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7 Behaviours That Is Secretly Destroying Your GAME!


If you are struggling to get the girls you really want … (not the girls stubborn  slightly pudgy girl most guys make their girlfriend)… then you need to understand something REALLY important.

Here is it…

If you focus on weeding out your “negative” behaviours and mindsets… then becoming more attractive becomes way easier than you’ve thought.

Let that sink in your subconscious mind because it is a game changer.

That’s right. The best part is that just by weeding out some of your “unattractive” behaviours is enough to put you a million miles ahead of your competition.

What do I mean by this exactly, you might be wondering?

Well, here’s what I mean…

Back in college days, I remember I was very shy, and a bit awkward socially too.

In fact, I would get stuck into my own head that I couldn’t talk to people. And, I’d second guess everything I was going to say, so as a result, I just sat there keeping my mouth shut the whole time.

Girls would always ask “hey, what’s up with you?” … or “are you even okay?”

And when I finally talk, I had billions of thoughts floating around my head about what I was going to say so much that when it finally came out it appeared as forced and awkward.

In fact, the more I tried to become interesting, cool, and funny… the more awkward and lame I appeared.

Then finally one day, one of my close dudes gave me a piece of advice I had probably heard a million times before but for whatever reason that day it finally sunk in…

“Do NOT over think it. Just talk.”

And from then, I slowly stopped over thinking what I was going to say next and just said the first thing that popped in my mind…

And only a few months later… I met my first girlfriend. (Now, full disclosure, she was that stubborn chubby girl I mentioned just earlier.)

But I have to be honest, I learned a valuable lesson with that experience.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of addition… it’s a matter of subtraction.

(In many ways the whole Daytime Pickup Secrets: The Natural Progression is all about subtracting out all the behaviour she expects…)

What all these means is… it is not about becoming funnier, better looking, or learning how to deliver powerful pickup lines or techniques on women…

… but, sometimes, it’s just about figuring out one or two behaviours that are making you appear “unattractive.”

The key word here is “appear.”

When I sat there in the corner with my mouth SHUT I “appeared” unattractive and awkward.

But when I started to open up and talk more and more I immediately “appeared” like a normal college guy.

Here are 7 behaviours that make you “appear” unattractive:

1. Being “Needy”

What is a needy behaviour? A needy behaviour is when you need a constant reassurance that she likes you when you’re out with a girl.

Asking questions like, “Is everything all right? or “Are you have a great time?” or if she’s your girlfriend and you constantly keep on telling her “I love you” just because you want to hear her say it back to you.

Kill that neediness because you’re acting like you’re not certain if she should like you…. and guess what happens next? She starts to second-guess herself.

2. Being “Clingy”

Clingy behaviour such as doing things like stalking a girl at a party, calling her too much, making plans with her, not giving her space, or just being “around” too much.

When you act “clingy” girls see you as unattractive because they assume you have no other options.

3. Being “Too Nice”

Yes, I struggled with this for years. It feels so good to want to help her, do things for her, act like a gentleman, compliment her, or be the perfect listener.

But, this type of behaviour often sparks a “friend” vibe that damages any chances of you creating a sexual attraction in her.

4. Being “Creepy”

Here are certain types of behaviour that comes across as “creepy” to girls.

– Asking her too many personal questions too soon
– Staring at her for too long even before starting a conversation
– Knowing a lot of things about her even before you meet her (she feels like you just stalked her on Facebook).
– Making sexual references even before establishing trust, comfort, and familiarity.

Creepiness is a huge turn off for girls because it makes them feel that they’ll be forced into doing something they don’t want to or they’ll be taken advantage of. Not the kind of “vibe” you want to project on the girl you’re into.

5. Being “unfunny”

What does it mean when I say being “unfunny.”

When you try to come across as a “try hard” or when you don’t realize your jokes aren’t making anyone laugh, that’s when you’re being “unfunny.” And guess what? Girls can pick that immediately.

This is a huge turn off for many girls because it makes you “socially unintelligent” man. She starts to think that you’re not used to hanging around with fun and cool people.

6. Being “scared.”

I admit. I used to suffer from this issue for a very, very long time. I was too afraid to approach her, too scared to talk to her, too scared to ask her out, too afraid to invite her back to my place, too scared to go in for the kiss, or even undress her…

If you are being “scared” to do any of these things… the girl’s attraction will plummet asap because it makes you appear as unconfident and inexperienced guy.

Here’s the good news: if you’re not “too scared” to any of these things, it’ll only have a completely opposite effect. It makes you confident, attractive and experienced.

7. Dressing poorly.

I am not into fashion, but I’m clever enough to realize what is stylish and what is not. It surprises me to see so many guys who do not want to put any effort into wearing anything fashionable.

But if you just put a little bit of time, thought and money into what you’re wearing, you’ll dramatically improve your success rate with women. Yes, girls notice what you’re wearing… especially your shoes.

So don’t beat around the bush. Be honest with yourself. Which negative behaviour from this list would you like to work on improving?

For most of my life, I was guilty of almost all of these behaviours. Yes, I had been that “creepy” guy too.

But the most important thing is to realize your mistakes and be honest with yourself and work on eliminating them… once and for all.

Here’s a quick fact that’ll explode your mind:

Besides your physical appearance, which is only a small part…. being free of these seven sins is what makes you more attractive in women’s eyes.

If you just focus on not doing any of these seven things, you’ll notice a lot of women checking out you, talking to you, and even giving you their number, because you seem VERY VERY  attractive to them.

Stay chill.


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What Do YOU Talk About When You’re On A Date?


Hey there! What’s up?

Getting the conversation going on a first date isn’t that difficult as you might imagine it to be. To be honest, if you got a girl’s number and asked her out, and she said “yes”… then give a big pat on your shoulder because you already know enough about her to keep the conversation going at least throughout the your first date.

Small talk helps. Talking about each other’s interests, hobbies, ambitions, comforts, joys, frustrations, and aspirations are the best ways to diffusing the awkward tension between the two of you and make date more fun and memorable. (By the way, if you’re interested, here are 35 good topics to talk about on a first date.)

You can also talk about your past dates, weather, and other odds and ends on your first date. Other good topics for conversations could be talking about each other’s favourite books, music, films, TV programs, and cultural things.

Remember: If you can keep her engaged by the time the main course arrives, then you’re doing really good.

Talking about these small talk topics listed above will give her some sense of who you are as a person (your identity/personality), and more importantly, help you both settle down and into the date.

And, if the situation demands, you must also be ready to move into “serious topics,” such as politics and religion.

What if you’re deeply interested in politics? What if you’re a hard-core religious? How do you handle your first date?

Given the current situation of the country, it is almost impossible to avoid talking about politics, especially if you’re passionate about the topic. But if you think that talking about politics has nothing to do with your dating life, you’ll be hugely mistaken.

If you truly care about the girl you’re on a date with, you must make it known, right from the beginning, what your politics are, and try to understand hers too. It’s NOT to say that “political opposites” can’t date each other; the important thing is that each person should make it known where they stand before things go any further. And it’s always a good idea to make it known now, rather than later and risk facing “drama” and “embarrassment” in the future.

