3 Simple Ways To Touch A Girl You Like (And Turn Things “Sexual,” Instantly)!

how to touch a girl

How To Touch A Girl You Like And Get Her Hot And Steamy

I still remember the day when I first understood that it was “normal” to touch girls that you’ve just met on the streets, cafes, and bars. I was at a shopping mall, hanging out alone, when I saw this young redhead, all by herself, doing window shopping.

I approached her and started talking to her.

After just a couple of minutes into the interaction, the little voice inside my head started saying cool stuff to me.

Instead of encouraging me to NOT to touch her, the little voice was goading me on, “Go Abishek, go!”

So that’s what I did…

I hurled my 20-year-old arm around her shoulder and gave her a little squeeze, and said, “You’re cool.” And the rest is history…

So if you’re clueless on how to touch a girl you like and turn things “sexual,” in this article, you’ll find 3 simple (and easy) ways to touch a girl, starting today, which will help establish yourself as a man immediately in her eyes so that you take things on a sexual level, really fast with her:

Here are 3 easy ways to touch a girl you like:

#1 ways to touch a girl: “Touch her hand”

Back in my high school days, I often skipped the hand touch, because when you’re in a college party environment, you really don’t need to go step by step to touch a girl.

But if you’re older — in your 20s or 30s — and you’re in your first date type of situation, then touching her hand is the best way to let her know that you’re sexually interested in her without coming across try hard or a creep.

There are two ways to touch a girl you like. You can either simply grab her hand and start holding it, or, if you want to become more sensual with it, you can put your hand right over hers and interlock your fingers.

And if the girl you’re interacting has tiny hands, tell her that she has a small hand, by saying something like, “Wow, you’ve got really tiny little cute hands!” and then hold it in your hands, and compare them against yours. (Side note: If she has big hands, also known as ‘man hands’ you can skip this tactic!)

Another way to touch a girl is to ask if she’d like to play a thumbs war game, hand slap game, or tell her you to want to give her a hand massage.

#2 ways to touch a girl: “Touch her hair”

This kino escalation tactic is really amazing.

You may probably have heard about a theory that if a girl lets you touch her hair, she’ll let you kiss her too.

Well I have not tested this “theory” to conclude that it’s 100% accurate, but one thing is for certain: Every girl I’ve met in the bars, cafes, metro stations, or malls, who let me touch their hair HAS let me kiss her too, and not a single one of them told me to stay away from their hair.

The only times that women didn’t give me their cheeks were the times that I totally skipped this vital step.

Usually, when I pull to do this kino escalation, I also throw in a cheesy line like, “Wow, is that your real hair or it’s just a wig? Let me check,” or “Damn, I could pet your hair all day, it’s so shiny and soft…” as I start to touch her hair.

While lines such as these may sound corny, but they work like a charm.

#3 ways to touch a girl: “Touch her waist”

This kino escalation move is so potent, I only use it on girls who have given me clear signs that they’re interested, like looking me straight in my eyes while standing close and talking to me for a couple of minutes.

And it is easy to pull off too. You only have to lay your hands — palm and fingers — on her side, slightly above her pelvic bone so that your fingers sort of turn around her behind so that you can pull her just a bit. If you touch her waist this way, it’ll give her a clear signal that you’re not afraid to step up to the challenge and handle your business like a man.

Few things to keep in mind: You must be talking to her in a low voice as you pull off this tactic. In order to do that, you must be standing really close to her so that you can whisper softly into her ear.

But if you’re in a loud club/bar, pull her right in and talk straight into her ear.

Also, make sure to grab her waist with both your hands… she’ll eventually realize that things are about to get fun…

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