3 Simple Techniques To Develop A Playful “Vibe” Around Women

how to develop a playful vibe around women

How to ignite the right playful and flirty “vibe” around woman and make her attracted to you, almost instantly!

Hey there. What’s up?

Having a fun, playful, and engaging conversation with a girl is the first step you should master if you want to get what you want from a girl. But, unfortunately, having fun, engaging, and playful conversation is effortless for some while it’s a complete mystery for others bloke.

Some guys seem to have it all figured out: they can effortlessly walk over to any girl they’re attracted to and be able to talk to her in such a way that’ll make her laugh, giggle, and have fun.

If you’re struggling with this issue, understand that you’re not alone. I’ve been there many times before.

Back in the days, when I was not good with girls, I used to believe that some guys knew the “secret” formula to have a great time with any girls they like, while I thought I was totally clueless about what that “secret” was.

When I was in my college, one time I spent almost 3 months trying to flirt with the girl, who was a perfect-looking voluptuous blonde girl and served at our college cafeteria. I’d always ask how her day was, smile every time she came up to me, and would agree to help her if she needed any help. It took me almost another month to get her name, Janette. When she knew my name after a week or so, I took it as a cue that I should get her number. And even after four more lunches together, I still had not summoned up the courage to ask her out.

That’s when this ugly guy barged in the cafeteria and sat right next to me and Janette.

As soon as he sat down beside us, he made Janette laugh out loud as she took his order. He was clearly flirting with her when she brought him his food. I thought she would not pay attention to him, but she didn’t. In fact, after she had finished serving everyone, she went back and sat down right next to this guy. By the time I was finished eating, this guy was already asking for her number. Before he left, he even went in for a kiss on the cheek, and to my chagrin, she gave it to him.

Now, of course, I literally dropped on the floor and felt like a pathetic chump after that lunch. But as soon as I went back to my apartment, I replayed back what I heard and saw that ugly guy say/do to her. I completely deconstructed everything, and tried to copy his “method” over the next year in my college with other girls.

I immediately noticed a big difference: I never found myself again in similar situation like the one with Janette and that ugly guy, because I finally figured out three key factors that almost every conversation must contain with every girl in every possible situations.

These are the exact three methods that made it super easy for that ugly-looking at the cafeteria to score with Janette.

Here are those three key secrets you need include in your conversation to develop a playful “vibe” that women find extremely attractive:

1. Be curious.

What I mean by this is that you need to be curious about her as a person, besides viewing her as a beauty contestant. You’re not going to interview her when you talk with her, you’re basically finding some simple answers to questions like:

  • What turns her on?
  • What things does she care about in life?
  • What things does she find funny?
  • How does she respond when I flirt with her?
  • How would she react to the idea of me getting physical with her?

You see, you could go on and on these types of questions. In fact, the questions you ask her to find out about her as a person is not that important. What is more important right now is having a curious mindset and then embracing it.

So, if you approach her and have a conversation with her with a genuine curiosity about her and not her looks, you’ll never have to worry about running out of things to say or ask to her.

In fact, the questions you’ll ask her will be playful, flirty, fun, and most importantly, honest.

2. Be cheeky.

You do not want to be rude to a girl, but only slightly. Being cheeky, bold, or irreverent can bring out the playful and funny side of her, and she’ll view you as someone who’s different than others, and she’ll flirt with you too.

Warning: Do not overdo it.

This type of conversation jolts her out of the mundane (boring) state of mind she often gets into when she’s talking to guys because it completely surprises her.

For example:

I was having a little chit-chat with a girl at a bar one time, and she was wearing this John Lennon glasses on (she still looked totally hot, though). Here’s what I asked her: “Do you take off your glasses or keep them on during sex.”

Now, of course, you need to see what’s going on around you, but you also might also break them off or knock them off if you get too… excited. You know what I mean? So tell me what you do? I am just dying to know about it.”

A bit of surprising and just a little bit of irreverent, but also kind of non-threatening and funny.

Here’s another way you can be cheeky with girls: Make an overstatement or obvious lie when she asks you a question. Then, once you’ve made it, wait for a few seconds before giving her the real answer.

In just a few seconds, I’m going to show you how to avoid being overly cheeky with girls (because trust me when I say this, you can get it on-so-wrong and completely blow up your chances with her.)

But, let me first talk about…

3. Bring fun.

Fun is the fuel of any conversations. If you’re having fun, then other people, including beautiful chicks, are naturally going to open up to you. They’ll be all ears and eyes as to what you’re doing and what you’re saying.

There’s also another incredible reason why having fun always works with chicks: if she’s having fun with you, she’ll stop thinking logically, and start thinking emotionally. She won’t be saying in the back of he mind, “Well, is this guy any good for me?” or “What are his weaknesses?” Instead, she’ll be thinking “this feels fun, and I just want to go along with it.”

Now, how do you bring the element of fun into the conversation, you might be thinking.

Here’s how: The easiest way to bring fun into the conversation is to make fun of yourself. Admit that you like cheesy pop music or agree that you’ve watched every episode of The Wonder Years at least five times. This keeps the interaction fun, light, and playful, and it also brings her out of the expectations that she has for other guys in general: that they’ll try to impress and brag.

Admitting these humorous things should not feel embarrassing; quite the opposite, it’ll actually make you attractive in her eyes.

Another thing I like to do with girls is to give them a fake palm reading. Not only it increases the level of fun, but it also gives you a lot of opportunities to get more playful, fun, and flirty with her, and it also gives you an opportunity to get your first innocent physical contact with her.

To sum it all

So now that you know these three secret ingredients that can really improve your interactions with women and prevent you from ever feeling out of your depth, what you need to learn next is how to put these things to work for you in a real situation.

Stay chill.


P.S. BTW, if you’d like to learn how to make small talk fun, playful, and flirtatious, and create a good vibe, almost instantly you enter into the conversation with her, then here’s a free resource to do that exactly.

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