The same thing goes for religion. If you’re a believer, then you should at least find some way to let her know about it. You don’t want to date a girl, end up falling in love with her, and later discover that she’s a non-believer.

Many people think that these “serious topics” can wait until later; that such “sensitive topics” should not even be brought up on the first date. Well, that’s only ‘true’ if you do not care much about the girls.

But what if you’re passionate about your religion/non-religion and politics?

If you truly care about the girl you’re on a date with, then you should at least try to make it known to her on the first date. Now, you do NOT have to browbeat the girl with propositions and arguments. Bringing up the topics in a natural and “mild way” will be enough.

Other topics such as hobbies, including adventure and outdoor sports, also make for good topics for conversation. These days, more and more people are taking rock climbing, skating, and canoeing as pastimes. Arts, crafts, wine tasting, and cooking also are great topics of conversations among young urban individuals. And, if you’re engaged in a particular hobby that is not well-known, do NOT hide it from talking about it with your date; it will most likely get her to talk about her own interests.

Here’s the bottom line: stay interesting and interested. That’s your number one goal on the first date.

Stay chill.


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5 Simple Tips For Lasting Longer In Bed.

last longer during sex

Hey there! What’s up?

Almost everyone reading this article (and who slept with a girl) has had the misfortune of coming a little bit too early. It’s embarrassing and frustrating, I know. And it definitely doesn’t boost your chances of putting your willie back in the girl again, but here are 5 tips to prevent that from happening.

1. Get out of the zone.

The most effective way to last longer on the bed is to delay orgasm. And to do that, you need to distract your mind out of the moment and focus on something completely non-sexual, like thinking about a project you’re working on, doing your laundry, or about a song. All of these distractions can work wonders to make you last longer in bed, but it also has its downsides because it takes you out of the moment.

As much as you want to look down at her going yourself in and out, it will help you last longer in bed if you only close your eyes for a couple of minutes and take your mind somewhere else.

2. Pull out and switch to some foreplay.

If you feel that an orgasm is building quickly, then pull out for a couple of minutes and switch to some foreplay. You’ll find the will not complain that you suddenly had the desire to eat her out. Use this time to let your genitals calm down a little bit as the blood rushes away from the head. Take time out for a couple of minutes and relax, and when you absolutely feel it’s safe to go back, then go back to work.

3. Take long slow breaths.

Use breathing patterns to delay ejaculation. If you’re feeling yourself getting turned on too early, make sure to take slow and long breaths. The slow and long breaths will help you calm down and the urge to ejaculate will pass.

4. Switch positions.

Switch positions to the one that you’re less likely to climax with. For me, I know that I cannot ejaculate when I’m doing doggy style. Find out what position you tend to have trouble ejaculating with and quickly switch to that position whenever you have an urge to finish too early.

5. Squeeze the top of the penis.

If you feel that you’re about to ejaculate too early either you or your partner can squeeze the glands at the top of the penis to delay ejaculation. Firmly squeeze it until the temptation to orgasm passes. Warning: don’t wait too long to make the squeeze or you’ll end up splurging in your hand.

With these tips, I hope you’ll not ejaculate prematurely. Remember, you only get one chance to make a lasting impression.

Stay chill

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3 Simple Techniques To Develop A Playful “Vibe” Around Women

how to develop a playful vibe around women

How to ignite the right playful and flirty “vibe” around woman and make her attracted to you, almost instantly!

Hey there. What’s up?

Having a fun, playful, and engaging conversation with a girl is the first step you should master if you want to get what you want from a girl. But, unfortunately, having fun, engaging, and playful conversation is effortless for some while it’s a complete mystery for others bloke.

Some guys seem to have it all figured out: they can effortlessly walk over to any girl they’re attracted to and be able to talk to her in such a way that’ll make her laugh, giggle, and have fun.

If you’re struggling with this issue, understand that you’re not alone. I’ve been there many times before.

Back in the days, when I was not good with girls, I used to believe that some guys knew the “secret” formula to have a great time with any girls they like, while I thought I was totally clueless about what that “secret” was.

When I was in my college, one time I spent almost 3 months trying to flirt with the girl, who was a perfect-looking voluptuous blonde girl and served at our college cafeteria. I’d always ask how her day was, smile every time she came up to me, and would agree to help her if she needed any help. It took me almost another month to get her name, Janette. When she knew my name after a week or so, I took it as a cue that I should get her number. And even after four more lunches together, I still had not summoned up the courage to ask her out.

That’s when this ugly guy barged in the cafeteria and sat right next to me and Janette.

As soon as he sat down beside us, he made Janette laugh out loud as she took his order. He was clearly flirting with her when she brought him his food. I thought she would not pay attention to him, but she didn’t. In fact, after she had finished serving everyone, she went back and sat down right next to this guy. By the time I was finished eating, this guy was already asking for her number. Before he left, he even went in for a kiss on the cheek, and to my chagrin, she gave it to him.

Now, of course, I literally dropped on the floor and felt like a pathetic chump after that lunch. But as soon as I went back to my apartment, I replayed back what I heard and saw that ugly guy say/do to her. I completely deconstructed everything, and tried to copy his “method” over the next year in my college with other girls.

I immediately noticed a big difference: I never found myself again in similar situation like the one with Janette and that ugly guy, because I finally figured out three key factors that almost every conversation must contain with every girl in every possible situations.

These are the exact three methods that made it super easy for that ugly-looking at the cafeteria to score with Janette.

Here are those three key secrets you need include in your conversation to develop a playful “vibe” that women find extremely attractive:

1. Be curious.

What I mean by this is that you need to be curious about her as a person, besides viewing her as a beauty contestant. You’re not going to interview her when you talk with her, you’re basically finding some simple answers to questions like:

  • What turns her on?
  • What things does she care about in life?
  • What things does she find funny?
  • How does she respond when I flirt with her?
  • How would she react to the idea of me getting physical with her?

You see, you could go on and on these types of questions. In fact, the questions you ask her to find out about her as a person is not that important. What is more important right now is having a curious mindset and then embracing it.

So, if you approach her and have a conversation with her with a genuine curiosity about her and not her looks, you’ll never have to worry about running out of things to say or ask to her.

In fact, the questions you’ll ask her will be playful, flirty, fun, and most importantly, honest.

2. Be cheeky.

You do not want to be rude to a girl, but only slightly. Being cheeky, bold, or irreverent can bring out the playful and funny side of her, and she’ll view you as someone who’s different than others, and she’ll flirt with you too.

Warning: Do not overdo it.

This type of conversation jolts her out of the mundane (boring) state of mind she often gets into when she’s talking to guys because it completely surprises her.

For example:

I was having a little chit-chat with a girl at a bar one time, and she was wearing this John Lennon glasses on (she still looked totally hot, though). Here’s what I asked her: “Do you take off your glasses or keep them on during sex.”

Now, of course, you need to see what’s going on around you, but you also might also break them off or knock them off if you get too… excited. You know what I mean? So tell me what you do? I am just dying to know about it.”

A bit of surprising and just a little bit of irreverent, but also kind of non-threatening and funny.

Here’s another way you can be cheeky with girls: Make an overstatement or obvious lie when she asks you a question. Then, once you’ve made it, wait for a few seconds before giving her the real answer.

