do…

Instead, you gotta tease her and make her wait for it. You see, to make her WET… you gotta WAIT. It’s all the simple.

Here are 5 easy examples you can try right away:

1st example. Right after 5 minutes into meeting her, “I can already tell our first kiss is going to be amazing. BTW…”

2nd example. When you’re writing a text to set up a date, “Just so you know, I may try to steal a kiss or two… Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.”

3rd example. If you’ll meet her somewhere crowded, “I’m near the bar… Come and find me and you might get the world’s sexiest kiss of all time… or maybe just a drink ;)”

4th example. When you’re flirting with her at a party, “That’s it, we need a time out… But I’m coming back over here in 10 minutes… and you’re gonna get it, missy.”

5th example. Before you meet her for the second date, “Just so you know… you’re getting the sexiest kiss ever when you see me, right?”

Get it?


Your job is simple here:  TEASE her… and make her THINK about something sexual… and leave it hanging there.

Doing this will make her mind go crazy with anticipation… and she’ll start to feel that rush of endorphins as she knows you’re getting closer and closer…

… and when she finally gets somewhere alone with you…?


Go out and make it happen.


P.S. If you’d like to learn more on how to get her dripping wet with anticipation, check out this resource.


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