3 Simple, Yet Proven “Innocent” Touches That AROUSE A Girl, Sexually (WITHIN MINUTES!)


After a long time learning the chops of Day Game — meeting and dating girl on the streets during the day — I finally discovered one secret: it’s completely fine to touch girls on first meeting.

I still remember that day, when I was at a local bar, hanging out with my friends and talking to this young HOT blonde. Just a couple of minutes after talking with her, a little voice in my head started to say some cool stuff…  for a change, I guess.

It was goading me to “touch her”, instead of telling me NOT to.

So, that’s what I did…

I hurled my arm over her shoulder and squeeze her just a little bit (in a playful way, of course) and said the first thing that came to my mind, something like “you’re adorable.” And the rest is history…

So in today’s article, I’m going to share you 3 simple and easy ways you can touch a girl today and show to her that you’re a CONFIDENT and SEXUAL man, and take your interaction to more “intimate level” (sexual level)… WITHIN MINUTES on your first meeting.

Are you ready?

Okay, so here you go.

3 simple yet insanely effective way to touch a woman on your first meeting… and make her fantasize about you in a sexual way, quick:

1. Touch her hand(s)

Now I have to admit I have skipped this crucial step of physical escalation many times with girls, especially when I learning to meet women during the day on the streets. But now, I know what I’m doing, and hence, I don’t really take these baby steps like I used to.

But, on the other hand, if it’s your first date situation or you’re a little older than her or you’re learning how to escalate a girl physically… then I personally believe “touching her hand” is the best way to bring an element of sexuality into your interaction… WITHOUT coming across as a “creep.”

There are 3 simple ways you can touch her hands:

You can…

  1. Grab her hand and hold it (or if you want to make her feel more sensual, you can lay one of your hands on top of hers and lock your fingers with hers.)
  2. Or, if she has a small hands, you can tell that her hands are small by saying something like, “Lol, you’ve got small hands there!” Then you can compare your hands with hers, and start touching them, etc… (Note: if her hands are large, SKIP this step!)
  3. Or, you can ask her, “Hey, let me give you a hand massage,” or “let’s play the hand slap game,” or “let’s play thumb wrestling”

2. Touch her hair

This escalation method works like a charm!

You may probably have heard from your grandmother that “if a woman lets you touch her hair that means she is READY to kiss you.” Now, I haven’t tested this theory to get a definite “Yes” answer, but l can say something with 100% certainty: every girl who let me touch her hair HAS let me give her a smooch on her lips.

And guess what? I have NEVER met a girl who told me not to touch her hair.

Got your attention? Sure I did. 🙂

So what this means is that IF you skip this crucial step, you’re bound to get her cheek… instead of her lips.

And while doing this, make sure to throw in a witty line, something like,” Wow, your hair is smooth and shiny…” or if you want to be more playful, can tell her “God, I could look after your hair all day, it’s so soft…”

3. Touch her waist

This move is SO darn effective that I only use it on the girl who has given me all possible “green” signs to go ahead, like locking her eyes with mine while standing only few centimeters from me.

And touching her waist is quite easy. You only have to place your hands on her side and curl your fingers around her back so that you can easily grab her and pull her towards you. If you’re able to touch her like this, it’s sends a subtle message to her that says you’re the type of guy who is confident and not afraid/shy of escalating on a beautiful INTERESTED girl like her… and that you’re capable of making it happen again.

Note: while you’re doing this to her, make sure to talk in a LOW voice so that she has to lean closer to hear you speak. Works like a charm in a busy and noisy club. Just pull her near you and whisper right into her ear while grabbing her waist with your hands… and then she’ll immediately KNOW things are about to get exciting from here.

Stay chill!


P.S. For more ways to touch a girl you just met and bring her back to your aparment…  check out this AMAZING resource.

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