In just a few seconds, I’m going to show you how to avoid being overly cheeky with girls (because trust me when I say this, you can get it on-so-wrong and completely blow up your chances with her.)

But, let me first talk about…

3. Bring fun.

Fun is the fuel of any conversations. If you’re having fun, then other people, including beautiful chicks, are naturally going to open up to you. They’ll be all ears and eyes as to what you’re doing and what you’re saying.

There’s also another incredible reason why having fun always works with chicks: if she’s having fun with you, she’ll stop thinking logically, and start thinking emotionally. She won’t be saying in the back of he mind, “Well, is this guy any good for me?” or “What are his weaknesses?” Instead, she’ll be thinking “this feels fun, and I just want to go along with it.”

Now, how do you bring the element of fun into the conversation, you might be thinking.

Here’s how: The easiest way to bring fun into the conversation is to make fun of yourself. Admit that you like cheesy pop music or agree that you’ve watched every episode of The Wonder Years at least five times. This keeps the interaction fun, light, and playful, and it also brings her out of the expectations that she has for other guys in general: that they’ll try to impress and brag.

Admitting these humorous things should not feel embarrassing; quite the opposite, it’ll actually make you attractive in her eyes.

Another thing I like to do with girls is to give them a fake palm reading. Not only it increases the level of fun, but it also gives you a lot of opportunities to get more playful, fun, and flirty with her, and it also gives you an opportunity to get your first innocent physical contact with her.

To sum it all

So now that you know these three secret ingredients that can really improve your interactions with women and prevent you from ever feeling out of your depth, what you need to learn next is how to put these things to work for you in a real situation.

Stay chill.


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9 Simple Tips To Make Her Feel Special

make her feel special

Hey there! What’s up?

So you want to learn how to make the woman feel special?

It’s all great being attractive, confident, and charming, but if you cannot make the woman feel special, she won’t like you.

At best, she’ll view you as a selfish guy. At worst, a worthless scumbag.

While it’s not impossible to hang around with women like this for a while, but eventually she’ll wise up and leave.

Making the woman you like feel special is quite simple. But for whatever reasons, most guys do it wrong. Many think that showering a woman with compliments, writing bad poetry, singing songs, and throwing money at her will do the trick. While I won’t say they might not help, but there are still other actions you can do to show her that you really care about her.

In this post, you’ll find nine effective tips to make any woman feel special:

1. Listen to her carefully.

There is nothing better you can do but listen to make them feel special, including the woman you like.

Most guys, almost 90%, don’t often listen to anyone they’re having a conversation with. They’re stuck in their head almost all the time, and thinking of what to say next, instead of listening to the woman they like.

So, if you display to her that you’re a great listener, and ask her great questions on what she’s just said, that’ll be enough for her to see that you care.

2. Give her thoughtful gifts

Giving expensive gifts doesn’t make the woman feel special. But taking out time to give a thoughtful gift will actually demonstrate that you remembered what she said, which’ll go a long way to make her feel special.

Anything that says to her: “I saw this in the mall and it reminded me of you” proves to her that she’s on your mind (even if she’s not with you).

3. Give her unique compliments.

If you’re dating a woman who looks like a model, you should understand that she has been told all the standard compliments (“Oh, you look gorgeous…” “Oh, you look beautiful..”) throughout her life. She’s sick of it, and so all her friends who are from the fashion industry.

Instead, tell her in detail the reason why you’re attracted to her. Make it personal, unique, and ideally, make it all about her personality.

If you haven’t got to know her very well yet, cold reads are a great tool to that:

“You seem like the kind of girl who is…” which will make her curious about what you’ll say next than “you’re so beautiful” line does.

Here are a few more examples of giving unique compliments.

4. Share in-jokes with her.

An insider joke, based on a unique experience you guys shared together, helps you to build an unspoken/unbreakable bond between the two of you.

For example, a nickname (‘Trouble’) that no-one else calls her will go a long way to make her feel special.

5. Show her your vulnerable side.

Most guys put out on a fake ultra-macho persona when meeting other people, particularly attractive women, but displaying your vulnerability is a great way to make her feel special.

When you unashamedly embrace all your weaknesses and emotions, it can actually be sexier to the woman you’re talking with. It displays to her that you value her opinion and trust her on sensitive topics.

Now, of course, you should not tell all your problems on this new woman, but sharing a couple of personal stories can help develop a strong rapport.

6. Win over her family and friends

For most women, the approval of her family and friends means everything to her. So if her friends do not like you, you’ll be having a difficult time building a strong and lasting relationship with her.

So put an effort to make important people in her life like you, which’ll show to her that you can care about her.

7. Accept all her strengths and weaknesses

Women want to be with a man who’ll love her even when she’s feeling sad and depressed and make-up free, as well as when she’s look intoxicating in a velvet chiffon dress.

If you show how much you care about her and how much you love her during both the good and the bad times, that’s a surefire sign that she’s very special to you.

8. Choosing to be with her over other people

If you’re spending time with her, and not with others (her friends and families) that’ll show to her that she’s special to you.

9. Putting in an effort to make her feel special.

Showing the woman that she is special is ultimately all about actions, and not just words.

If you’re taking actions for her — either through cooking breakfast, travelling a long way to meet her, or going with her to some boring activity — and not just talking about it, something you would never do for an average woman, that should be enough to show her that you care about her.

WARNING: Do not overdo it.

These powerful tips will effortlessly transform you from a “stranger” to a “boyfriend” material almost overnight, in her mind, at least, but do not overdo it, especially during your early initiate days of courtship.

But most clueless guys make the huge mistake of putting the woman on a pedestal when they barely even know her. That is a creepy and desperate behaviour, and not attractive to women at all. It’s the classic mistake of those chumps who often wind up in the dreaded friendzone.

To make her feel special initially, it’s way better to demonstrate the behaviours of a guy who’s really good with women. Once you’ve done this and you want to make her as your girlfriend, then use the tips listed above to prove to her that you care about her more than any other woman in your life.

Stay chill.


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How to Start a Conversation With A Girl (In Grocery Stores)

how to talk to girls in grocery stores

Hey there! What’s up?

Do you know that most women have a fantasy of meeting their man of dreams at the grocery store? I recently heard about this, and it seems true based on the positive feedback from the ladies when I strike up a conversation with them at the grocery store.

Best grocery stores are a great place to meet women, because not only do they have great healthy food, but they also have trendy cafes and places to eat inside the store. And the best time to go there is anywhere between 4 and 6 PM, from Wednesday through Friday — particularly on Friday.

Here are a few ways to start a conversation with a girl at the grocery store:

1. Ask for her help

If you’re going to prepare a dish to ask for her advice on how to prepare, even if you know how to do it yourself. Thank her for her advice and ask her if she likes cooking herself. She’ll most likely say yes, at which point you can say, “That’s awesome. Not only you’re cute, but you also cook. Wow, you’re going to be an amazing woman haha. My name is Tom. What’s yours?”

2. Compliment, leave and return

As you walk past her, give her a quick compliment — on her style, not on her looks — while smiling and making an eyes contact. Then leave her alone and continue your shopping. Make sure to keep your eyes on the door to know if she’s still there or already left — chase her if she does.

After a couple of minutes, intentionally cross her path again. This time, look into her eyes, smile, and ask how her shopping is going. After she tells you the answer, ask her name and use any of the techniques to make small talk with her.

You see, when it comes to meeting new women in stores, the odds are in your favour because women like to meet men this way!

3. Wait for her to leave the store and chase her down

This tactic is my personal favourite and I don’t even know why. I think it is because it is romantic, just like a movie-moment, and is also ballsy. Women respect man with balls. So the next time you spot a hot chick walk out of the grocery store with shopping bags in her hand, run after her. If possible, try to meet her before she walks into the street. You obviously don’t want to approach her when she is in the parking lot — cause that looks a little creepy.

It’s okay to approach her there if you absolutely don’t have any idea, but for best results, try to catch her while she’s still in the safe area, just outside the store. Stop her and say, “I know this is totally random, but when I saw you in the store, you just took my breath away. I had to meet you before you left. You have to give me your name now since I left my purchase unattended back there!”

Even if she has a boyfriend, she’ll be totally flattered.

4. Make a funny suggestion

Observe what she’s looking at and make funny suggestions.

For example, if she’s in a clothing store, and she’s checking out some dresses, say, “No, that’s not you. That’s you,” and point at something that is clearly not her style or something that looks ridiculous. If she laughs, say, “I like your smile. What’s your name?” If she doesn’t, say, “Hey, sorry, I just wanted to check out your smile. I didn’t mean to distract you from your shopping.” If she says, “that’s FINE” and turns back around, let her go. If she smiles back but does not turn around, ask her name, and then go on from there.

Stay chill.


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3 Simple Steps To Overcoming Shyness With Women

how to talk to a girl if you're a shy guy

Your body language may shape who you are!

So you want to learn how to overcome shyness and social anxiety, huh? If you find this article appealing, chances are that you consider youself to be “introverted.”

But what do “introverted” mean? Being “introverted” does NOT mean that you stay alone inside your room all day and read books. According to the dictionary, being “introverted” only means that you’re the kind of preson who is occupied with his/her own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.”

In short, you’re “in your head” a lot. You tend to analyze situation more than usual — especially socially. Your idea of “recharging your batteries” means being away from others.

On the other hand, “extroverts” are different. They gain energy from being around with others, and the idea of being alone just sound tiring and boring. Does that make sense to you?

Well, let me reveal you the truth that I am certain nobody has ever really told you before: Introversion and extroversion are the results of how you view yourself — your self-image. They are just labels created to classify you as being one thing, and not another.

Here’s the good news: almost everyone has both introverted and extroverted qualities in themselves. Every person have the capability to be shy in one particular situation, and social and outgoing in another.

You can think of these as different muscles. The more you go out and socialize with people, the more social you become. On the other hand, the less you socialize, the less social you become. It’s that simple.

For you to change — be more social and outgoing from being shy and introverted — you need to go out and practice. With this information at hand, I want you to understand that the problem isn’t that you’re “introverted” or “shy.” The problem is that you have social anxiety and you don’t know how to get handle over it.

So, in this post, I’m going to reveal to you 3 useful exercises that you can start using right away into your interactions with people — including women.

Here’s the best thing about these exercises: you do NOT have to change your personality (who you are), just being able to control your emotions under pressure. That’s all. And these three practical social anxiety exercises will help you be into an incredible positive emotional state, whenever you want, and wherever you are.

Emotions are transmittable, so as soon as you learn how to make these habits (shared below) a part of your life, you’ll start to notice a lot of people — including women — drive towards you. And, before you’ll even know, your social anxiety will start to disappear right before you eyes.

So let’s jump into overcoming shyness with women:

Step #1 to overcome your shyness with women: “Know your three things.”

This is the number one secret of improving your self-confidence, and becoming an extremely confident — aka attractive — man around others. It’s called being aware of the three things that excite you. You energy goes where your focus goes.

So the next time you’re in a situation where you’re thinking about how crappy you feel, or how introverted you are, just ask this question to yourself: “What are 3 things I can think of to reframe this situation to being positive?”

For example, if you’re walking back home from a final exam that you think you didn’t perform well. The first thing to do is to realize that you’re focusing on something ‘negative,’ and it is making you feel bad.

The second thing to do is instantly write off 3 things that you are excited about, or thankful for in that moment. For example, you could choose to think how ‘beautiful’ the day is outside, or that you don’t have to worry about that exam ever again, or even that you now have some free time to hang out with your friends.

You see, as you change your focus, you can change your life.

You can also apply this technique in your interactions with women. For instance, if a girl said something “rude” to you and you took it personally (she called you “nice” or “naive”) don’t take it as an insult, rather, choose to reframe this situation as an evidence that she is trying to flirt with you.

You can do this by listing off at least 3 reasons in your own head that she is clearly into you.

Here are three examples of things you can say to yourself:

  • “If that’s her way of saying she wants to be ‘bad’ with me, I might consider it.”
  • “Is that really her best pick-up line?”
  • “She’s never going to get my approval or win me with an attitude like that”

Believe me when I say this, taking action on this one piece of advice won’t be that easy at first — particularly if you’re feeling down and negative. But if you make the effort to build up the willpower to change what you’re focusing on any given moment, then this one single tip alone can make all the difference for you.

Step #2 to overcome your shyness with women: “Get into motion”

Anytime you start feel shy in a social settings, pay attention to your body language, because that may be the reason of your shyness.

Are you…

  • locking your knees and feet and not moving around much?
  • positioning your elbows close to your body?
  • holding your drink really close to your chest?

Once you become aware of your body language, the solution is easy: change those poor body language to make you feel relaxed, calm, and in the moment. A strong body language makes you feel relaxed and confident, because your mind and body are closely tied together.

Just imagine a guy who seems all down and depressed. How do they look like? Their shoulders are slumped, they’re looking down, and they’re restless and wary, lost in their own thoughts.

Now picture a guy who is confident, feeling amazing, and moving around as if he’s the host of the party. How do they look like? They’re standing tall. They’re shoulders are leaning back. They have a sly smile 😉 on their face.

So now you know what a good body language looks like, next time you catch yourself becoming shy, hesitant, and unsure of yourself, take a pause to look at your body language, and correct. It’s that simple.

Here’s the rule of thumb: stand tall and having a open body language is good; slouching off and having a closed off body language is bad.

So for example, if I am holding my drink too close to my chest, and my elbows are touching my side, what I’ll do is put my drink on the table by my side, and bloat out my chest a little bit. Or if I’m sitting down on a chair while staring down on the floor, I’ll quickly stand up and look straight aheard across the room, over other people, with a sly smile on my face.

My goal is simple — break my current body language and correct it to enhance my mood.

Step #3 to overcome your shyness with women: “Take cold showers.”

Okay, perhaps you don’t have any confidence issues. If that’s the case, the only thing that’s getting your way to be more outgoing and social in any social settings could be your anxiety and fear towards this situation.

And if you struggel approaching women, or tend to think twice to make your move in social situations, then you’ll absolutely love what I’m going to tell you next.

Start taking cold showers daily. Yeah, you heard that right. Nothing will benefit you more to staying calm, cool, and collected than under the pressure of a cold shower.

Just think about it for a second. You turn on the shower, and you can feel the icy cold drops of water hitting against your warm skin, striking it like little bullets, before you even enter in. And now imagine that feeling of nervousness and hesitation, preventing you from jumping under that cold running water.

This feeling is exactly the same feeling that most shy guys feel before approaching a woman. The fear. The anxiety. The hesitation. But by training yourself to jump into that cold shower and actually enjoy in that tension of the cold water striking your skin, you’re actually training yourself to crush your social/approach anxiety.

And the best part of doing this exercise is, everytime you do this, it becomes easier and easier. Just like practicing playing basketball daily you become a smooth basketball player, by taking cold shower daily, you become stronger and comfortable around overwhelming social situations and around women.

On top of that, make sure to train yourself to become relaxed when that water is striking down on your skin. If you do this often, you’ll become a master at controlling your emotional state in no time.

Do yourself a favor: Start applying all of these three simple steps into your daily interactions in your life, and I’ll promise, sooner than later, other shy guys will start to look at you as a living example of a confident, charismatic, and a social butterfly.

Stay chill.


P.S. You’re the gift. You’re the prize to be won. You’re the prince charming. You’re the great catch.

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How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Woman (With Examples)


Hey there! What’s up?

Wanna learn the secrets of how to keep a conversation going with a woman in a way that is fun, playful, and flirty!

I understand that talking to attractive women does not come naturally to many of us. In fact, a lot of energy is being spent just to summon up the courage to approach and talk to a girl, and by the time we start a conversation, we find ourselves running out of things to say to her.

But learning how to how to have a conversation with a woman isn’t as difficult as many of the dating expert would like you to believe. In fact, making small talk fun, playful, and flirty is super easy, if you know how.

Here’s one thing you always need to remember when interacting with women: if you notice that you’re asking her a lot of questions about her college, parents, pets, jobs, or any other type of questions that may resemble like a job interview, stop it; otherwise you’ll quickly wind up in the friendzone.

In this post, you’ll find nine effective ways to start a conversation with any women — including beautiful ones — and keep it going on, while also making her laugh, giggle, displaying that you’re interested in her, and escalating the conversation to the “sexual level” — taking her back to your place.

Eight effective ways to start a conversation with a woman and keep it going:

1. Avoid questions; make statements.

I’ve noticed that a lot of guys, as soon as they initiate a conversation with a woman, bombard her with questions after questions, hoping it’ll engage her and she won’t leave. I’m not saying it wrong to ask her questions. In fact, that’s how you find out interesting things about her, but often times, most guys make the mistake of asking her questions that sounds like she’s on a job interview or something, which will only make her feel bored, and want to leave the conversation.

Plus, I’ve also notiche that, after getting her response for their question, immediately jump to the next, without even trying expand on her response, or the topic she clearly seems to be enjoying talking about.

Try this instead:

Next time as you’re interacting with a woman, try to follow up her answer with a statement,  rather than asking her another question.Not only doing so will show her that you’re listening, but you’ll also connect with her on a whole different — deeper — level and probably lead the conversation towards fun and interesting topics.

Here’s an example on how to make statements when responding her:

You: “So do you have any pets?”

Her: “Yes, I actually have two of the cutest cats in the world.”

You: “Um… so you’re one of those girls with cats, eh? (sly smile)”

Her: “Haha… stop it… no, I’m not one of those crazy dog women… I just love cats.”

You: “They say people who like cats tend to be more independent than dog lovers.”

Did you notich that by following up the question with a statement, and not asking another question, you’re quickly able to expand on a simple topic (pets) and bring an element of fun and banter into the conversation.

2. Qualify her

As you’re interacting with a woman you, if sense there’s a good connection going on between the two of you, do not be scared of breaking the rapport, or saying anything that you think could damage your chances with her.

A lot of guys, I’ve noticed, often tend to stay on the safe topics — boring topics — to avoid breaking rapport. Unfortunately, playing it safe doesn’t always work for him — it becomes extremely difficult to escalate the conversation to sexual topics — and he often ends up making her feel bored (even if she was interested in him before).

Try this instead:

Once you sense there’s a spark of chemistry between the two of you, immediately begin qualifying her with statements, or questions that puts you in the role of “the selector,” and disqualifying her as a potential lover.

Here’s an example of how to qualifya girl during an interaction:

You: “So do you have any pets?”

Her: “Yeah, I have three of the cutest cats in the world.”

You: “Um… I think we would never get along. I’m a dog person, and what I’ve heard is that dog and cat owners often tend to have intense sexual chemistry, but disagree on every other possible point.”

Did you notice how you’re able to take a “safe” topic (pets) and bring an element of sexuality into the conversation? And by making the statement “we would never get along,” you placed the burden of approval seeking on her.

3. Talk about your passions.

Often times, most guys get stuck in “interview type” topics with a woman — job, career, college — that they rarely get a chance to display their passionate side to her. They keep on ranting about mundane topics just to keep the conversation going and hoping she won’t leave the interaction, but wind up making the woman look at her wrist watch for the 20th time under a minute.

Try this instead:

Go and ask any woman what personality trait she finds sexy in a man and pretty much every one of them will tell you the same thing: passion. So the next time you’re interacting with a girl make sure to talk things you’re passionate about.

Whoever said, “Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm,” must be 100% right. If you’re passionate about something, you can take a mundane topic, like cooking, and expand it to have a more stimulating conversation with a woman.

Here’s an example of how to talk about things you’re passionate about:

If you love travelling, let her get a sense of what really excites you about seeing the world. If you are into building a business, let her see your entrepreneurial spirit shine through. If you love music, movies, or art, don’t be shy and hide it.  Express it instead. Now, of course, expressing doesn’t mean you brag endlessly about your knowledge of these topics, but you must explain what is about them that really makes you tick.

Women want to be around with men who know what they want and go after it — a driven man. So let her see that aspect of your personality by talking about things you’re passionate about.

4. Improvise.

One of the biggest problems many guys have is “running out of things to say” to a women during the interaction. This often happens for two reasons: either the conversation stalls out because they don’t know how to change a conversation thread, or they don’t provide enough threads for her to latch onto and flap her gum.

Try this instead:

Next time you’re interacting with a girl, try to give her several different topics when comosing your response to her question so that she can latch onto any one of the topics she can relate to, or have knowledge about, and keep the conversation going.

Here’s an example of how to construct your response to her question:

If she asks you, “What’s your favorite sports?” instead of saying, “I love to play basketball,” which limits the conversation thread to just one topic (basketball), try to compose a response that includes multiple conversation threads, like “I love basketball because it’s physical sports, and I get to exercise, de-stress, while also have fun hanging around with my buddies. What about you, which sports do you play to have fun?”

By constructing your response with multiple topics — basketball, exercise, friends, sports — you give her a lot of conversation topics to latch onto and make her easy to follow up with any one of the topics she could relate to, or enjoy talking about, and keep the conversation flowing. Now, she’ll be able to tell you a story of where she likes to go to exercise, and where she likes to go to hang out with her friends, which she’d never have been able to do if your response contained only one topic, like “I like basketball, and you?”

And when she’s telling her story, make sure to listen carefully to what she’s saying (a lot of guys don’t do this; here’s your excellent opportunity to stand out from the pack), and when she is finished talking, latch onto any one of the topics she shared with you, and follow up by constructing your response like I demonstrated in the example above to keep her glued to you.

For example, if her response is something like, “Hey, I love cooking too. My mom taught me how to cook, and now I even find myself watching those stupid cooking shows on TV,” you can follow up with something like this, “Yeah, I feel the same way with those travel shows on TV, I start watching them and get sucked into all of the amazing locations? Where would you go on a vacation if money wasn’t a problem?” instead of sticking to the same cooking topic.

So do you now know how easy it is to transition from one conversation topic to another just by taking one word (TV) and improvising it off to a completely new topic? Most guys have a false impression that beautiful women don’t want to talk to them. That’s not true. Beautiful women love fun, playful, and flirtatious conversations just as much as we men do. But only a handful of men know how to get a sneak peek into women’s personality with their effective communication skills.

There are two reasons why most men fail communicating effectively with women. It’s not that they run out of things; it’s not that they don’t know what to say next. They let their shyness, anxiety, nervousness, and other insecurities prevent them from displaying their fun, playful, and sexual side to women — especially to beautiful women — because, in their own mind, they think doing so will make the girl feel uncomfortable, and so they stick to friendly, normal, and boring get-to-know-you topics.

Plus, these guys don’t know how to talk to her in a way that she likes to respond. It happens all the time, but you can change your approach by using any of the conversation tactics mentioned in this article to strike up a stimulating conversation with any woman and keep it going.

5. Tease her.

Most inexperienced guys put women — especially beautiful women — on a pedestal and treat her like a royalty. They don’t want to offend her; they become obsessed about coming up with a perfect line or joke to say to her to keep her hooked, or to look cool, but doing so will quickly stall out the conversation.

Here’s a fact you must know that most dating gurus never talk about: A woman wants to be around with a fun-loving guy because they’re, and we all are, still children at heart. Even though most of us love having a stimulating conversation with others, when we’re out on a date, or at a bar, we just want to let our guards down, relax, and have a good time, and forget about all the worries and stress in our life. And the best way to do that is to keep the conversation playful, fun, and flirtatious.

Try this instead:

The main reason why you must, or learn to, tease a girl is you want to create a warm, fun, and playful atmosphere around you so that she can loosen up and let all her guards down, and be herself and open up to you.

Teasing means being silly with a girl. It means treating her the same way you would your little bratty sister; it means having a conversation with her in a fun, playful, and flirtatious way.

And if you want to learn how to tease a girl, you’ll have to drop off your “cool guy” image for a while, and just relax and have fun with her. You should not be afraid of being a little goofy.

Here are a few examples of how to tease a girl:

  • Imitate her.
  • Get ready to give her a five but then pulling away at the last moment almost as if you changed your mind
  • Suggest she’s coming on to you.
  • Tell her an overtly exaggerated lie, and then pick on her for believing you.

These are the same sort of things you did on the playground when you’re a 6 years old kid. They worked then, and they’ll work now too.

6. Use “cold reads.”

We men love to talk about “surface level” topics, like facts, figures, stats, and events. While all of these topic areas can make up for a good deal of materials of your conversations, they often tend to limit you from entering into areas that could easily spark passion and fire — a lot of emotions — in a woman.

Women get their kicks from talking about the mystical — “deeper level” topics. They love to delve into the emotional meaning behind those facts, stats, figures, or other surface level stories. And if you never give her a hint that you’re actually capable of communicating on a much deeper level, then you’re definitely missing out on a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Try this instead:

Next time you’re interacting with a girl, try using “cold reading” technique (shared below) into your conversation, which will allow you to easily delve into deep topics and get her to share you some of her buried — and numbed — emotions.

Cold reading is a technique of letting a girl know that you’ve noticed something intriguing about her, by making your observations, and then having a deep conversation about it. So if she brings up a topic about her ex or a guy she knew, here’s how you can use cold reading technique into your interaction:

You: “I can tell you just by the way you’re talking to me that you’re the kind of girl who goes out on a lot of dates but has difficulty finding someone you’re actually interested in. And then when you finally find that person, you often lose interest very quickly.”

Her: “Yeah. That’s so true.”

You: “I bet you really love adventure. Even though it scares you sometimes, deep down you crave for something exciting. And what I feel is happening with you is that every time you meet these guys, you quickly feel as if they’re not going to satisfy that adventure you so desire.”

The above example allows you to dive deep into the mystical and the emotional, and also lets you to disqualify other guys, while also establishes you as someone who is different, exciting, and fresh, who just might be the cure for her sickness.

These are just some of the ways to dramatically improve your conversations with women. The ability to hold a fun, playful, and flirtatious conversation that takes interaction towards the end result is a skill that most guys have to actively learn.

7. Tell her good stories (putting you on a “positive light”).

When we’re hanging around with our buddies, it becomes almost a competition as to who can tell the best story. We try to tell stories that make us look the coolest, funniest, and the most alpha guy in the room. Yet, for whatever reasons, when a beautiful girl makes her entrance in the room, we totally forget to make full use of this vital skill.


A woman wants to try to figure out things about you on her own. She doesn’t necessarily trust everything that you’re saying to her, so she is trying to look for little clues that’ll help her figure out where you fit in the pecking order.

Stories are a natural way to capture other people’s attention. And if told properly, they can also act as a great tool to display all your awesome qualities of your persona.

As you start to tell a story to a girl, you need to understand that she’s not only listening to your story, but she’s also reading behind the lines to make certain judgements about you.

For example, let’s say you’re telling this story to a girl on a date:

You: “On the Wednesday afternoon last month you’re lying in bed with a hangover and someone kept knocking on your door until you finally answered it and it was these annoying religious freaks trying to convert you to some weird new religion.”

Well, while you may have intended the story to be funny farce about the annoying religious people, she has already begun to pigeonhole you as the kind of guy who gets drunk on Wednesday nights, doesn’t have a job he has to wake up for, and has no ambition to get out of bed until the afternoon. These traits will not excite her unless you’re both in college. 🙂

Try this instead:

You certainly do not want to come off as a bragging guy while telling her your stories. Any positive traits about you that you want to highlight must be hidden within a larger story. What this means is that while the story itself does not have to be positive, she must be able to uncover positive traits about you from within the story.

So let’s use the same story from above about the religious folks knocking on the door and see how we could tell it in a way that sheds some positive light on you.

You: “One Wednesday afternoon, I was sleeping late. This was like the first good comfortable sleep I’ve had in a couple of weeks as I was been busy busting my ass trying to elevate my business to the ‘next level.’ Tuesday night we scored a kick-ass contract, and me and my team finally decided it was time to celebrate. So now on Wednesday morning, I’m lying in my bed, with the kind of hangover I haven’t had in years, and I kept hearing a knock on the door. I just didn’t want to get out of the bed. Later that night I had a few more important meeting, I really wanted to sleep off the hangover so I would be in top shape to deliver the proposal. Well, the knocking stopped for like ten minutes, but then it started up again. And now they’re ringing my bell too. Finally, I threw on some clothes and headed downstairs to answer the door, and there’re these two little girls outside. At first, I was thinking they want to sell me girl scout cookies, but then one of them hands me this flyer that says ‘Let Jesus save you from your treacherous life’ and I’m thinking am I on some sort of list of something.

In this version of the story, I’ve included enough details to let her jump to the conclusion that I am an ambitious and successful businessman. But I never came out and said it. I gave her this information in the context of a story about a couple of religious nuts trying to convert me.

8. Focus on the feelings rather than the facts

Unlike men who are logical, women are mostly emotional. They like to talk about the meaning behind all the actions and the emotions (feelings) they evoke.

It is also true that the emotions that you arise during a conversation she’ll subconsciously anchor them to you. This means that if you’re talking about relationships and she starts talking about all of the bad feelings she experienced with her previous boyfriend, she’ll begin to associate you with those feelings too.

Try this instead:

If it’s true that women will anchor negative feelings to you, then it must also be true that women will anchor positive feeling to you. That’s why it’s very important to bring her into a positive emotional state.

There’s a simple way to bring her into a positive emotional state: tease her. Another way to do this is to ask her questions and make statements that make her talk about specific feelings that she has for something.

So if you are having a conversation with a woman and she tells you that she loves going snowboarding, instead of talking about all the junk facts about it, such as what mountain does she usually snowboard at, or what kind of equipment does she use (which is the kind of questions you would ask any other man), get her to talk about the feelings she experiences while snowboarding.

Here’s an example of how to bring her into positive emotional state during an interaction:

You: “Did you do anything fun last weekend?”

Her: “Yeah, I went snowboarding. I had the best time.”

You: “Wow. I love snowboarding too. I think I’m addicted to the rush I get going down the mountain. What about you? What excites you about snowboarding?”

Her: “Well I guess it would be that feeling of adventure… like going so fast, being so scared, but not wanting it to end because it feels like you’re really living.”

In this example, you took the topic of snowboard and talked about the meaning behind snowboarding and emotions it evokes. Since these are emotions are positive, you’ve put the woman in a positive mood, and she has subconsciously anchored the feeling of adventure, excitement, and not wanting it to end to you.

9. Remember the non-verbal’s

There are subtle things you can do to let her know that you’re a fun, confident man that she should feel excited to talk to. Most men skip this altogether. Instead, they let their shyness and nervousness control their entire body and the end up coming off as tense, fidgety, and even slightly awkward.

Why does this happen? you might be thinking.

Well, this happens because, while we men are having a conversation with women, often times we seem to get stuck in our head. We start to focus extremely hard on how to impress the woman, and then wind up coming across as nervous, timid, robotic, and boring.

Try this instead:

Here’s an effective tip I learned from one of the greatest pickup artists, Style: imagine that the woman you’re talking to has already told you that she is going to get naked and sprawl out over on your bed and let you have your way with her.

Now if you knew this fact, how would you act?

You’d probably be quite laid back, won’t you? You’d have a smile on your face, knowing what’ll happen later, and you would have absolutely no problem bringing out the fun and flirtatious elements into the interaction because there wasn’t a risk of rejection at all in the first place.

Well, can you imagine how acting this way can actually help you get the result that you’ve been craving so much from women? So next time you’re out, just give it a shot.

Stay chill.


P.S. By the way, if you want to learn how to effortlessly approach, captivate, connect, and date beautiful women in the streets, cafes, malls, or anywhere else under the sun (even if you’re shy and afraid in the past), then grab a copy of this kick-ass resource.

Are You Making These 7 Common Kissing Mistakes!


Are you making these kissing mistakes (avoid it to make her beg for sex instead)!

Hey there! What’s up?

You approached a girl walking on the street, and managed to grab her attention, build an awesome connection with her, and got her number. A few days later, you called her to set up a date, and lo and behold, she said ‘yes.’ And now, you’re both out on your first date together at a bar or a cafe, and you both sense there’s a solid connection between the two of you, but for some strange reason the date has ended and you’ve blown it with a kiss.

Going in for the kiss with a girl you’re out with on a date, and how you go about the whole business of making your move, says a lot about you than anything witty or funny lines that could have ever come out of your mouth throughout the night.

A woman will always be watching your every move when she’s out with you on a date. And certain qualities of a man are revealed when he attempts his first kiss on her.

Here’s what a woman learns about you as you go in for the kiss:

  • How experienced you are?
  • Are you the leader, or a follower?
  • Are you shy, nervous, or tense?
  • How much social intelligence do you have?
  • Do you even understand women?
  • Are you afraid of women?

These are some of the things she’ll quickly learn about you the minute you decide to make a move on her. Sadly, a lot of men blow their first kiss by making either of these common mistakes shared below.

Even though you can still recover from making any of these common kissing mistakes, the impression you’ll leave on their mind will be much more awesome if you’d avoided them in the first place.

Here are 7 common kissing mistakes most men make while going in for the kiss:

Kissing mistake #1: Going in for the kiss way too soon.

Although it’s better to go for a kiss sooner than later (women will respect you for that) often it is a defeating behaviour.

Most women have already made up their mind how long they’ll hang out with a guy before she’ll kiss him. And most of the time, even if she has a desire to kiss you sooner in the interaction, she’ll put up her guard to resist your attempt just because it’s not congruent with the timetable she’s already formed in her mind earlier that day.

Women follow these timetables to avoid coming across as a slut to the guy she’s dating with, his friends, and even to herself. So even if you’re feeling you can’t hold it anymore and want to jump in for the kiss, you must always be aware as to where she is emotionally in the interaction.

Kissing mistake #2: Withdrawing after she rejects you for the first time.

As I’ve mentioned you earlier, often times a woman will want to kiss a guy but simply resist that temptation because she feels it’s not quite time for it yet. And that’s why a lot of women will turn their cheek away as the guy goes in for the kiss.

What do most guys do after that initial rejection? Like little boys, they retreat and never try again. They get embarrassed at the rejection that they keep on sulking about it the whole night and never even bother to retry again to kiss her.

This makes the woman really disappointed. And it also shows your true colour to her — a man who’s so insecure with himself that he can’t even handle the slightest of the smallest rejection.

But, if you feel that there’s a good connection between the two of you, and she’s giving you all the signals to kiss her, don’t let a small obstacle get in your way from attempting to kiss her again.

If you just persist and try again to kiss her, instead of caving in and feeling all bad about the rejection, you’ll immediately establish yourself as a confident, dominant, aggressive, and really different guy from the rest of the pack who’d walked away with their tail in between their legs.

Kissing mistake #3: Not touching her enough before pulling the trigger.

A woman usually needs to feel some of the anticipation building for the kiss. To be honest, for a woman the anticipation and build up are way better than just the physical act of kissing.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys skip this vital step altogether. And this annoys a lot of women. And sometimes it annoys them so much that they won’t kiss a man back simply because he didn’t have the right skills to do it.

So what’s the best way to build up that anticipation and let her know you’re going to kiss her? you might be thinking.

Here’s how: start touching her more and more as you enter into interaction with her.  Start touching her by lightly holding her hand as you take her from one venue to the other, putting your hand on the lower back as you lean in to say something important, or touching her elbows as you interact with her. But it has to start.

And once you feel that she’s very comfortable with your touching, then you can pretty much be sure that she’s almost ready to be kissed.

Kissing mistake #4: Telling her you’re going to kiss her.

Many guys feel that they need to ask for a woman’s permission to go in for the kiss. Often what happens is that these guys wait, wait, and wait for an inappropriate time, and then suddenly, to her chagrin, tell the woman that they “really feel like kissing her.”

But that’s NOT what woman is looking for.

Now, of course, a woman wants to know that you’re going to make a move, but not with words. She wants to know it’s coming because you’ve started to touch her more and more, or that you’re gazing at her a little bit longer, or you’ve slowed down your talking to her.

But if you ask her for permission to kiss her you give her the power. And that’s not what a woman wants. A woman wants a man who is dominant and powerful, even in today’s modern day and age.

Kissing mistake #5: Letting the moment pass.

Another biggest common mistake most men make is keeping on talking with the girl, even past the moment when they should have gone for the kiss. These types of men are often insecure, timid, and scared, who seriously think that it’s somehow wrong with kissing a girl. These guys simply cannot swallow the pill that a woman actually wants them to go in for the kiss at the right moment.

Instead, what do most men do? They keep looking for proof. And more proof. And more, until the moment has passed and the woman is standing up and leaving out the door.

There’s a specific time during the interaction when the two of you can feel it is really the time for a kiss. How do you know that time has arrived? Listen to your guts and it’ll tell you. It’ll be crystal clear to the two of you. And as soon as you sense that moment, do not wait any longer. Go for the kiss. But if you miss that “moment of truth,” she’ll view you as a guy who lacks “social intelligence” and most likely loses any attraction she had for you.

Kissing mistake #6: Waiting for the perfect moment to kiss her.

Guys who make this type of mistake aren’t as insecure and afraid as the guys who completely “miss the moment.” However, they’ve been brainwashed by the society, media, school, and women’s magazines, that there are time and place for everything — including the first kiss.

And as a result, they often think that they can’t go in for their first kiss in their car, or in public, or in a bar. Most of the times, these guys feel that the only time for a first kiss is at the very end of the date.

But as I’ve said earlier, there’s no perfect time to go for a kiss.

You need to make your move and kiss a girl as you both sense there’s some kind of attraction and connection happening between the two of you. For instance, I’ve had the most memorable first kisses in the most inappropriate places. In fact, the more spontaneous the kiss is, the more the woman will see you as an adventurous, fun, and spontaneous guy.

Kissing mistake #7: Mis-interpreting a woman’s “politeness” as her interest.

Almost everyone has made this mistake. We’ve all been going out with a girl who seems extremely “warm and friendly” with us, and in our desperate need for sex, we often convince ourselves that she’s into us, sexually.

And even the woman isn’t showing any green light signs like becoming nervous, staring right into our eyes, touching us, or saying something that suggests anything that would make us believe that she wants us to go in for the kiss, we end up believing that “she wouldn’t be so polite with me if she didn’t like me.”

Yes, she would is she’s being too polite and nice, and not showing any signs of tenseness or nervousness, which indicates that she views you as a non-threatening guy.

Stay chill.


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How Long Should YOU Wait To Ask A Girl Out

how long should you wait to ask a girl out

When it comes to dating and relationship, women still go for a guy who is hell bent on being mystery, challenge, and exciting. So going in slow, though it may seem counter-intuitive, can actually help you become a desirable man in highly interested women’s mind!

Hi there! What’s happening?

In dating, a lot of factors goes into to make you an attractive guy — looking good (grooming yourself), being sure of yourself and confident, and of course, your personality.

And there’s one key element you must include in our dating life: your telephone skills. Today, I’m going to tell you how long should you wait to ask a girl out once you get her number.

If you only practice this skill, soon you’ll start to get even more dates.

I bet you’ve probably heard about the 3 day rule dating. The rule states that once you get her phone number, you should wait at least 3 days to make your move. But, here’s my advice to you: 3 day is rushing in. Almost every guy is doing this. Wait for 5 to 7 days, if you can, because it trains your brain to slow down in the dating world.

Here are few reasons why it’s very important to wait for 5 to 7 days before asking a girl out or texting a girl.

1. Avoid a lot of “rookie” dating mistakes

By rushing in — calling her within 2 to 3 days — you run the risk of making a lot of rookie dating mistake. You appear needy and desperate, and don’t seem to have a life besides girls. But if you wait, you’ll automatically stop being desperate and needy.

2. Enough time to prepare for the date

Waiting for 5 to 7 days can also give you enough time to prepare for a memorable date with her — playing a game of pool together at Mike’s bar and visiting the Y club to dance after — to make it memorable, fun, and exciting, which’ll she’ll be raving about with her friends during the whole week.

What does a lot of guys do? A lot of guys take girls out on a boring — predictable — movie or coffee date.

Well, here’s you chance to be different. Wait, prepare, and take her on an emotional (positive) rollercoaster ride.

3. Keep her guessing.

By going in slow, you make her wonder about you. You immediately stick out like a sore thumb from all the pack of guys who call her within two days.

Here’s an incredible story: Last week, as I was sipping Virgin Mojito with one of my close friends, Fred in a bar in the Rue De Rivoli street in Paris, and he told me an incredible story about how he met his wife.

Now his wife, Ann, is an incredibly beautiful woman — the kind of woman gracing the covers of  the Vogue magazine. And so as you can imagine, guys of all shapes and sizes would hit on her as soon as she turned 14. When Fred asked for her number that day, she told him later that nine other guys has asked for her number too.

But, out of these ten new folks, only one guy had waited and called her after 7 days. She was mad at first, but she told Fred that she’d dumped all the other nine guys from her phone and went out on a date with him a week later. And to my chagrin, after a year of their relationship, she married my friend, Fred.

So why did Ann chose Fred over other nine losers? Now you may be wondering, “Why did Ann decide to marry Fren while she threw out all other nine guys out of her life like a rag doll?”

The answer is pretty surprizing: Ann felt that Fred was remote and distant. He was not that eager to meet her. And, guess what guys? Women want a man who doesn’t want them. In her mind, Fred seemed he was unsure of her, which never happened to her before. No guys had ever done that to her, and hence, she found to be mysterious — aka CHALLENGE.

4. It weeds out “uninterested” women.

If you wait for 5 to 7 days, a lot of girls will drop out, but you should have a big smile 😀 on your face.

What? A big smile if I lose a girl? you might be thinking.

Well, what I meant was you lose a lot of uninterested women. If the girl likes you already, she’ll won’t forget about you, she’ll wait; others — users, uglies, feministas, and tomboys —  will simply get lose their patience with you and move on, but you still WIN.

And now before you wait for 5 to 7 days before asking her out, you must understand this: This dating wisdom will only work if she has a high interest in you; otherwise, it won’t work. So if you do this on an interested girl, her attraction towards you literally goes through the roof.

When it comes to love and relationship, women still thrive on challenge. So give them what they want: challenge.

When you think you’re a gift — a prize to be won, someone who is busy with plenty and plenty of women — you stop putting women on a pedestal. You focus on her pleasing, and winning you instead.

Being mysterious, challenge, and social skills are still attractive masculine characteristics that drive hordes of women into a real man’s life. So think, and believe you’re a great catch – busy with plenty of women — and wait for 5 to 7 days before asking her out on a date, and I won’t be surprized if you land a hottie who is madly in love with you.

Stay chilled


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